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October 26, 2007

The Doh-nuts

More bad news for the basketball program: Takais Brown has been dismissed from the basketball program. Last month, Brown and two other players were suspended for multiple games because of class absences. One can only speculate that the suspensions weren't enough to get Takais's attention.

So it looks like we'll be relying on Bliss, Jackson (who is suspended for the better part of the nonconference schedule), Singleton, and freshmen in the middle, where Brown's suspension leaves a huge, gaping hole. Jeremy Price and Jeremy Jacob will need to provide immediate quality depth, if not start. A promising season is already falling apart.

Our troubles have even reached The Onion, who exaggerates our troubles and sums up our midnight madness practice: "Georgia: With the majority of its players suspended for poor classroom attendance, disobeying team rules, armed robbery, attempted rape, and arson, thousands of students gather to watch ball boy Terence Payson shoot left-handed lay ups for two hours."



Anonymous said...

What an absolute joke. Has this program progressed in any real sense since Harrick left? I was under the impression the whole idea Felton was hired (other than to win basketball games) was to curb this kind of behavior. It appears now that we have a team full of players who either don't get it or don't seem to care. It now appears in addition to getting thrashed in conference play for the 07-08 season, this team will also garner little if any respect from its peers.

My guess is Felton has one more season and then he will be shown the door by DE.

Unknown said...

We're in Year 5. If we're having issues with the personnel that he recruited, then that's a reflection on him.

The alleged appeal of this guy is that he'd clean up the program, recruit good kids and obviously win. He said that his tough approach to discipline and defense would win the day.

We're not disciplined.
His kids struggle to follow the rules.
And we play bad defense.

And bad offense. Not that he promised good offense, but it is unwatchable offense for long stretches.

It's Year 5. I'm tired of ALL of this.

Very tired of it.

Anonymous said...

Man we need to get it together. Our best post guy is gone, not to mention Mercer (yeah I know he's not the best "team" guy but he and Woodbury are the only true slashers on the team) probably for the year as well as Jackson for 6 games. I just don't see us being that good with having to rely on young guys again in the post.
Once again it seems we are entering a season with glaring issues. We haven't overcome them in the past so why should this year be any different?

Unknown said...

But, The Onion, you have to love it. That is good stuff, regardless, and it's impossible not to laugh. Though they are a bunch of Yankee-bastard-sonsabitches.

Anonymous said...

PWD, as you once asked, "Will the sun ever shine on our crops"? Are we as a basketball program ever going to embrace prosperity without immediate implosion? Will our program ever not be the punchline to joke? Will we ever make the freakin' Tournament again?

I'm So. Stinkin'. Tired. of basketball crap like this.

Anonymous said...

more bad news...

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) - The beleaguered University of Georgia basketball program took another massive hit Saturday as head coach Dennis Felton dismissed his entire roster other than Dave Bliss, and the entire coaching staff other than himself.

"Remember that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, where everyone on the ship disappeared? That was sweet," said Felton.

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