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October 17, 2007

Let the coaching carousel begin

Nutt is one cooked pig.

This is not the year to go shopping for a new college football coach as the competition is going to be fierce. This off season could be the biggest year for coaching turmoil since the 2000 season saw 25 coaches lose their job. I'm expecting a land grab of sorts to pursue the hottest up and comers, and these are your top likely contestants in the "Battle for Overpaying for the Flavor of the Month":

  • Duke - Ted Roof
  • Georgia Tech - Chan Gailey remains one step ahead of the executioner. However, can he survive another loss to Georgia and a sixth likely five or more loss season?
  • Clemson - Tommy Bowden and Chan Gailey should start a support group for Men Cheating Death.

    Big East:
  • Pittsburgh - With last week's loss to Navy, the Wannstache is likely out.
  • Syracuse - Greg Robinson has won 3 games in three years against BCS teams, and he has an overall record of 6-24. Aside from the Louisville game, his teams have looked incompetent on their best days.

    Big 10:
  • Michigan - Michigan is rolling after the worst start imaginable, but it still looks like Lloyd Carr is headed towards retirement. Even if he's not fired, it's hard to imagine him wanting to come back next year.

    Big 12:
  • Nebraska - The Huskers have already fired the athletic director. Opposing QBs have openly mocked the team's defense, and the alumni are way past "grumbling." Barring a miracle run to close the season, Callahan is fired.
  • Texas A&M - NewsletterGate may have done as much to finish off Coach Fran's career in College Station as the blowout loss to Miami. At 4-2 with games remaining @Nebraska, vs. Texas and @Oklahoma, he is living on borrowed time.

    Pac 10:
  • Arizona - Mike Stoops is 14-27, and he's off to another 2-5 start.
  • UCLA - The Bruins are 4-2, but they have games remaining against Cal, ASU, Oregon and USC. It's awfully hard to recover from losing 6-44 to Utah *and* giving Notre Dame their first win.
  • Washington State - Bill Doba is 27-27 since replacing Mike Price, and he's off to a 2-5 start this year. How much longer can he stick around?
  • Washington - Willingham will probably get another year because they've been competitive with an exciting young QB, and the schedule is universal thought to be ridiculously difficult. Some in the Washington media think he stays if he gets to five wins this year.

  • Arkansas - The Fire Nutt banners are flying. Arkansas is 3-3 with games remaining against #6 SC, at #20 UT and at #5 LSU. Since 1998, no one has done less when it comes to quarterback development than Nutt. Having run off the home state stud QB who was 8-0 as a true freshman starter only makes this situation worse. Nutt also holds the record for longest active tenure at a BCS school without a BCS Bowl Bid.
  • Mississippi - The Wild Boys are 2-5 this year, and the only BCS schools that Orgeron has beaten in three years are MSU, UK and Vandy.

    Other programs who may soon be in search of new skippers:
      Colorado State
    Coaches who have saved their careers via huge performances:
    -- Al Groh - Who would've thunk it?
    -- Mark Mangino - The Walking Heart Attack
    -- Sly Croom - If he can beat The Orgeron, he'll finish with five wins and almost definitely save his job. If he beats Orgeron and the imploding Hogs, he'll go bowling. Again, Shock and Awe.

    Additionally, someone above has to replace all of those coaches. That means schools like TCU, Auburn, LSU, Cal, Boise, USF, Rutgers, Kansas State, WVU and Fresno State will have to listen to overtures for their head coaches. Or simply replace them outright.

    So who ends up where?

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    Russell said...

    I'm not sure about the others you listed, but I'm pretty sure Tech is stuck with Gailey for the near future.

    Tiny Url

    Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

    Ted Roof will stick around for another year because Duke just doesn't care about football. I'm betting Orgeron also gets one more year, just to see if he can accomplish anything with Jevan Snead as his QB, but he'll be toast if the Rebels don't go to a bowl in 2008 (which they probably won't).

    S.A.W.B. said...

    I agree with Doug in that I think Roof sticks with Duke, not only because they don't care about the feetball, but also because Duke has actually been IN most of the games they've played this year.

    Anonymous said...

    If Kansas and Maryland were to play each other, you'd have Mangino vs. Friedgen, The Bypass Bowl!

    Anonymous said...

    Agree w/ Doug on Ole Miss. Da Coach-O was brought in based on his recruiting prowess and next year he'll finally have a roster of mostly guys he's signed (for better or worse).

    Also, you think those folks want to admit they made a mistake firing Cutcliffe?

    Anonymous said...

    Miles to Meechigan
    Tubby to Nebraska
    Spurrier to LSU
    Pete Carroll to Auburn

    Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

    Interestingly enough, I read that if Bill Doba gets fired at Washington State this season, there is considerable interest in bringing Mike Price back.

    You don't hear about that kind of thing happening too often, but it gives me hope that Ole Miss will spike Orgeron next year and beg Cutcliffe to come back. I just hope the guy gets hired SOMEWHERE and take his discipline with him so that we can watch UT devolve back into the unholy mess we were all sort of starting to enjoy back in '02-'03.

    Anonymous said...

    Gailey on the hot seat? No way!!! GT runs the table!!! (At least that's what I heard on their radio broadcast this past weekend - rotflmao)

    Anonymous said...

    to match what Doug said.
    Northwest slant.
    A neighbor is a big Washington
    State booster. Says they are working to get Price back.
    Keep Doba as Defensive Co.
    UTEP is open then.
    Willingham probably has at least two more
    years at UW. Locker(QB) is their future. Coaching staff prays he
    does not get hurt.
    If the chance arrives watch him.
    He does an excellent job with a pretty poor supporting group.

    Anonymous said... the Georgia Southern Message board has a thread about Paul Johnson of Navy and former GSU Head coach and OC under Erk Russel visited Auburn.

    Anonymous said...

    I know that Bobby Bowden will never fall into the category of truly "in danger", but I do think that it is worth noting that the shuffle of assistants has been a bust. Jimbo Fisher was the hottest OC candidate in the country and the FSU offense still looks anemic. It is much easier to deflect blame when your idiot son is calling the plays, much harder when a guy who could be a D1 head coach has the playbook.

    Anonymous said...

    Pete Carroll to Auburn? Come on the only place he goes is to the way he leaves USC for anything other then that. He does not have to recruit there.They come to him. Tubberville would go to A&M before Nebraska.

    I personally don't think Coach Satan over at Carolina leaves usc.

    Anonymous said...

    Pete Carroll to that is effing hilarious. I couldn't have dreamed that one up.

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