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October 5, 2007

Soulja Boy from the Sidelines of Last Week's Game

Crank That.

GA Bulldogs - Soulja Boy

Ht - claudia via Get The Picture

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Anonymous said...

That was really cool, a lot of the fans dug it. The younger ones, anyway. Team did too. I didn't know who/what Soulja Boy was until then. I say let it stick around, it's better than Eminem or "Here comes the boom," whoever sings that.

Anonymous said...

Playing that is why we won the game.

I am totally against playing hip hop or any music through the PA, but a little lyric-less hip hop beat is perfect during reply reviews.

It got our defense FIRED UP.

Anonymous said...

that was the best crowd reaction I have ever heard for a song played over the pa system as samford. Wisconsin has jump around, we need to start the soulja boy dance tradition.

Anonymous said...

i meant sanford, not samford, sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the Macarena.

- your friend and coach,


Anonymous said...

I'm an old school guy, so I normally don't like stuff like that between the hedges, but it seemed to relax our guys. Maybe we can dance around before, during, and after the game in Jacksonville, rather than playing like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Real classy! you'll never see teams like usc ohio state, michigan, or any major name team playing that crap. although i'm an boston college grad who was in attendance, and it was extremely funny to see a 99% white crowd acting black for a few min!!!!!! lol. what a bunch of idiots!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:34,

There were exactly 3 people dancing to that song in the stadium. They were all on the sideline.

I'm also glad that you think listening to "black music" = being classless and idiotic. Thanks for helping convince the electorate down here that we New Englanders can also be racists. It should help my "Southern Strategy."

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10:34

Boston freaking sucks!!!! Boston College is a freakin joke and so is Ohio State! I from New York, graduate of UGA and Penn, don't talk smack if you can't back it up you racist prick! Go back to shi%ville tool!

Anonymous said...

anon 10:34:

Doesn't USC have a long standing relationship with Snoop Dogg? I know he has been on the sidelines for many games and has even been at practice.

So kindly piss off.

They were acting like 20 year old college kids, which they are. I loved it, so I guess I'm acting black too.

Andrew said...

Minus anon 3:52's "Playing that is why we won the game," I totally agree with everything he said. I've always bashed college stadiums that habitually play non-marching band music over the PA--The Swamp, so I've been told, one of the most egregious violators of that principle, giving another good reason for my stance--but something like this definitely made our team feel more at home. New tradition, at least during down time like play reviews?

JasonC said...

Umm, I know we talked about this earlier this week, but is it okay to boo now? (0-28)

Anonymous said...

At the time, I had no idea that was a real dance to a real song. I thought the guys were just dancing around to some cute steel drum music; can you tell I'm in the over-40 crowd?

Anyway, I loved it, and I wouldn't mind seeing/hearing it again. Not the lyrics, mind you; just the beat like before. It was a fun way to fill the downtime!

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