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October 29, 2007

Troy is Next: What You Need to Know

The "Men" of Troy enjoy a slip n slide for (ht - begger and EDSBS)

So what do we need to know about these guys? It all starts with the obvious (Per The Bulldogs and the Trojans share two common opponents. Georgia beat Oklahoma State 35-14 in the season opener and Troy topped the Cowboys 41-23 two weeks later. The Trojans dropped a 59-31 decision to Florida.

Secondly, no discussion of Troy is complete without mentioning the uber gay photo shoot above. All your gays belong to them.*

The Troy offense is lead by Omar Haugabook a senior quarterback who has a nice arm and can run very well. Luckily for Georgia, Haugabook hurt his hamstring on Saturday vs. Arkansas State, and he was pulled from the game in the fourth quarter. He is averaging 50 yards per game rushing (8 TDs) and 260 yards passing per game (12 TDs and 11 INTs). Against the Gators, Omar was 29 of 52 for 283 yards 2 TDs and 1 INT with two more rushing TDs. Granted, much of those stats came in the second half when UF was substituting pretty liberally after starting off up 49-7 at the half.

Overall, the team has a Top 25 ranked offense and their QB (when healthy) is one of the least sacked quarterbacks in America. If he's slowed to become one dimensional, it would greatly help from a scheme standpoint.

On defense, they stone cold can't stop the run. Oklahoma State ran for 241 yards against these guys while getting torched. They are ranked 101st in the nation in run defense surrendering more than 200 yards per game on the ground. Via the air, they are much more accomplished as they rank 7th in the nation in pass defense. In terms of special teams, the only thing that sticks out statistically is an exceptional punt return game.

This is a game where the recipe is simple. Feed it to Knowshon, get up early, sub often, stay healthy and get out of there with a win. When OSU imploded at Troy, they had 3 lost fumbles, two INTs and an unconverted fourth down. Protect the ball and we win an ugly homecoming game against a team with more talent than any of us want to admit.

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*not that there's anything wrong with that.


Anonymous said...

In the spirit of fairness, you should probably post the photo of Stafford spooning Cox. While this picture certainly trumps the other for its shear orginess factor, we do have our own embarrasing shots.

Now, let's go kick their slip & slidin' butts!


JasonC said...

The best is the "couple in the middle"- the black guy with his arm hooked over his white teammate and that casual look of delight as he sneaks a peek.
You know, some things sound like a good idea, but they just really aren't.

Unknown said...

Black Guy Left: Where's you hand?

White Guy Front Left: Between two pillows.

Black Guy Left: Those aren't pillows!

Anonymous said...

Record of Troy's last 5 victims - 8 wins and 32 losses. To their credit, they did beat all 5 convincingly and their win over now 5-3 Oklahoma State was impressive.

Late scores made the Arky and UF games look closer and the margins were still 20 and 28 points, respectively. That said, if we allow them to get off to a good start, this could be another nail biter a la the UAB and Marshall non-conference games over the past several years.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope our new found intensity carries over to this game and for that matter the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

"All your base are belong to us"
LMAO wonder if anyone else got that?

Anonymous said...

The guy on the far right looks like he needs a cigarette...

Anonymous said...

The best parallel for Georgia isn't the Spoonathon (and c'mon, there has to be a major discount factor for being passed out and rolled on top), but rather the tres gay "IronDawgs" shot of a couple of years ago, featuring shirtlessness, oiled torsos, chains and flexing.


Anonymous said...

Now, I ain't saying them boys are queer, but I believe a few of them have seen one up close. May not have sucked one, but might have held it in their mouth on a bumpy road.

I'm just saying........

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