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November 25, 2007

Dawgs 4th in BCS, AP and Coaches Polls!

Breaking: Fox just showed the BCS Standings on TV. Link is now up. Georgia is 4th.
    1. Missouri
    2. West Virginia
    3. Ohio State
    4. Georgia
    5. Kansas
ESPN has the latest polls out.

In the USAToday Coaches Poll:
    1. West Virginia
    2. Missouri
    3. Ohio State
    4. Georgia
    5. (tie) Kansas
    5. (tie) Virginia Tech
    7. LSU
    8. Oklahoma
    9. Southern Cal
    10. Hawaii (up from 13th. Probably enough to get them a BCS slot)
    11. Florida
    12. Boston College
    13. Arizona State
    14. Illinois
    15. Tennessee
AP Poll has no bearing on the BCS, but...
    1. Missouri
    2. West Virginia
    3. Ohio State
    4. Georgia
    5. LSU
    6. Virginia Tech
    7. Kansas
When the BCS Poll gets announced around 7:30 pm EST or so, I'll post that. We are guaranteed a BCS At-Large spot if we're in the Top 4 of the final BCS Poll *and* there is no At-Large team at #3. Right now, it seems unlikely that an at-large team will jump us for #3, but we'll have to see what the computers and Harris polls do with Kansas tonight.

I don't think we'd get screwed out of a BCS slot regardless, but if we're at #4 on December 2nd and KU is at #3, the Orange would be allowed to take Florida. I doubt they would, but it would be within their rights. That's why tonight's BCS poll is so important. (NOTE: TV just showed Dawgs at 4th in BCS Poll).



JasonC said...

I have to think we will stay ahead of Kansas:
1. They had a much weaker schedule (even with the Cocks blowing it this weekend), which will hurt them in the computers.
2. Kansas and UGA are done until the selections come out and the only thing that hurts us is if LSU or OU make some kind of a crazy jump or Tenn destroys LSU and makes a huge jump or VT can jump us, but I don't see Kansas getting ahead of us.
3. A lot of people were skeptical of Kansas and even though they fought back, I think a lot of voters will say, "see, this is why we weren't giving you respect."

Anonymous said...

Harris Poll is out
UGA #4
LSU #5
Kansas #6

Anonymous said...

I'll be drinking some haterade next weekend. Here's who I'm cheering for:
-OU over Mizzou
-Pitt over WVU
And for good measure:
-BC over VT
-UCLA over USC
-Arizona over Arizona State

Out of those, don't think Pitt will really win, and USC should roll over the Bruins. The other 3 are more than possible.

Anonymous said...

Er, shouldn't we be pulling like crazy for OU and Pitt, and that's the end of the story? Or am I making things too simplistic given the quantum physics of the BCS standings calculations?

JasonC said...

I think we also need to be shouting "Geaux Tigers". We don't need the Mad Hatter to crush the poster boy for Krispy Kreme, but the last thing we need is for Tenn to beat LSU, get an automatic BCS bid and then force "the power-that-be" to make a decision between us and LSU as to which SEC team gets the second SEC bid.

Anonymous said...

JasonC, I don't think anyone would hesitate picking us over what would then be a 3 loss Bengal team. With two of those coming to end the season.

We'd also be ranked 3 or 4 in both polls while they'd be out of the top 10 and possibly top 15 at that point.

UT#2 and LSU has no bearing on where we end up.

Anonymous said...

basically we are looking at a good chance of seeing VT vs UGA 2 or BC vs UGA (payback) in a BCS game. Hopefully BC wins, I don't really care to see UGA play VT again.

Also #3 if UCLA beats USC and Arizona beats A. St then UCLA would be in line to win the 7-5.

personally I will be pullin for a USC vs UGA game. That would prob. get more attention then the NC game if it happened.

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