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November 8, 2007

Auburn as Clubber Lang this Saturday?

Auburn always comes into Athens in a foul mood. Every other year, they bring 20-30 players and thousands of alumni that The University of Georgia rejected. We have nicer facilities, better academics, prettier women and more money. In fact, we have all the things they literacy, indoor plumbing, jobs, asphalt, and prosperity.

They come in (or should I say return to their home state) pissed off with a massive chip on their shoulders, and they promptly punch our guys dead in the mouth. Since '91, we've successfully punched back and defended our home turf only twice in eight tries. We've typically fallen victim to a massive support group looking to sort out their rejection issues at our expense.

We're a lot like Rocky Balboa.
We looked mean and tough when we were pouring it on the Gators (playing the role of Apollo Creed). But since then we've sort of been basking in the glow of our success. After beating Creed, Rocky fought ten guys -- mostly tomato cans and chumps -- and he got soft. Did we get fat and sassy against Troy?

While Rocky was enjoying his caviar, big house and nice cars, Clubber Lang was coming up in the streets, getting strong and getting mean. Next thing you know Lang beats the shit out of an ill prepared Balboa.

Auburn is Clubber Lang.
Can't you just hear Tommy Tuberville and Will Muschamp going nuts in regards to The Blackout. "Georgia's more concerned with how they're dressing than beating you guys. They think they're better than you. They're not even talking about the game. They're talking about fashion. We're going over there to whip their fancy asses, and there's nothing they can do about it. Don't matter what color they wear on Saturday. I pity the fools."

This game is 100 percent about how tough we are. Who wants it more? The game is going to be played at a brutal, violent and fast level, and if our guys don't have The Eye of the Tiger like they did against the Gators, they will lose.

So will it be like Balboa vs. Lang I...where we regret ever mentioning The Blackout. Or will it be like Balboa vs. Lang II...where we stand toe to toe with them and come out the bloody and battered victors?

Regardless...for both sides I'd say....

Man, I can't wait for Saturday. It is on.


(Note: Last year we played the role of Balboa to their Apollo Creed in Rocky II. Regardless...we're always Rocky.)


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I might be overstepping my bounds here, but I believe this is required Hate Week viewing/listening:

Anonymous said...

Best viewed in Internet Explorer, by the way.

Unknown said...

For some reason, I'm more excited about this game than any this year. Maybe it's because my neighbors went to Auburn and I can't wait to piss in their yard while cranking Munson's call of the game full-blast over the speakers.


Unknown said...

I know I had some profanity in the post, but I can't roll with the F bomb in the comments bro. Had to delete it.

His comment was...."awesome. I'm so f-ing fired up. HOW BOUT THEM DAWGS."

Unknown said...

All Muschamp has to say is "Boom! Mother F*****, yeah!"

JasonC said...

Does this make me Burgess Meridith? If so, that is so cool!

In fashion news: West Virginia pulled a... yellow-out??? tonight.

Anonymous said...

Far too many Georgia players have pulled a Benedict Arnold and crossed over to our oldest rival throughout the years. It is a great shame our state legislature even allows AU tags.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Here in Alabama, you can't get a specialized alumni license plate for anything other than an Alabama college or university. I think the state of Georgia has every right to implement a similar rule, though I do think it's hilarious that Auburn plates are more popular in Georgia than GT ones.

Anonymous said...

sorry about that PWD.

Anonymous said...

While walking home from class I saw a good omen on the streets of Atlanta. The police were pulling over a car with one of those State of Georgia Auburn tags.

Anonymous said...

In fashion news: West Virginia pulled a... yellow-out??? tonight.

yeah. It was a mustard-out or something. Looked liked a giant baby had shit all over the stadium.

JasonC said...


Amen, buddy.
When I saw those things I was thinking, "WTH?!" I can't believe the Dept of Education let that fly, since they would want to promote instate schools. I just hope they charge twice what the normal vanity plates cost and the extra money goes to instate schools.

Anonymous said...

Alumni who couldn't get into UGA?

You mean like pre-Hope scholarship when UGA was challenging for the cellar of the conference?

Oh yeah, you guys don't remember that, considering half of you were Tech fans back then.

Will said...

If you wanted to stretch the analogy a little further though, it was when Rocky broke out Apollo's trunks that he knocked out Lang.
Black uni=Apollo Creed shorts?

Here's hoping

Anonymous said...

Looks like Clubber Lang got knock the F* out!!!! LMAO!!

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