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November 7, 2007

Black Jerseys: What we'd look like

The guys over at were nice enough to put together a "What if" for Black Jerseys. Here's a photoshop picture of Moreno in the black jersey. Check the thread linked here for one of Stafford.

If my contact over at Football Huddle is right, it takes roughly 6 weeks to get all the jerseys in stock. So either:
A. We are coming out in red jerseys
B. CMR secretly ordered black a long time ago
C. Nike is going to jump through a ton of hoops for us b/c it's a great merchandising opportunity

Once you've had black...

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Anonymous said...

I'm told Coke is passing out 7000 black shirts to the students before the game.

Anonymous said...

I think the football players just want to know the fans are with them and can get jacked up too. Given Richt's uniform track record I don't see them coming out in anything but red. Good thing too. It reminds of something Donnan would do and they would look like the Falcons and they suck. If they change up anything they should go with the red pants away.

Anonymous said...

"Given Richt's uniform track record I don't see them coming out in anything but red. Good thing too. It reminds of something Donnan would do and they would look like the Falcons and they suck. If they change up anything they should go with the red pants away."

I support this comment 100%.

Let me also add that grown men should not wear jerseys.

Ben Rockwell said...

While black would be "cool", it wouldn't be Georgia. I cheer for Georgia, not "cool". I agree with the person who says it would be a Donnan-like move. We don't need jerseys to get hyped up to play Auburn. We need the motivation to get to Atlanta to play Auburn.

Go Dawgs! Beat Auburn!

Joe Blow said...

Wow, that looks horrible. I'd imagine this is like the "Auburn's going to wear orange jerseys this weekend" rumor that pops up every year. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I can understand changing things up for a homecoming patsy game, but we're talking about the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry here. I love the blog, and good luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Ben Rockwell -

Please explain to me how black wouldn't be Georgia.. a school whose colors are Red and BLACK.

Anonymous said...

I'm not for the gimmicky jersey thing that's been sweeping the nation within recent years. However, if this gets us more noticed on a national scale, then I'm all for it. (Yeah, I'll probably take a hit for that last statement, but who cares!) I will say that the red jerseys are the best.

I can honestly say that I don't see UGA going the route of Oregon (toolbox diamond designs and the like). Let's just hope someone doesn't decide to imprint chains and a broken leash on the unis one day.

Unknown said...

Richt's uniform track record? What about his track record on celebrations? He is trying to find new ways to energize his team and if wearing black does that, I'm all for it.

And I have a feeling Nike could get the jerseys printed and shipped in no time if it was worthwhile.

Ben Rockwell said...


I say it's not Georgia because I can't recall the last time UGA wore black jersey. I guess you could say by that same logic Silver Britches aren't Georgia, but that's a long-standing tradition that I'm willing to accept. If you can cite a time when black jerseys were worn I'd be happy to give in. Until then, I'm all for red and white as our only jerseys.

Anonymous said...

I agree they look terrible with the black shirt and the red helmet. I hope the uniform is the same and the fans show up in black. Good to see Coke step up...let's keep the mo' going!

Hey what's that coming down the track...a big machine that's red and BLACK.

Let's show the team we hear them and we obey :-)

Anonymous said...

It looks entirely too much like the Falcons. If the team wears black then we will all be dressed appropriately for the mourning that will take place after the game.

Anonymous said...

Everyone calm down. They're not talking about getting rid of the red or white jerseys. If they come out wearing green, then I'll be yelling my a$$ off for those green Bulldogs.

Why is it even this important? How will anyone have any more or less enjoyment of the game based on jersey color?

Ben, you say black "wouldn't be Georgia?" You know what really isn't Georgia? Being a contrarian blowhard.

Well, then again, after reading some responses, maybe it is.

Unknown said...

We had never won silver britches before we started wearing silver britches. That turned out ok.

We used to only wear red or white pants.

We had never won Red Helmets before we wore red helmets. That turned out ok. We used to wear Silver helmets.

I don't care if we come out in Captain America Underoos.

The team asked US to wear Black. They rarely ask us to do anything. If they also want to wear black....what's the big deal.

Our colors are red and black.

No one is suggesting a permanent change.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the press conference and he avoided the question. The Dawgs will be in black jerseys on Saturday. When asked he said, "It's hard to order up black jerseys for the entire team at the last minute". It might be hard for Kennesaw Generals but not for UGA.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna be black out drunk and going crazy I can guaran-damn-tee you that.

And if any of the rest of you want to win, you'll get there early and be vicious.

Anonymous said...

"If the team wears black then we will all be dressed appropriately for the mourning that will take place after the game."

What a stupid thing for me to have said. I apologize to the Bulldog Nation for saying it. I should be shot at sunrise after a full night of waterboarding.

Go Dawgs and I don't give a damn if you wear PINK!

Anonymous said...

One thing I didn't think about.. Who says the seniors brought up the black out after the Troy game? Could have been after the Florida game. Coach Richt's right, not much can be done in a week, but 2 weeks could be just enough.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I'm with Jerry Reid -- I don't like the idea of mucking with uniforms that are generally considered to have one of the classiest color schemes of any team in D-IA, but if the seniors want me to wear black, I'll wear black. Hell, if I need to wear a cocktail dress and six-inch heels to the game to get a win over Auburn, I'll wear that too.

Scott H. said...

"We had never won silver britches before we started wearing silver britches. That turned out ok."

Paul - pretty sure they wore silver pants under Wally Butts and Dooley brought them back in 1980 to be kind of old school.

Unknown said...

Well...we probably wore black on Herty Field when we were playing Mercer.

So this weekend is about going ULTIMATE OLD SCHOOL.

Anonymous said...

That is bada... I hope we come out of the tunnel in those.

SlawDawg said...

Ben Rockwell

We wore Black jerseys in 1957

Anonymous said...

Anon: 8:47...

"Let me also add that grown men should not wear jerseys."

You are exactly right.

I remember a Rick Reily column in Sports Illustrated where he wrote that, "Football jerseys are to grown men what tube-tops are to women."

And I'll write it again...

Had the players said to all Dawg fans before heading to Jacksonville, "Can we wear black jerseys for one game if we beat Florida?" Every Dawg fan would have offered to taylor the jerseys personally.

Anonymous said...

To Daniel:

I would love to see a picture of the 1957 uniforms or a link. I'm not doubting you by no means, but I could shut up my friend 'cause he says that we've never done anything of the sort. Of course, he had even forgotten about the black pants!

Anonymous said...

i've been watching the UEFA Champion's League tilts on ESPN2 the past two days. both matches were in England (Liverpool and Manchester United), and both times, the stadiums were blacked out. i'm not sure if this is some sort of English tradition, but it looks awesome

Unknown said...

FWIW, that place where Wal-Mart used to be in the shopping center time forgot in Athens had some dirt cheap black UGA shirts awhile back. If you're looking for a wear once and don't care it turns into a tube top after the first time you wash it shirt for the occasion, that's probably a good place to look.

Personally, I'll cheer either way but I'd prefer the team wears red. I just like the look of it.

Anonymous said...

Black jerseys came in from Nike to UGA in March. No last minute ordering, this has been planned. It had to be late in season because of the heat, and couldn't be UF because they were home team in Jax this year. I think we'll warm up in red, but put it in stone, we're wearing black jerseys Saturday

Eddie said...

It's ridiculous. The team needs to be less focused on what the fans are wearing (and themselves, for that matter) and more focused on their assignments. This is gimicky and not something that great teams do. Teams that do things like this are vying for attention or something that will make them "stand out." Great teams don't need a gimick.

Anonymous said...

I thought that they looked great! I realy don't care what they wear as long as they are the Dawgs and play their hearts out!

Ben Rockwell said...

By the time the game was over I forgot they were wearing black and realized they were beating Auburn's butt.

What a beatdown.

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