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November 14, 2007

Bowl Predictions

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Let's start with the mainstream projections. has UGA in the Sugar Bowl vs. Hawaii. Assuming Hawaii wins out, that's hard to disagree with. ESPN's projections have us in the Sugar vs. either Hawaii or Boise State. My guesses below. Note: They are based on Hawaii losing once.

Bowl Predictions:
National Title: LSU vs. Oregon
Rose: Ohio State vs. Southern Cal
Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. West Virginia
Orange: Virginia Tech vs. Kansas
Sugar; Georgia vs. Clemson

Capital One: Florida vs. Illinois
Outback: Tennessee vs. Wisconsin
Cotton: Auburn vs. Missouri

Chick-Fil-A: UK vs. Boston College
Gator: Virginia vs. Texas

Champ Sports: FSU vs. Penn State
Music City: Alabama vs. Georgia Tech*
Liberty: Arkansas vs. UCF
Meineke Car Care: Wake vs. Rutgers

Independence: Miss State vs. Texas A&M
Emerald: Maryland vs. Oregon State
Boise Lonely Trucker: Last bowl eligible ACC team vs. Boise State
Texas Bowl: South Carolina** vs. Air Force

Interesting match-ups or storylines:
-- Sugar: This would depend on lots of things happening. Not the least of which is Hawaii losing a game. If that happens, a three loss team will almost definitely make the BCS, and Clemson would be among the most appealing among available teams. Remember a single conference can only have two BCS teams.

-- Capital One: Zooker vs. Meyer. aka, "The Mike Bianchi Big O Bowl."

-- Chick-fil-a: Two of the better quarterbacks in the country go head to head.

-- Music City: This one gets an * because the ACC won't send Tech to Nashville without a coach. They would likely drop them well down the bowl pecking order. But Bama vs. GT would be a great game.

-- Independence: Rematch of the infamous Shreveport Snow Bowl.

-- Champ Sports: The Depends Bowl II.

-- Texas Bowl: If memory serves, 6-6 teams only get to go bowling IF their conference has bowl tie-in games available AND there are no 7-5 or better bowl eligible teams in smaller conferences who haven't been assigned to bowls. In other words, SC could be left without a dance partner on selection day if they don't get to 7 wins.



Anonymous said...

What happens if Georgia wins out, Tennessee loses a game and Georgia beats LSU in the championship game?

JasonC said...

Assuming Hawaii loses to BSU, wouldn't BSU possibly slip up to a BCS bowl over a 3 loss team?

Also, we are going to be on The Mouse against GT at 3:30, which means we might get some full-on-corporate love.

JasonC said...

anon 10:04,

I think Dawgsports has a scenario like that in the diary section called "It Could happen" or somethingn like that.

Anonymous said...

A 1 loss Boise is screwed. If UGA and Tennessee win out, then UGA has a slot in the BCS sealed up. Texas, if they beat Texas A&M this weekend, will also have a slot sealed up. Are you trying to say you think the Super Genius' beat the Big Cows Paul? And if so, would Franchione save his job?

Anonymous said...

Is there any scenario where Georgia would play West Virginia in a bowl game? It would be a interesting rematch.

Anonymous said...

mr. egger,

franchione is as good as gone. There isn't a thing he can to do save his hide. Hell, there's already talk in certain Texas circles that he will head to SMU after the buyout, assuming that's the route A&M is forced to take, is complete.

Anonymous said...

Help me out here. Isn't the Capital One Bowl contractually obligated to take the second place SEC team? If so, then wouldn't UT play there if they win out?

That also means that the only two scenarios for us in a BCS game is A) winning the SEC title game, thus knocking LSU out of the title game OR B) UT winning out, and us winning out thus giving us an at-large bid.

JasonC said...

Mr. egger, I meant BSU would take Hawaii's possible slot not an SEC slot.

Cap One gets the 2nd SEC team, but that changes if we get a 2nd at-large BCS bid.

If Tenn beats Vandy & Kentucky, but loses to LSU in the SECCG, and UGA wins its last 2, we would most likely go to the BCS, not a 4 loss Tenn team.
If Tenn wins out and beats LSU, there is a chance LSU might slip in the BCS instead of us.
If Tenn loses one of its last 2 and we beat Kentucy, we play LSU in the SECCG. The winner will go to the BCS, not sure about the loser.

In some cases Cap One gets the SECCG loser, but in other situations they have taken a different team, because of final standings. Even if we didn't have a chance at the BCS at-large, if Tenn lost the SECCG and had 4 losses, and we only had 2, Cap One would probably want us even though we didn't win the East.

Scott said...

Bowl commitees do not take teams based on their final standings. In the case of the Capital One Bowl, SEC #2 means they get the 2nd choice of available SEC teams.

Anonymous said...

Is it still a rule that a conference can only have two teams even with the addition of the 5th game?

If not, I certainly believe the Sugar Bowl would be more apt to take a team like Texas, ASU, or USC over Clemson.

Phil Heilig said...

If LSU wins the SECCG and goes to the national championship by beating UT, then the dawgs would definitely get into the BCS by winning out. If UT loses the SECCG game then they would have 3 SEC losses, same as Florida, so the Capitol One Bowl would definitely take the Gators as it would be a much more applealing game that way.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:28.

Sugar gets last pick for the second team. Texas and USC will already be gone and I think Clemson is more appealing than ASU.

And the 2 team rule is still in place.

Anonymous said...

Jason C, I can see an undefeated Hawaii getting a bid, they'll be undefeated. But while a 1 loss Boise might deserve a chance to get another crack at a big boy (and a chance to whip them again like in 2005 would be very nice), the only thing they'd have would be last year's Oklahoma upset, and there will be teams like Texas or the big 12 loser, Georgia, Southern Cal, and a couple others I'd see get a BCS bid before a 1 loss Boise.

As for the Citrus bowl (I refuse to call it or the Peach by the corporate sponsor), I'm pretty sure they get 2nd pick, not the 2nd team. Although, I think after the Outback Bowl kept skipping over people so many times, the SEC implemented a rule where the championship game loser will end up in the Citrus, Cotton, or Outback at worst.

Anonymous said...

The Dawgs and the Tigers in a Bowl Game. AWESOME. Talk about one GREAT Sugar Bowl/renewed Classic out of conference rivalry Game/ Border
WAR. Thats a dream come true if it happened. I can't think of a better worthy opponent. GO Dawgs

Anonymous said...

How do you see Clemson getting to the sugar bowl with 3 loses. Lets say they beat BC and South Carolina, they still will have to play VT in the ACC championship. I don't see them making the BCS unless they win the ACC.

Anonymous said...

In answer to all of yesterday's questions about Clemson. Here's the deal.

You can only have 2 teams from each conference. Assuming Hawaii or Boise doesn't make it (which is what I'm pulling for), then here are your BCS candidates:

Pac-10: Oregon, ASU or USC (pick 2)
SEC: UGA, LSU or UT (pick 2)
Big 12 - OU, KU, UM or UT (pick 2)
Big 10 - OSU or Michigan (pick 1*)
Big East - League Champ (No way UConn gets an at-large)
ACC - League Champ + 1 more

There are 10 slots. Look above again. There are 4 conferences that would have to produced an at-large team.

If OSU beats Michigan, it pretty much has to be an ACC team that fills the final slot b/c there's no way a Big East team gets an at-large.

If OSU loses to Michigan, then the ACC won't get a 2nd at-large bid.

And for those folks picking Texas as an at-large. That's possible, but they have to be more appealing than KU or UM. And that's hardly a lock given how how one of those could be ranked.

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely absurd to think that UGA killed Alabama, Auburn and Florida and all we get for it is a match-up with a shart team like hawaii. It is not even debatable that the sec east is the toughest division in the NCAA. Who cares what the bowl game is called? Call it the Tidy Bowl if you want - but UGA deserves a shot at a top 5 team. What is going on here is very obvious - UGA horrifies everybody in the Pac 10 and Big 10. Nobody has the intestinal fortitude to play a team stacked with so much blinding speed, talent and so many NFL prospects. Even LSU is relieved to not have to play UGA. Until there is a playoff , posers like Ohio State, USC and Kansas will get to keep calling themselves a top five team.

Anonymous said...

Mac - It's not a conspiracy.

There is a pecking order for the BCS Bowls, and the Sugar will get the last pick of eligible teams.

If Hawaii goes undefeated, the Sugar will be required to pick them.

Pull for Boise State to beat them. That will likely solve the problem.

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