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November 23, 2007

Georgia's Bowl Scenarios....

UGA's Bowl Scenarios going into the Tech game:
Sugar Bowl - Win the SEC Championship Game.

Orange Bowl - Beat GT. Don't play for the SEC. WVU plays KU/Mizzou winner. Orange gets the first at-large pick after the Fiesta replaces Big 12 Champ. Orange picks us. The Fiesta would be wildly unlikely to pick us over the Big 12's second best team.

Rose Bowl - Beat GT. Don't play for the SEC. WVU plays Ohio State winner after Oklahoma beats the KU/Mizzou winner. Rose selects UGA over Big 12 runner-up or Illinois (traditional Big 10 tie).

Capital One Bowl - Beat GT. Lose SEC Title game. If FSU beats UF, it would probably increase the odds of going here over the home state team.

Outback Bowl - Lose to GT. Don't play for SEC Championship.

Basically, we need to kick the ever living hell out of Georgia Tech. Earlier, I said there was no national title scenario (before I edited this post completely after dinner). It should read...the national title scenario is absurdly long and involves UConn beating WVU.

God Bless America. That is all.



Anonymous said...

we need 3 teams in front of us to lose...that's it. 2 of those teams play each other, and the other plays Oklahoma. The other team has 2 games left...I agree we need to beat the crap outta GTU to solidify it, but the national title game is still within reach, and it really isn't that far-fetched. I can't even believe that we even have a chance at it this late in the season. What a great season it's been. And your statement of "it's the national title that nobody wants" is absolutely, positively incorrect. I want it, and I won't give up on it until I have to. GO CATS! and GO DAWGS, and GO mizz U, and GO Huskies, and GO Oklahoma!

Andrew said...

In other news, I hope a few others got to see Sylvester Croom on Lincoln Financial after State's win in Egg Bowl CIV. Though I'll be the first to root against the Bizarro Bulldogs when Georgia meets up with them, you have to like the guy for being so genuinely touched by a win over otherwise hapless Ole Miss and the Oge. Good to see that kind of passion for the game, wherever it occurs.

That, and he looks like a giant cartoon walrus.

Dubbayoo said...

Even if UT beats Kentucky we could theoretically play for the national title w/o even winning the conference. It might be better if UT wins because I don't know if we can beat LSU AND Ohio State back to back.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

The perfect storm starts tomorrow...
Georgia crushes Tech,
Kentucky beats Tennessee,
UConn beats West Virginia,
Who ever wins the Mizzou/Kansas game loses to Oklahoma,
Georgia beats LSU,
Georgia in National Title game against Ohio State.
SEC>Big Ten

Ward said...

I've had that scenario in my head for a week now Matt, and it's entirely plausible, except that I just can't wrap my head around WVU losing to UConn.

Anonymous said...

West Virginia also plays Pittsburgh next week.

Yes, the Panthers have had a tough season but it is a rivalry game and this year nothing is a sure thing.

Anonymous said...

My first preference is obviously SEC Champ -> NATL Champ Game

Preference 2A: Sugar vs WVU (I want '05 payback)

Preference 2B: Rose vs USC (An intriguing and entertaining game that would raise the Dawgs national pereception. Some of the dipshit media pundits say we're more regional and less nat'l t5han other programs with similiar recent success records.

Please excuse any typos, etc., as I currently can't see straight enough to focus on my typed words do to current festivities. Thank you for your patience and to Hell w/ GT

C. Paul said...

Any good scenario starts with one thing: BEAT TECH!

Go Dawgs!

UGA 26
GT 19

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ C. Paul. Even if we get a shot and beat LSU in the title game, the season is lost with a loss to Tech. For the next year, and every year after that, Tech will claim to be the best team in the SEC b/c they beat the (possible) champs.

Lose to Tech, and the season is lost. Donnan's three-game skid again the NATS solidified this game for me as the must-win game of the year each and every season. I was in school for two of the losses, and nothing ruins the next year like a loss to Tech.

I'd be content to never see Tech win a game (and I mean any game, ever) again for as long as I live. I hate that team.

Anonymous said...

Kentucky is not going to help us today.

They're making Ainge look like the #1 draft pick.

doe boi fresh said...

it all comes down to the voters tomorrow because mizzou and west virginia lost so here goes nothin, there is a lot of speculation that LSU will leap frog us into the title game because they won the SEC championship

I think they should let georgia in 1. because weve been playing better ball than anybody and 2 because this could totally screw the BCS over beyond repair

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