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November 29, 2007

Coaching Rumors: GT, Auburn, Michigan, etc.

Quick look around before heading to bed:
  • Tuberville is making the Auburn faithful a little restless with his rumored flirting with Arkansas. Tubs is originally from the State of Arkansas. The new Hawg athletic director has outlined his plan for their search. If he bolted, Auburn would look to Petrino, but he currently makes $4.8 million per year to coach the Falcons. Would he really take a $1.8 million (or more) pay cut to lead the Tigers?

  • New Orleans papers and the Associated Press are reporting that Michigan has received permission to speak with Les Miles. Not all Wolverine bloggers are excited about having Miles in Ann Arbor. What's not to like? Who wouldn't want a whack job who wastes top talent running their program? FanBlogs asks if Jeff Tedford should be a bigger part of the search.

  • Georgia Tech's big rumored name? Rick Neuheisel. I mean seriously. If you're going to get mad when we say Tech Lies and Cheats, don't go out and hire a two or three time NCAA offender. That's just like shooting fish in a barrel. He's also a candidate at SMU, UCLA and Arkansas. I'd like to see them end up with David Cutcliff or Randy Edsall. Barring Archie Manning having any more kids, I think Cutcliff's recruiting would be their final undoing. Interestingly both GSU and Navy say that Tech hasn't asked for permission to talk with Paul Johnson or Chris Hatcher.

  • Nebraska has asked for permission to interview Cincinnati's Brian Kelly. He's also one of the candidates for the Michigan job if The Hat turns them down.

  • Duke - I personally think they end up with Steve Spurrier, Jr, but I'm too lazy to go looking for a link for that. I just think that's who I'd hire if it was me.
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ctrosecrans said...

the nebraska thing isn't true

always look closely at the sources

Anonymous said...

Rick Neuheisel to Charlie Dean, 65 yards in a downpour - the first Georgia touchdown scored on a Sunday morning.

Anonymous said...

Steve Spurrier Sr. was on the Duke campus yesterday meeting w/ the AD. He's close personal friends & still has an obvious close relationship at the school. Wouldn't be surprised if he was plugging his son.

Anonymous said...

I think it is humorous that the Aubbies say things like they "find it hard to beleive" that Tubbs would bolt.

Have they forgotten how they got him in the first place? After an 8-4 season at Ole Miss with a Music City Bowl win and being named SEC Coach of the year in 1998, he ran to the plains AFTER making such statements as ...

“They’ll have to carry me out of here in a pine box.”

"I’m a Rebel at heart. I want to be where people want you, where you have a chance to win, where your players are giving all they can and where it’s a great place to live. That’s exactly what we have in Oxford.”


JasonC said...

Would the NCAA even allow Neuheisel to go to SMU? Isn't that like like setting up a panty-less Brittney with 4 kegs of liquor and a dozen horny backup dancers with date rape drugs at a giant swimming pool?

Duke's AD says he was getting advice from Darth Visor about the search, not interviewing him. Maybe he was pitching Jr, but my hope is that Cutcliffe ends up at Duke. And I can see Spurrier pushing that agenda too, just to spite Fat Phil.

Anonymous said...

I'm with jasonc- I think and hope Cutcliffe ends up at Duke. WRT Neuheisel at about hiring the fox to watch the hen house...

FWIW, I think Franchione, for all his warts, would be a homerun hire at SMU.

I also still think Tech hires Fisher.

Anonymous said...

Rick Neuheisel is up for major coaching jobs while Charlie Strong is barely getting mentioned. Ridiculous.

And people think that the Black Coaches don't have a ligitimate gripe?

Anonymous said...

I usually think the race issue is a crutch, but in this case I agree with the stuntman. If Neuheisel gets a job before Charlie Strong, the apocalypse is nigh.

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