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November 29, 2007

Daily Bowl Speculation for UGA

Video ht- EDSBS.

The Dallas Morning News says that the Fiesta Bowl badly wants Kansas. They want Kansas badly enough to be considering an Oklahoma vs. Kansas game should the Sooners beat Missouri. It's rather shocking to think that Kansas would be more appealing to them than the Arizona State Sun Devils. Normally, ticket sales outweigh any concerns related to hotels or TV match-ups. Plus, I'm not even sure that there's a scenario where KU vs. OU is possible. But anyway...Apparently, all the BCS bowls are convinced that the entire State of Kansas will empty to attend whatever bowl they are assigned.

Update: The Orange Bowl told Josh Kendall that they have no worries whatsoever about a rematch involving UGA and VT. and that both schools and our respective conferences aren't worried either.

The Huntsville Times has a nice column complimenting UGA on its season and pending BCS adventure. The article also has this nugget of randomness from Damon Evans:
One day in practice leading up to the Auburn game, the players noticed somebody hiding in a tree, filming the workout. Suddenly, a police car pulled up. A cop rushed the tree, hauled the cameraman down, clamped him in handcuffs and drove him away.

The players lustily cheered the arrest of the spy. "To this day,'' Evans said, "the players still don't know that Coach Richt hired the guy and set that up.

My BCS Bowl Predictions (as of today):
    National Title: Missouri vs. West Virginia
    Rose: USC vs. Ohio State
    Orange: VT vs. UGA (Unavoidable in this scenario. KU would already be picked)
    Fiesta: Kansas vs. Arizona State
    Sugar: LSU vs. Hawaii
*Remember the Big East doesn't have a tie to the Orange or any other BCS bowl. It's the only conference that floats from BCS bowl to bowl.

The San Jose Mercury News has the same predictions.



Anonymous said...

would it not be possible for oklahoma to win the big 12 and the fiesta to pick kansas?

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

The thing is, the Fiesta wouldn't want Arizona State because ASU is right there in Tempe and thus nobody (on the ASU side, at least) would get hotel rooms. Bowl selection often has a lot more to do with how much cash a host city stands to make than it does with team matchups or even ticket sales.

Trey said...

Boston Can (certainly) Suck it.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how having a Big 12 team play a Big 12 team is good for the Fiesta. Besides, if the Arlington Texas Bowl* is serious about wooing the BCS to play one of their bowls in their new locale, no amount of kissing the Big 12's rear will overcome whatever cash the Arlington Bowl is willing to spend to make it happen, especially if Jerry Jones takes an interest in bringing a BCS Bowl to Dallas.

* They'll probably still call this the Cotton Bowl but I sure as heck won't. The Cotton Bowl should be played at the Cotton Bowl, not some high falootin new Cowboys facility. What makes the Cotton Bowl great is that it's played in such a craphole that only people there specifically to watch the game could possibly enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Actually worst case scenario here is we get shafted for a Fla/Tenn/LSU vs VT game since we played em last year. All I know is I'll be cheerin for BC.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that many folks get a big kick out of all this speculation and what if. My opinion is that it is all a bunch of crap.

All I want to know is, as a Dawg fan, who in the hell should I be pulling for this weekend to insure that the Dawgs get the best bowl possible?

Should I be pulling for Tennessee to beat LSU? I already know that Oklahoma is going to beat Missouri. Pitt has no chance in hell of beating WVU.

I see the big game being Ohio State vs WVU but I don't care because the big game to me is just another game.

It is a long, long time until January 1st.

Anonymous said...

Um, LSU/UT won't be going to the Orange Bowl. The winner of that game will go to the Sugar, and the loser (who will have 3 losses and won't be ranked in the BCS top 10 even) will play in one of the earlier Jan. 1 bowls.

As for UF, well, I've stated my case- they were 3rd in the East, finished with 3 losses, got assaulted by Georgia, have one (1) quality win, etc., etc. They're a Citrus/Outback team if there ever was one, and if the Orange wants to just plain destroy its credibility by picking the Gators, then that's their problem. And no, "we'd get a sellout!" is not a valid excuse, as Georgia would give them a sellout anyway.

Also, why is a VT/UGA rematch NOT enticing? It was one of the better bowl games last year, VT would be looking for some revenge, the two teams paaaaaacked the Georgia Dome (didn't it set an attendance record?), and both teams are better this year. Why is that not cool?

Nathan said...

The entire state of Kansas will travel to the Fiesta bowl. Kansas fans are fanatical about their Jayhawks (this is the crowd that regularly drives 4-6 hours from western Kansas to see the basketball team play on weekday nights). There's a reason why KU hoops always gets invited to random events - they travel like crazy.

Hell, I went to the crappy Fort Worth Bowl with my Jayhawk wife two years ago and the place was crawling with crimson and blue for a bowl so bad that not even GT would go (/rimshot) - I have no doubt they'd travel in droves for the Fiesta.

JasonC said...

What most people don't know is the guy that Richt got to videotape the game was actually kidnapped before the incident happened and another guy from VT was actually the one doing the taping (while the original guy was bound & gagged at the Between the Hedges Motel on Atl. Hwy.). It was all a Hokie plot to get revenge in anticipation for a possible Orange Bowl match up.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, we'll know for better or worse Sunday night. UGA v. USC remains my hope, but it's just that: a hope, not an expectation.

And I am still laughing my ass off at the prospect of the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors playing the Chocolate Unicorn Elves in the Fruity Candy Ass Bowl.tbvzwrw

Anonymous said...

I would rather have a Boston College rematch to shut the bastards up about what happened 6 years ago.

I really have no desire to see us play USC.

It is 3,000 miles away for us and virtually a home game for them.

And to be perfectly, painfully honest I don't want to see a wonderful season end by seeing us get plastered in California.

We would have no chance against Southern California

Anonymous said...

No chance?

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

S.A.W.B. said...

Ooh, we're afraid to go with you, PWD, we might get in trouble...

Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I'm not gonna take this. Carroll, he's a dead man! Norton, dead! Sarkisian!!!...

Anonymous said...

It could turn out that we get the opportunity against USC but I will still stick to my guns.

We can beat Ohio State. We can beat West Virginia. Be can beat Missouri.

But there ain't no way we are beating USC. Not in Pasedena anyway. I hate the PAC-10 and the last thing I want to have happen is to become a feather in their cap in January.

Next year you can bring them or anybody else on. Anytime. Anyplace.

But this year we are damned fortunate to be where we are at this point in time.

Anonymous said...

We could easily play with and beat USC.


Anonymous said...

We could easily play with and beat USC.

Easily? You are looking at the world through red and black glasses my friend.

Here is what could happen. We could go to the Rose Bowl and play USC. They will KICK OUR ASS and all you will hear on TV is how that is proof positive that the PAC-10 is superior to the SEC.

Georgia, as much as I love them and am proud of them and live and die with them, is in no position right now to have to face USC.

Yes. USC choked on a couple of pounds of goober meat this year a couple of times.

But they are still the best team in the PAC-10 right now. Do you think Georgia could beat LSU now or Tennessee if given another chance?

I don't. Georgia is not the cream of the SEC crop.

USC is the cream of the PAC-10.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Wow, PWD, this is a big day for you. I had no idea Mark May was such a big fan of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I think - CMR can beat anyone with enough time to get ready. We match up pretty well with USC, imo. But even of we were to get beat it'd be great trip. The team will have an idea of what a trip out west is like before we go to play ASU. The exposure would be fantastic, and it wouldn't hurt recruiting any, either. Playing USC is the best of all scenarios - if we lose, it's expected, but if we win, we'll be the real big dawg. We can't just talk big; we need to play big if we get the chance.

Anonymous said...

yes, Georgia could HANDLE LSU, strictly b/c Les Miserables is their coach. Richt would once again embarrass him with less talent.

I meant to say we could easily play with USC, but did not mean to imply that we could easily beat them.

But i do think we could beat em. You watch far too much ESPN. Have you watched them play? Other than against a VASTLY overrated ASU team?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:38, you're everything that's wrong with college football. Teams afraid to play other teams because they might lose? Oh noes! Maybe you should put on your panties and lipstick and flirt with the TV announcers so they don't talk bad about your conference anymore. If you're that afraid of what people think, just turn off the Satellite and set your Playstation NCAA Football to easy. Then you'll never have to worry about losing a game again.

Frickin' Stanford beat USC at home this year. That doesn't mean USC is a bad team but it does mean they can be beaten by just about anyone. USC is a great team with a pedestrian QB. As good as Georgia is on the road, they could win that game. They could also easily lose it. We don't exactly know which will happen unless we get them on a field together.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and there's also the possibility that a solid win against USC and a mediocre BCS Title Game would garner a #1 AP ranking for UGA. That alone is worth the risk.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, both ESPN bowl prognosticators now have UGA in the Rose. They updated it today.

Seeing how DisneyGloboCorp. will be covering the Rose, I wonder if that means something. As in, "if you give us Illinois/USC, bad things will happen to you, hint hint."

Anonymous said...

"is in no position right now to have to face USC."

WTF does that even mean?

What better position could we be in? We are at the end of a growth / building season we needed to set ourselves up for 2 consecutive National Title runs. Why wouldnt we want to play the "best" right now?

imo, we are in the BEST position of the Richt era to have to face a USC team.

JasonC said...

Doug +1

I wish there were less "anon" people, so we could accurately direct comments.

1. Saying we have "no chance" against USC and they would definitely beat us is stupid, especially this season. However, I am not crazy about a playing USC in a home game for them. Both of us are 2 of the hottest teams in the country, but I would give the edge to USC, but that doesn't mean I don't think we could beat them, we could.
2. I think we could beat both LSU and Tenn right now. LSU is a good team, but far from the dominant team we thought they were earlier. Unfortunately, we didn't show up at all for our earlier match up with the Vols, but I think it would be quite different now.
3. Whoever we play is going to be a decent team and I think a win over VT/BC in Miami helps us as much as a trip to the Rose Bowl (unless we beat USC). We have a better chance of gaining ground in South Florida recruiting-wise with a good showing there.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen when and if we go to the Rose Bowl and the ass kicking Southern Cal puts on us makes the Tennessee ass kicking look tame by comparison I will see you all back here on this thread.

"3. Whoever we play is going to be a decent team and I think a win over VT/BC in Miami helps us as much as a trip to the Rose Bowl (unless we beat USC). We have a better chance of gaining ground in South Florida recruiting-wise with a good showing there."

Amen JasonC. Plus we can and should beat either VT or BC. Southern Cal is a different story. This Dawg team is too young to play that caliber of a football team in that venue. The distractions will be too great.

And it is not that I think we should be afraid to play anybody. A good ass kicking never means the end of the world.

But a three to four touchdown loss at the end of this season could shake the foundations of what has taken all year to build. It is certainly no way to set yourself up for back to back National Championships.

"Saying we have "no chance" against USC and they would definitely beat us is stupid"

Point taken. I should have said "no realistic chance against USC" and they will "in all probability" beat us.

Southern Cal is better than any other team we have played this year. We just are not ready for this kind of prime time.........yet.

Anonymous said...

I think Florida would beat USC by 3 TD's, FWIW.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if USC beats the crap out of us. I want to play the best, and the best team available to us right now is USC. That said, I think we would match up well with USC. Their offense is still relatively young and hasn't set the world on fire this year. Their defense is the best in the PAC 10, but we've seen comparable talent this year. They've played 2 really good teams this year (ASU and Oregon) and went 1-1. I just don't see that they're that much better than we are.

Anonymous said...

USC would be the biggest competition we will have faced all year. But since the bowl system is an absolute joke anyways, why not go out with a bang and see where we stand. I would never wnat to schedule that kind of team for an out-of-conference game during the regular season (any team who does that is just ridiculous), but now that the season is over (short of some kind of miracle that WVU somehow loses), let's play USC and enjoy the trip out there. I've been to the Rose Bowl several times and it is a fantastic trip. Will be even better when the SEC invades that city and leaves our calling card to the always overrated Pac 10.

Joel said...

Anon (who thikns will will get crushed by USC),

Why do you think so?

Young? these kids all have at least 1 season behind them - they aren't young any more.

"Road" game - we usually fare pretty well in those

Distractions? If you cant stay focused on the Rose Bowl, then you really don't have nay mental fortitude.

Anonymous said...

The place seats around 100k.
About 30k would be UGA fans. The best of the best. Most hard core.

Are you seriously trying to tell me that 70k Southern Cal fans are louder than 80k Cajuns, Tide Fans or Aubies? Or louder than 90k Vols?

Get serious. I could care less about WHERE we're playing them. The fact that it would be a virtual home game for them plays no bearing into it whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and explain to me how they are THAT much better than us?

Oh, that's right, because they are USC and ESPN says so.


Anonymous said...

Need I remind anyone what 90% of the prognosticators and fanblogs said when we played WVU in the Sugar Bowl a couple of years ago?
No one thought WVU could hang with SEC speed and defense.

In '85 nobody thought we should be on the field with a highly ranked Florida team that thrashed us 27-0 the year before. Worley and Henderson ran wild with good ole fashioned power football.

We can play USC, we can hang with USC, WE CAN BEAT USC!

We're Georgia dammit, somebody get me a bourbon and a helmet, I'm ready!

Anonymous said...

In a perfect world WVU would lose to Pitt and Mizzou would lose to Oklahoma and we would somehow get paired up with Ohio State and we would win the National Championship.

But the Rose Bowl against USC?

We will freeze like a deer in headlights fellers.

I well remember what 90K vols did to us. 70K Trojans can do the same because they have a football team to go along with the fans. Alabama and Auburn have the fans, just not the football team.

Deer in headlights fellers. Remember you heard it here first.

Joel said...


You keep saying we won't be able to handle it, yet you have said nothing to prove that point.

Is our loss in Neyland the only thing you are basing this off of?

Anonymous said...

anon above me,
you are one of the worst georgia fans i've seen post here.
grow some balls and have some confidence in our team.

my rose prediction:
georgia - 30
usc - 24

Scott said...

All I know is that I don't want to play VT again. I would love to see us go to the Rose Bowl and play Southern Cal. I think it would be a more fun matchup!

Anonymous said...

PWD says WVU will lose to Pitt when pigs fly out of his rectum. Do you think a Pitt fan who shares that sentiment is a traitor or a realist?

We lost to a below average South Carolina team. The Vols mopped the field with us in Knoxville. We never even got off of the bus. We slipped by a very average Alabama team and Vanderbilt scared us to death.

At this point I cannot "prove" we will lose any more than anybody else can "prove" we will win.

This year was not to be our year and yet we find ourselves sitting in the #4 slot. That is wonderful. I am as happy as I can be.

I would just much rather see us end the year with a win and carry that momentum into next year than I want to see us play Southern Cal and get pasted in Pasedena and have to carry that sour taste into next year.

We can start our PAC-10 dominance next year in Arizona.

I understand that there is an argument that a good memorable ass kicking can serve as motivation for next year too.

I would just rather spend the off season boasting about what we might have done to Southern Cal than having to live through the winter, spring and summer knowing what Southern Cal actually did to us.

Anonymous said...

So basically you are saying you are a coward.

yeah, we knew that from your original post.

JasonC said...


I understand a little of what you are saying. I think USC is probably a better team than us right now and they would PROBABLY beat us; I do not think that is a foregone conclusion.
They looked dominating against ASU- the defense was making plays and bringing the wood, plus wrapping up (something UGA has not done at times).

You cite the losses to So. Carolina & Tenn and the narrow victories over not-so-good Bama and Vandy teams.
Yes, we blew it against SC and Tenn. We played poorly against SC and didn't really play at all against Tenn. But that was early in the season. The difference in this Georgia team and the one that let Blake Mitchell lead his team to victory is quite different. UGA has gotten better- much better as the season has gone by. I have no doubt that we would rip SC a new A-hole so big that Spurrier would now be know as Silent-but-Deadly Steve.
I think we would probably beat Tenn if we played them this weekend. Heck, if Vandy, Kentucky & SC could take the Vols to the wire, we should be able to do the same if not outright beat them.

Bama has collapsed. I really think they were a better team when we played them than they were at the end of the year. I can't say that for certain, but I think their record offers some evidence. And in that game, we let Bama come back. If we had played harder for the whole game, it wouldn't have come close to OT.
I think we were still licking our wounds a bit against Vandy. Yes, we got a break with the fumble, but if you look at that play (maybe the fulcrum of the season), 2-3 defenders made great plays to get us the ball back and then the offense and Coutu did what they needed to do to win the game.

The Bulldogs are a better team than they were back in Oct. Do they still make stupid mistakes and look average at times? Yes. As great as we looked against Florida & Auburn, we weren't so good against Kentucky & Tech. For all the gains the OL has made this year, they still get stoned at times, but they are much better than they were back in Sept-Oct. But this is a crazy season and a team that is playing like LSU did back when things were clicking for them.

Remember, USC had their hands full with a Washington team that is about to be 4-9. They lost to Stanford (& a backup QB) who is 3-8. And a 5-6 Arizona team lost by 7 to the Trojans.

Furthermore, I think the difference between WV & Pitt is far greater than USC & UGA.

I want to finish the season on a high note, too. So if that means we beat BC or VT, great. If we beat USC, fantastic.
And honestly, as crazy as it sounds, we do have a shot at the MNC this year, something a better UGA team next year might not have.

This team is 10-2 and reeled off 6 big wins and they deserve our support and thanks.

The prosecution rests, your honor.

Anonymous said...

Whether I am a coward or not makes no difference. It ain't me that is putting on the pads. And I am absolutely sure that whoever the Dawgs play they will suit up and give 'em hell.

They have my complete support and all the thanks I am capable of giving. It has been a magical and wonderful season already. No matter how it ends.

I am beginning to hope we do play USC and that I am wrong. It would be the sweetest wrong I have ever been.

The court rules in favor of jasonc.

Anonymous said...

"I am beginning to hope we do play USC "

I knew you'd come around!!!


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