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November 24, 2007

It's Orange or Rose at this point....

I love beating Tech. It kills them to have tens of thousands of Georgia fans talking shit walking out of their stadium. It never gets old. Come to think of it....I've actually never seen us lose there.

I watched...

    The Thanksgiving Miracle in '95
    The Hope Snatching Comeback '97
    Verron Runs Silly '01
    The Win '03 (I can't remember anything funny about this one)
    Shockley's Will to Win '05
    The Changasm '07
I heart beating Tech.

I think we go Orange Bowl unless:
1. Oklahoma wins the Big 12
2. Oklahoma wins the Big 12 and Pitt beats WVU

I love college football.
I love Georgia.
I love winning.



Anonymous said...

I thought I would help with a good memory for 2003...

Reggie running into his own lineman and knocking himself out of the game with a concussion.

A few observations I had while on North Avenue today:

1. The Hive talks about how classless it is to play Soulja Boy, but they had a highlight film set to it, complete with lyrics. Pot meet kettle.

2. 10 year old girls yelling "UGA sucks." Nice.

3. Tech fans that talk about how much better they are than UGA fans. I had the wonderful gentleman behind me yelling "Georgia ain't got s*** on Tech today"

4. The Tech fans cheering that Kentucky lost. A few Jackets sitting around me went on and on for the whole game with "Rocky Top" and "Go Vols." Guess they have to live vicariously through the Vols and get their kicks somehow or another.

Tech fans talk about how trashy it is to buy UGA merchandise at WalMart, which if that is what you want to do then by all means do. But I saw quite a few WalMart Tech hats out tonight.

And heck, during pregame warm ups, each time Tech hit the field, I heard cheers from their own fans. Good. But when UGA hit the field, the boo birds were out in force from the folks in yellow/gold/navy. Didn't hear too much pre game booing from the folks in red.

Just some thoughts and observances I had that I found funny about Tech.

Anonymous said...

Can't beat almost watching a fight break out on Marta! Just one of the joys of playing in Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

Changasm! Bwaaaaaahhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it always feels nice beating Tech. Especially when it is decisive like tonights. Go Dawgs and hello Sugar Bowl.

C. Paul said...

A wonderfully, marvelous game yesterday. I loved seeing MoMass become a real weapon on offense. He's shaping up to have a huge 2008.

This was as satisfying a season as I can remember as a UGA Fan (since 1987). I'm really not that upset about the SEC East because, whether we want to admit it or not, we got beat handily by the team going.

In a season where an opposing coach called us out for having a losing streak inside the Eastern Division (he of the 6-6 record), going 10-2 with all these FR & SO, only bodes well for 08 and beyond.

Go Dawgs!!

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I read this morning that the Gamecocks' current five-game losing streak is the longest Spurrier has ever had in his college coaching career. And remember, this is a guy who used to coach at Duke.

SEC title or no, this is a great day to be a Georgia Bulldog.

Anonymous said...

What is so scary about this that we are going to be so much better next year. I love T. Brown and what he has done for the Dawgs and the same thing can be said about Lump. But I have a feeling the C. King is better then KnowShon. We really will not lose anyone that has not already been replaced with someone better. Boykin and Cuff will make a huge difference and the linebackers will be some of the best in the SEC if not the country. Stafford will have another off-season to work on throwing more accurately and get ready Bulldog nation for A.J. Green. He will probably go down as the best WR in UGA history. For this team to go 10-2 and getting a BCS birth after losing the way we did to UT is simply a view in to the future. It is great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

Did anyone else notice on TV that sign that said "if you fire chan please hire Reggie". How does that happen? You would NEVER see that at Sanford. How does the Tech fan base not rip that down? Pussies....


Smitty said...

Yes I had to hear how we are all "unemployed rednecks". And most of our fans didn't go to UGA. Typical crap. But its funny that Tech advertises in the AJC for fans (and hurricane victims at a discounted price). Love beating them in their place.

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing another bottle being thrown onto the field there towards the end of the game

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:10,

I saw some sign about Matt Stafford hanging from the upper deck of the east stands. I'm not sure if it was pro or anti Stafford.

Anonymous said...

I want the ROSE BOWL. Forget the Orange. We would play VT/BC in the orange, that sucks. What a scene it would be in Pasadena against USC in our BLACK jerseys!!!!

Anonymous said...

smitty: They're big on that "unemployment/bad job" thing, huh? Last year my wife and I were in the Tech section at Sanford. On his way out, some kid told me to enjoy my "menial job". My wife was told to "enjoy delivering pizzas". I offered to compare paychecks with him or his daddy, but he wasn't interested.

I guess that's the inferiority complex coming out. Gotta lash out with something.

Smitty said...

Exactly man. Last year some tech girl tried to tell me how poorly paid I was. I told her I was self employed and would like to compare incomes with her. She told me she was just a student and didn't make any money "yet" but was going to make "a lot someday". I like to tell them if they are so wealthy why don't they travel to these far away bowl games! haha.

Scott said...

The first time I saw Georgia wreck Tech was in 1978 when Buck Belue hit Amp Arnold in the corner of the end zone. I was a freshman member of the Redcoat Band and that was crazy fun! Beating Tech *never* gets old!!!

Rich said...

My goodness, next year will be fun, but does anyone realize how tough a stretch run we have?

Oct. 25 at LSU
Nov. 1 Florida at Jax
Nov. 8 at Kentucky
Nov. 15 at Auburn

Not to mention a trip to Tempe.

Won't be any question we've earned it, that's for sure.

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