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November 15, 2007

Notes from around the SEC

Geno Atkins (Image: Hipple)

The AJC has a variety of UGA notes include the 10:45 am start time for the Dawg Walk, Richt requesting a RedOut for UK and news that Moreno jerseys are finally on the way. I'll have the #24 jerseys in the online store as soon as they are available. Ching also has some Richt post-practice comments online.

Auburn is all over the news today. Yesterday, a columnist for the Birmingham News stated that Tommy Tuberville shouldn't fear Nick Saban as much as Matt Stafford. It's the sort of home state paper gets all condescending on its own people article that people like me love to read.

At the same time, Finebaum says that Auburn must now wait for Tuberville's next career move. The article obliterates Tuberville for his team's performance between the hedges while getting his normal shots in at Jimmy Sexton...a man Finebaum loathes.

One factor in Tuberville's decision could be the recently announced 2008 Auburn schedule. The tigers start off with a directional Louisiana school before board a plane bound for Morgantown, West Virginia where Pat White and Noel Devine will be waiting. That came should be uber entertaining. Next year the Tigers have a four game stretch of @WVU, @MSU, LSU and UT. The good news for Auburn...after Sept. 13th, they only leave the state of Alabama twice.

At LSU, they are trying to focus on their national title run, but they can't escape the rumors of Les Miles to Michigan.

In Columbia, the Gamecock fans are getting restless with Spurrier as their losing streak now stands at four games.

As for our game with the Wildcats, Senator Blutarsky has some interesting stats up. While Kyle King discusses the passing game and running games.



C. Paul said...

Great stuff - thanks.

The UK game scares me more than any other home game this year. IMHO, they are the worst offensive match up to a CWM led defense.

Big, mobile QB (especially in the pocket), quick RB's and WR's and a sure handed pseudo TE (S. Johnson) who can consistently beat our LB's.

I don't think we'll lose as our offense will control the possessions and force UK to press when they do get the ball; but I just think we're due for a down week (and I don't think Troy is applicable) and UK score enough to win.

Go Dawgs!!

UGA 38
UK 28

JasonC said...

RE: Spurrier article
I am glad the Cocks are sucking right now after Mr. Arrogant made that comment about their win over us not being that big of a deal because of our record against SEC East teams. Granted, he was right at the time, but I hope that we beat his butt soundly next year (and that goes for the Vols also).

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Yup, since making that little comment, Spurrier is 2-5 in the SEC.

To paraphrase the Muhammad Ali quote, it ain't braggin' if it's true -- but it's a lot easier to back it up with Danny Wuerffel than Blake Mitchell.

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