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November 29, 2007

Tuberville to Arkansas? (per Arkansas TV)

Arkansas TV is reporting that Tommy Tuberville has accepted the head coaching job at Arkansas; however, no deal has been signed. The TV broadcast is available on

Jay Jacobs says he has not been contacted. Does Jacobs mean that he wasn't asked for permission to speak with Tuberville? If so, that's pretty bush league. The whole thing sounds sketch, but we should know quickly now that the cat is out of the proverbial bag.

That zipping noise you're hearing could be the sound of the Walton boys showing Mr. Lowder whose is bigger.

Update: Just to expand on this. It's not that I think this will happen as much as I want it to happen.



Anonymous said...

It does sound pretty low if that is in fact what has happened. Not as low as sneaking off to Louisville in the middle of the night but low nonetheless.

I can't say I would mind. Having some coaching upheaval and all around chaos at AU might soften our otherwise brutal schedule next year.

AF Dawg said...

If Tuberville leaves I've heard that Muschamp has the inside track for the job. Then Muschamp will come after Coach Gardner and Coach Bobo.....

JasonC said...

What about Al Borges or Petrino?

I don't think Bobo would leave. Even if he became the OC at Auburn, that would be a step down because he already has that job at his alma mater.

Gardner would be a big loss.

Yay for speculation!

ctrosecrans said...

again... consider the source

and, remember where rbg came from... would be amazing for one guy to have coached half the teams in a division.

Anonymous said...

no credible source has even reported that they were talking. so...seems doubtful.

Anonymous said...

I think I would miss getting to see the ears on a yearly basis. Those things are mesmerizing.

Anonymous said...

Bobo or Gardner would not leave UGA to coach at Auburn especially under Muschamp. He's a rookie coach and they have nothing to gain by leaving an established well coached football team to take on the same jobs at AU.

Bobo loves being at UGA and Gardner has had bigger offers before and turned them down. If anything he should be insulted that he's not offered the Head Coaching job at AU over Muschamp.

Anonymous said...

Not to be picky, but could we please call our coach by his real name: Coach Garner. Not "Gardner". He's done a lot for our program and deserves that. C'mon Dawgs, he's been there 10 years. I just think the Georgia Sports Bloggers are better than that.

Boomer Sooner

Anonymous said...

Just heard from a friend of mine who's boss is good friends with Auburn's AD. Tubs is gone.
He also said that Miles is officially going to Michigan, and LSU is making a deal with Jack Del Rio who will bring in Coach O' as is assistant.

Tubs info is pretty acurate, not sure to the accuracy of the Del Rio rumors

JasonC said...

C Paul, my mistake. I should have spelled it correctly, but I was following the post above me. Still, no excuse.

Anonymous said...

my bad jasonc-

My mistake for the spelling. I didn't mean to lead you astray.

And to "not to be picky" -

You are right, Coach Garner deserves his name spelled correctly, but if you read my post you'll see I think he probably deserves a little bit more then to be an assistant for Maschamp - oops, I mean Muschamp.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Auburn will hire Ed Orgeron?

Anonymous said...

hes not leaving. im surprised yall even bought into local news in ARKANSAS. arkansas people. you think they have legitimate reporting there?

JasonC said...

ESPN says Bo Pelini to Nebraska.

(Now we can start Muschamp to LSU talk.)

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