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November 25, 2007

UGA vs. GT post-game thoughts....

Broken hearted nerds (image:

Yes. We got some breaks. Lots and lots of breaks. But, it's like the old saying goes, "There's no such thing as luck. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

GT dropped several chances at INTs, and they dropped a wide open bomb to start the game. They essentially came out, saw our team's red helmets and promptly wet themselves. It's a sight that Georgia fans should be familiar's the same thing we did in Jacksonville many a time. The weight of a huge streak facilitates choking, alligator arms, fumbled snaps and blown coverages.

Tech wasn't the only team with missed opportunities. Georgia dropped several INTs and committed some bone headed penalties as well. The difference in the game was Georgia's ability to make game breaking plays on offense and hold Tech in check defensively.

This week, you'll have to listen to Tech fans bitch about officiating. What else is new? Has Tech ever lost a game without bad officiating? Not if you listen to the rhetoric coming from The Flats. The only truly bad call that I saw was the pass interference penalty near the end of the half, but so what? We won by two touchdowns not one. That call didn't change the outcome of the game. All the calls related to the touchbacks were good calls. We simply got the bounces there.

Tech lost because they couldn't handle the moment.
Tech lost because Gailey hasn't recruited or developed a QB in six seasons.
Tech lost because Tenuta is grossly overrated and takes too many chances.
Tech lost because their WRs have hands of stone.
Tech lost because UGA has more talent, depth and better coaching across the board.

They did not lose because of officiating or luck.

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Anonymous said...

PWD, I disagree that the interference call on MoMass's attempted catch at the goal line was a bad call.

I was in row 5 on the 10 in that corner, and it looked to me (confirmed in my mind by the scoreboard replay) that the ball was slightly underthrown; when MoMass tried to pull up to go get it, Burnett just ran through him. Burnett NEVER looked for the ball or tried to make a play on the ball. If Burnett had been going for the ball, then it would be different, because he has as much right to the ball as the WR, but he didnt. He was beat, he was trying to catch up, and he just ran into MoMass, WHO WAS MAKING A PLAY ON THE BALL.

To me, the game was closer than the score due to the weird touchback plays (all of which were correctly called, but still weird). We could have easily given up 2 or 3 more TDs, but you know what they say: winners tell jokes and losers say deal.

Play the ball, not the man. Matt Winklejohn's tone in the AJC this moring struck me as hilarious. I dont know how anyone can say the AJC is full of UGA homes after reading today's work by THAT guy. I thought maybe Radokovich wrote that one for him.

Seven in a row, baby....or is it seventeen in a row (if you eliminate the tainted/cheating/NCAA probation resulting years of 98-00? Either way, it never gets old.

Anonymous said...

We did not get any undue breaks. We will never get enough breaks in this series to make up for the travesty of 1999.

JasonC said...

Watching on TV, it seemed like we came out pretty flat and Tech was ready to play- well, except for that early drop. The line & running game took a while to get on track, but I am going assume that Tech's blitzing/dogging caused some problems up front, until Brown could bust some runs. And special teams was horrible with the exception of Mimbs. Things could have been much worse, but thankfully we did get some breaks on the touchbacks, fumble, etc.

Thankfully, we made enough plays in the second half and the defense did what they needed to do- keep Choice in check enough to make Bennett & their other QBs try to beat us.

I don't know what it looked like in the stands, but from the blimp shots on TV, it was pretty red. It looked more like a neutral site or even a UGA home game than a game on North Ave.

PWD, assuming we go to the Orange Bowl, would it be the winner of the ACCCG? 3 teams I don't want to play after watching game this week: USC, WV, Hawaii.
I think we could handle USC's offense with proper preparation, but that defense is tough.
I don't know if we could handle Pat White & Co.
While I think we could be Hawaii and they played a bunch of cream puffs, I don't want to see our guys chasing their WRs around the field for 4 hours.

Unknown said...

On the pass int call...I thought it was interference on GT live in the stadium and on TV at first watch.

It wasn't until watching the replay today that I thought it could've been a no call. Regardless, you're not getting that call properly without getting your head around.

Unknown said...

Re: Match-ups....

Orange - we get the ACC Champ. That means VT vs. BC winner.

Rose - we'd get the Pac-10 Champ. That likely means USC, but it could mean ASU.

Fiesta - I just can't imagine us going here. But we could get OU, Mizzou, Kansas, ASU or USC.

National Title - Ohio State is the only scenario possible.

There shouldn't be any scenarios involving WVU or Hawaii.

Anonymous said...


From my vantage point, the stadium seemed about 35-40% UGA fans.

My only gripe w/ the officiating was that Stafford took 4 late cheap shots before they finally called a P.F. on Tech. It also seemed like there were a couple 'make up calls' going both ways.

We wore them out by the end. I was really surprised when I saw how even the T.O.P. was. Oh and by the way, how many people took snaps for Tech? I fully expected the 790 guy to jump under center after awhile.

JasonC said...

I think Tech had 5 guys take snaps: 3 QBs, 2 RBs.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to post a quick comment on how great it was to see T. Brown finish off his career with a huge game over the nerds. I was on here last week talking about Moreno getting all the carries, with T. Brown only getting work to get Moreno a breather. I'm glad the coaches are smarter than I am. T. Brown was a man possesed out there.

Also, why did you guys think Moreno threw his helmet down right before T. Brown's td run on the sweep? My buddies and I think its either because he was frustrated with how the game was going for him or he didn't like coming out of the game. Thoughts?

Go Dawgs

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