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December 15, 2007

Delighting in the misery of others: Vol Edition

The AP is reporting that Cutcliffe will be named head coach at Duke today. The Knoxville News says the press conference is at 5:00 pm today, and Cutcliffe will remain Offensive Coordinator for the Vols through the Outback Bowl.

Joel at RockyTopTalk says, "Cutcliffe will likely take [Vol] running backs coach Kurt Roper and tight ends coach/recruiting coordinator Matt Luke with him over the mountain." This matches the rumors I've previously seen on all the Vol message boards. So it's gotta be true right? (insert rolling eyes making fun of myself)

Actually, it makes a ton of sense. Luke played and coached for Cutcliffe at Ole Miss. Roper also coached with Cutcliffe at Ole Miss, and then he came to the Vols with him in 2006. Roper's wife is also from High Point, NC so the move would probably be great for her family.

From a personnel standpoint, Jerod Mayo, Arian Foster, Anthony Parker, and Britton Colquitt have all submitted their paperwork to the NFL for evaluating their potential draft status. Per
Mayo, a first-team Coaches All-SEC pick, was the 2007 Vols leading tackler with 127 stops. Foster was the team’s leading rusher with 1,162 yards. Parker was a second-team Associated Press All-American and Colquitt was a second-team All-SEC selection.
None of those guys sound especially eager to jump to the league. So that sucks.

As for Dawgs exploring their options, Brannan Southerland, Dannell Ellerbe and Jeff Owens all submitted their paperwork to the NFL for evaluating their draft status. Southerland says there's no way he's leaving. He was just curious. I can't realistically see the other two being graded high enough to make the jump worth their time. Stranger things have certainly happened. Update: Owens and Ellerbe say they're staying.

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Anonymous said...

Two words: Terreal. Bierra.

Anonymous said...

Schadenfreude: It's what's for Christmas.

The only thing better than Cutcliffe leaving UT would be if they replaced him with Chan Gailey....unless they signed another Clausen brother to play QB, too.

JasonC said...

I heard that that group of scientists that just cloned glow in the dark cats is working on cloning 5-6 more Colquitt boys to handle punting/kicking duties at Tenn for the next 20+ years.

Anonymous said...

Of the three mentioned, Southerland is probably as ready as anyone, but I am glad he is just curious. I also wouldn't completely discount either Ellerbe or Owens, and in particular, Owens. But, I think both help themselves if they stay another year and buy some injury insurance. I know we could sure use them.

Anonymous said...

The word is Schadenfreude.

Anonymous said...

According to, Jeff Owens is staying for his senior year.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Owens isn't going anywhere. I've personally heard him say that his mom would kill him if he left without getting his degree.

dean said...

To more words: Chris Clemons.
Kids these days are a lot quicker to "pull the trigger" on jumping to the NFL than they were in the past. It used to be if they weren't 1st or 2nd round they wouldn't even consider leaving. But now if they're 3rd pr 4th round they're gone. Maybe the money is better now for 3rd or 4th round picks than it was, I don't know. Though I do understand taking the money it just frustrates me as a fan to see a guy leave when another year would have, likely, helped increase his draft status (Danny Ware anyone)and certainly helped the team.

Unknown said...

> The word is Schadenfreude

Dude - have you ever read this blog before? We live that word every day.

See for multiple references

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the great thing is the translation ...

Shadow - or dark - joy. I love it!

Of course, ut (lower case disrespect fully intended) has lived it all year watching us. Bastards.

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