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December 21, 2007

Felton Achieves Historic Milestone


Dennis Felton today became the first coach in UGA history to lose two games in the same day (using Eastern Standard Time)*. The Dawgs -- currently playing in Hawaii -- lost to East Tennessee State around 2:00 am eastern time, and then followed that up with a humiliating loss to Tulane around 8 pm tonight. Two RPI Killers in 20 hours.

The Hoop Dawgs go for the Hawaii Hat Trick(TM) tomorrow vs. Hawaii. Given the nature of officiating on the island for Warrior home games and the state's eagerness to beat the Bulldogs in SOMETHING, it doesn't look promising.

In Felton's defense, Tulane did beat Auburn by 15 points earlier in the season. Of course they also lost to Buffalo and New Orleans as well....neither of which is known for their basketball prowess.

The team is now 6-3 on the season with non-conference games remaining against Hawaii, Gonzaga (in Seattle), Presbyterian and Georgia Tech. At this point, we'll need 10-6 in the SEC to make the NCAA tourney. The SEC is down this year, but is it really that down?

The AJC's take is relatively optimistic.


*I can't confirm this fact. Well...I can confirm that he lost twice. Not that he's the first to do it. I just can't envision to many scenarios where it's possible to do what he did today.


Anonymous said...

I believe the Gonzaga game is actually on campus in Spokane, which only makes matters worse.

Unknown said...

Is the CFB season really over in a 1.5 weeks???

Anonymous said...

I like how Tulane is described as not being known for basketball prowess when they beat UGA--another team with no basketball history. Actually, Tulane has probably been the top 15 as often, if not more often, than UGA in the past 15-20 years.

Unknown said...

Perry - what's your point?

We're in the SEC.
Our coach is in Year 5 of his tenure.
We have a bigger budget, better facilities, and more recent NCAA success.

Tulane is in CUSA.
Their coach is in Year 3.
And they barely fund athletics.

What's your point?

Anonymous said...

He was talking about Buffalo and New Orleans genius. Not your beloved Tulane. Read slower next time.

Anonymous said...

More recent success? Are you talking about the glorious Harrick years? Or are you going back to the early 1980s?

Anonymous, read between the lines, douche. He's downgrading Tulane by saying they lost to two teams not known for hoops prowess. In other words, he's saying Tulane isn't very good. Maybe it's you who should read slower.

Anonymous said...

Perry, he's not saying Tulane isn't very good. He's saying you suck and we shouldn't be losing to crap teams who play in crap conferences. Understand now? Go back to the tool shed.

Anonymous said...

My point is that there is really no reason for a UGA hoops fan to get all uppity about their hoops program. Over the past 15-20 years, there is not a whole lot of difference between what UGA and Tulane have done on the court.

Now if we were talking football you'd have EVERY reason to have that kind of attitude.

Unknown said...

Perry - I'm not uppity.

Tulane simply sucks.

And they lost to Buffalo and New Orleans. Teams that historically suck far greater than Tulane or UGA...or hell...Furman.


Anonymous said...

No, I think he's saying we (as in Georgia) aren't very good. Tulane is irrelevant when we're getting blown out by East Tennessee State. We are a sinking ship with an asteroid heading towards us. I've heard every excuse possible from Felton. The bottom line is we are not improving. We are in for a long year. And yes I'm talking 8-20.

Anonymous said...

So, what "recent success" were you talking about anyway? It was those glorious Harrick years, wasn't it? Don't think I'd be touting those years if I were a UGA fan. If that's not the recent success you brought up, what was it?

Unknown said...

Perry - Tulane's tradition is a warm bucket of Piss.

UGA has a Final Four, SEC Tourney, SEC Championship, 2 Sweet 16s, two #3 seeds and an SEC East Co-Championship within the past 25 years.

Tulane has...wel....a point shaving scandal. So go tell John Williams that I put $100 on the under.

Anonymous said...

You had to go back to the 80s to come up with the point shaving scandal at Tulane. You also had to go back to the early 80s to find most of UGA's biggest moments on the court.

That brings me back to my original point that UGA and Tulane aren't that different on the hoops court over the past 15-20 years. That is not to say Tulane is steeped in tradition. It's just that there is no reason for UGA basketball fans to act as though they are.

Go tell Jim Harrick to keep his eyes peeled for that sneaky Jeremy Schaap.

blackertai said...

Wow you're thick. He's also talking about the programs in totality. Georgia is a nationally known program. When people hear "Georgia," they first think of our football team, and then they think "well, they should be able to be at least reasonably decent in basketball." When people hear "Tulane," they don't really think football. They don't really think "sports." They think...aren't they that school in New Orleans? I'm sure that's a great feeling, and you need to go around pissing in other people's coffee to feel better about yourself. But piss in someone elses. We're too busy worrying about another national title in gymnastics, tennis, baseball, or, hell...women's basketball to listen to smarmy git's from Tulane argue about the relative strength of basketball programs over the past 15-20 years.

Anonymous said...

Anyway this is my first trip to this site. Looks like a solid job is being done here. I just objected to the tone of part of this article. That's all. But this is a UGA site so it's understandable.

Good luck the rest of the way.

Anonymous said...

Just looking at the box scores ... was Singleton hurt? He didn't play, but I can't find any info in the recaps. Also, he only played three minutes in the game against ETSU.

On the plus side, it opened up more time for Price. He put up some pretty good stats.

Either this team comes together on the long, LONG plane ride home, or they can kiss this season goodbye. But I fear now more than ever that Felton is failing to get through to his guys.

On a somewhat unrelated note, can we please just beat Tech? Having just spent a night with some smug Techie friends, I can honestly say that beating them would absolutely make the season for me even if we miss the tourney.

Anonymous said...

PWD - Felton syrup here. Are people finally waking up to the fact that we are going absolutely nowhere with Felton? I certainly hope so - b/c for 3 years all I've heard is how the guy needs "time" to clean up the Harrick "mess". Well, he's had time and we are going backwards.

I'm going ugly early on this one as it needs to be said - time to think about UGA basketball post-Dennis Felton. If that startles or offends any pumpers or syrupmakers on here then tough shit. Wake the F up people. My Westover teams in the late 80's under Willie Boston (rip) could challenge this Felton squad.

Anonymous said...

who gives a shit about basketball? we suck and we have a terrible coach. our big men are pathetic.
last year was
felton's year and he blew it.
fire his ass.

Sundiata is a great player...that is it.

Smitty said...

We have a basketball team?

Anonymous said...

"Sundiata is a great player...that is it."

No, he's not. He's good, but can't shoot.

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