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December 30, 2007

More Video & Team Mindset

Dave Gladow's Saturday practice video makes me feel better about the Sugar Bowl. At the very end, reporters ask Coach Richt about the team's prep and if the Dawgs are taking Hawai'i more seriously their opponent last time we went to the Sugar Bowl. Richt says the team learned from the West Virginia game and has had a "different edge" in their bowl preparations. An edge that was evidently missing from our last Sugar Bowl trip. That puts me at ease a bit. If we play a good game and they beat us, so be it. But, a sloppy, ill-coached performance will leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth after an immensely fun season.

Other fun bowl stuff: Tebow tells Brennan to watch out for the Dawg pass rush and Geno Atkins is into Colt Brennan. Geno will hopefully try to further his relationship with Colt by hugging him hard and repeatedly during the Sugar Bowl.

The Athens Banner-Herald put together this fantastic photo montage (that looks like a flipbook) of some of the season's important moments:



JasonC said...

The flipbook was great. Definitely check that out if you haven't already.

I am glad Atkins was acting like a goofball instead of mouthing off like Gilberry (ALA) and giving Hawaii wall material.

Anonymous said...

Flipbook was awesome, thanks for sharing it Paul!

Anonymous said...
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SlawDawg said...

boom goes the dynomite!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hey anonymous 12:52, your post doesn't even deserve a reply, but since I'm in a good mood I'll take a stab at it. First, you do realize that we had our backup QB's playing???? Secondly, we have plenty to prove. If the BCS has shown us anything this year it's that teams must win and win BIG to get votes. We were making a statement to the BCS and the nation that Georgia football is the real deal and will be a contender next season. This is college football not Pop Warner. Finally, you have absolutely no grounds or right to question CMR's character. Neither you nor I know him personally, so your comments are what is Ludicrous (not ludacris like the singer)!

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