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December 20, 2007

Munson Mixes Now Available for Download

By popular demand, I finally uploaded all of my mixes. At least I think that's all of them. As my Christmas present to my readers, I'm putting this download / listening site up.

My Munson Mixes include:What's a Munson Mix you ask? one of those links and listen. Basically,I took old Munson highlights and dubbed them over old songs. Some are better than others. I haven't done a new one since 2004; although, that could be changing pretty quickly. ;-)

Enjoy because I may have to take the site down soon.

Oh...and seriously...a HUGE thank you to everyone who purchased tickets or bought merchandise from our affiliates and sponsors. This site takes up a ton of time, and it helps justify the efforts when you guys take care of the people who take care of us. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



C. Paul said...

Thanks Paul. A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you as well.

Go Dawgs!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul. Love the Blog. Keep up the good work.

Joel said...

Merry Christmas.

Smitty said...

Thanks for the great site. I hope it doesn't go down.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. The mixes are awesome. You da man!!

Anonymous said...

This is great stuff!
You should do one with another one bites the dust! and you should make a back in black one for the blackout!

Merry Christmas!
keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Do you need funding to keep it going? I have been buying all of my UGA stuff thru the site links. Anything else we can do? I hate the thought that the site might go down :-(

Joel said...

I am assuming the "site going down" comment was focused on the Munson mix download site

Unknown said...

Yeah - this site isn't going down.

I was talking about the Munson Mix site. But don't let that stop you from buying stuff.

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