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December 2, 2007

Open Threads and Split National Titles

I'm going to be on the road taking care of some family business in West Alabama today. Quinton and Dawgnoxious will be looking in from time to time. Feel free to argue for/against UGA.

Quinton lays out the situation pretty well in New Orleans Bound article. But there's one other scenario to consider.

There is a CHANCE that UGA is ranked #2 by the AP, but not the BCS. That scenario creates an opportunity for a split national title IF -- and it's a massive IF -- the BCS sends us to play the AP #3 or 4 team. That could create a long shot scenario where Ohio State loses the national title game, and the AP Votes us #1. That scenario pretty much requires us playing Southern Cal in the Rose. We would have to be released from the Sugar Bowl to make that happen.

The next 11 hours will be wild.

Feel free to leave comments. Just watch the profanity. Thanks.



Anonymous said...

If we do not get to play for the MNC or in the Rose Bowl, we should simply not accept any other bowl bit.

CMR's antics this year have been working so far. Why not just stage a boycott to get people to do something about this ridiculous system?

UF would then get to play in a BCS bowl, so we would get just as large a check from that as we would if we actually played the game.

I could not sleep last night. Utter frustration.

Jmac said...

How did both West Virginia and Missouri losing transform into the worst case scenario? Going to the Sugar Bowl ... to play Hawaii?

I think I'll return any pre-ordered tickets and wait until next year thank you very much. Why not just run a scrimmage in the Georgia Dome ... it would be more rewarding.

The conference tie-ins are just as much an embarassment as the BCS system itself.

Anonymous said...

With the long standing relationship with the Sugar Bowl and the SEC, why would the Sugar not just pass us over so that the conference would benefit more?

I will not use my tickets to go to the Sugar Bowl, and I encourage all other Dawg fans to do the same.

If we, like Auburn, are already perceived as "less sexy" than UF or LSU, why not just boycott? It is not like we are going to get screwed at some point in the future because we do not travel well.

What a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Freakin' Hawaii. I would rather Georgia sit out of playing a bowl game at all than play Hawaii. Hawaii is not a reward for a season well played. Hawaii is a punishment. If UGA beats Hawaii, what will all the pinheads in the national media say? "No surprise, UGA is from a much tougher conference." But if Hawaii would win, it would be the biggest win in the history of their program. Any REAL team has nothing to gain from playing Hawaii, while for Hawaii the game would be like the Super Bowl, World Series, and Second Coming all rolled into one.
If I would have known last night, when I was screaming my head off at phantom holding calls in the Pitt-WVU game, that if the impossible would happen UGA would get screwed like this I would have flown to WV and cut off my own thumb to donate to Pat White.
To think just last week I was complaining about UGA getting screwed out of the Rose and having to play VT again. I would take VT right now in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

No swearing, so
$&he@wo **ne)}@@ ?+_!GNW&* LSU &(@S%!: conference @&@(%#m Sugar @&#HS%( !}++#@^H Hawaii??

Hunker Down said...

What if Damon Evans offered the Sugar Bowl cash money to let us go to the Rose? It would be money well spent. And, as PWD indicates, it could lead to a shot at the #1 ranking in the AP poll. Then, we get to hang a National Champion Banner in Sanford that will look just as good as the one USC hung after 2003 season.

Obviously, this would require an OSU loss and we would have to beat a very tough USC team in their back yard. But, I say bring it on!

Man, does Damon need to be busy today!

Jmac said...

That's the thing.

Forget the title game. ESPN all but openly lobbied for LSU to get in the title game last night. What UGA should be doing is working with the Sugar Bowl to get out of its obligation so we can go to the Rose Bowl.

Seriously ... out of the 'projected' matchups, do any have national appeal? Does Virginia Tech-West Virginia sound good? Southern Cal-Illinois?

A boycott would be appropriate. I wouldn't use my tickets.

Anonymous said...

Sagarin is up.

UGA - 7
VT - 1
LSU - 2

Paige said...

Hawaii might not be who we deserve to play, but by fans not showing up you do a disservice to your team. They see it as you not supporting them even or maybe especially in a crappy game, but you also give the impression that UGA fans will not travel to their bowl games. In the long run this is a bad thing all the way around. Regardless of who/where we play if I could get there I would be there. I might not like it, but I would be there. We do not need to come off as unsupportive fans.

Just my 0.02 cents. All that being said...............this whole thing completely sucks.

Anonymous said...

this has probably already been mentioned somewhere else, but I'm watching "The Sports Reporters" on ESPN, and every one of them said something like "I hate the system, but unless this system is a complete joke and everything that has happened in the past is irrelevant, then it should be OSU and UGA. If Ohio State gets to move up by not playing, then Georgia should too. That's the way the SYSTEM works."


Sean said...

Did anyone else hear CMR on SportsCenter this morning? He's already lobbying for UGA a la Urban Meyer last year.

The B(c)S system is crap and almost every year this system blows up in their face...we need a playoff and soon.


Anonymous said...

While I would be just as disappointed as everyone else with the Sugar & Hawai'i, it is still NOLA & the Quarter. The system sucks, and we can't do anything about it. As Paige said - don't penalize the team, who have played their butts off this year, because you are pissed off at the selection & the system. Show you true allegiance & go help the boys embarrass Hawai'i so badly that the AP won't have a choice but vote us number 1 if tosu stumbles in the MNCG.

Anonymous said...

This isn't about not supporting UGA. Dawgs fans will be wherever the Dawgs are. But that being said, it doesn't relieve the complaint nor the way this subject is being approached by the sports pundits and desk apes at networks like ESPN.

We'll be there to cheer them on in whatever bowl the great minds choose to dole out but... this is a battle worth fighting, not just for Georgia but for all of college football.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to play Hawai'i. We did a solid enough job of shutting up the mid-major du jour in 2005, and I can't wait to do it again.

If you refuse to go...can I have your tix?

Anonymous said...

Dude, if we play Hawaii they will be throwing tickets at you on Canal Street. It doesn't matter who we play. Get your ass to New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

richt was on Sportscenter LAST NIGHT at 11:45 lobbying.

I love that Man...i initially thought we would get screwed, but am beginning to get a bit of a weird feeling.

SchmuckDawg said...

All you guys are crazy, yes LSU plays in the weaker side of the division but didn't they play Fla, SC, Ken, and Tenn. We are the toughest team on our side but they played the next for toughest teams from the east. They also beat both teams that we lost to. We do not have a shot at the BCS chamionship. We will whip Hawaii's ass and that will be that! Go Dawgs!!!

Anonymous said...

I love how Herbstreet and the ESPN talking heads are talking about how if you don't win your conference you don't deserve to go to the NC game.
When Herbie himself was leading the charge last year for a Michigan-Ohio St rematch in the NC Game.

I guess they'll say whatever they want to fit their agenda.

I say if you guys want to boycott anything, start with ESPN. The fact that they have this much of say about college football and college championships is a shame and a disgrace. Start by not watching Gameday or anything else onn ESPN related to college football...that should be our first step.

Ward said...

UGA is ranked 4th in today's Coach's poll. LSU & Oklahoma leapfrogged us

blackertai said...

This is a travesty. It was alright for Nebraska, but it's too good for us.

Anonymous said...

both of them? wow, i mean i sorta expected LSU ... but both? geez. this sucks, bigtime.

Anonymous said...

you have no idea how big of a beatdown richt is cooking up for baton rouge next year. it'll make 2004 look like an OT affair.

Anonymous said...

4th in coaches & AP. Sux ass.

Anonymous said...

The AP may not be a factor in the BCS anymore, but this does not bode well at all. *Sigh* After all the crazy crap this season...App State, Stanford, Illinois, Pittsburgh...WE GET OHIO STATE AND LS-FREAKIN-U!

Anonymous said...

As long as we get to play USC, everyone will understand that that is the real title game. If we get stuck playing Hawaii, this whole thing will be a travesty.

Anonymous said...

We won't get to play LSU. The miracle Saturday night we just had spells doom for us. It was NC or bust, and we busted. Now we'll be playing Hawaii, and either beat them with little fanfare or lose with a lot. *Sigh*

Irwin R. Flecther said...

The only good part about this whole thing is that it exposes the joke that has been the college football national championship for what it is...a beauty contest. There has NEVER been a system. There has NEVER been a true champion. We have all been had for years and years in the name of selling newspapers, internet ads, and now spots on the BCS selection show.

#1- we need a playoff yesterday.
#2- I hope this fires up the troops to roll house against LSU, AZ State, USCar, etc. etc. next year.

I feel like Maverick just buzzed the tower and caused me to spill my coffee on my fine pressed uniform.

Anonymous said...

Lets be honest. what is a couple people boycotting a bowl game going to do but make UGA fans look like terrible fans who won't travel. The BCS screws people all the time. This year it happens to be us. I for one will be in NOLA supporting the dawgs and hoping we kill Hawaii. What else can we do. The last thing I want is another debacle like the last sugar bowl we were in. And how did that happen??? under estimating our opponent. Lets not do it again, and lets go win the sugar bowl! and by the way set ourselves up for a possible number 1 ranking next year.

Will said...

If it's the Rainbow Warriers vs. UGA...let's be the first team to hang 100 on another team in a BCS game. Or at least 70+

Irwin R. Flecther said...

So apparently, losing your next to last game, playing the 105th ranked schedule in the nation and losing your final game, playing in a conference with only two teams finishing in the top 25, or losing your final game to your rival gets you a better bowl match-up than being the only team to go from Oct 6 to now undefeated.

Sucks to that.

Anonymous said...

Another reason why Tuberville sucks:

Tommy's submitted poll:

1.) LSU


3.) Ohio State

4.) Hawaii

5.) UGA

I guess LSU's last second touchdown was more impressive to him than our complete and total annihilation of his team. And we all know how impressive Hawaii has looked in wins versus Charleston Southern, Northern Colorado, and their impressive win against Washington at home.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that second team should read OU

Anonymous said...

I strongly support a boycott of the Sugar Bowl. Those who say it will reflect poorly on UGA may be right, BUT what has showing up like we do gotten us? We certainly didn't get the benefit of the doubt, or even FAIR treatment. Instead we got screwed, so we either boycott (and thereby at least earn the royal screwing we got) or show up, and send the message that we are cotnent to be screwed, naturally inviting it again in the near future.

What harm in protesting this time? Are they going to pass us over for the NC game? Already did it. Are they going to pass us over for the Rose? Did that too.

Basically there is no risk to boycotting and expressing our displeasure with the travesty that is the BCS and this matchup in particular since we are already being punished with a lose-lose proposition in the sugar bowl.

Personally I think the Sugar did get hosed a bit by being stuck with Hawaii (and I can't figure out why it is the sugar that hawaii got dumped upon), but whoever did that to the sugar is taking advantage of UGA by expecting us to sell the stadium out, to travel and to fill those seats and hotel rooms. We know Hawaii can't fill them, largely due to the travel and the extreme expense of flying from hawaii to New Orleans (byway of at least one layover if not two), and augmented by a small state and small fan base. But to expect me to reward the bowl and spend my money for a poor matchup after the way the BCS treated Georgia this year? No wasy they get that from me. I for one will stay home, and while I will root for the dawgs and will surely keep a close eye on the game, it will be the radio broadcvast or internet this year. Not even the TV network is going to get a rating from me for this one. I only wish that the Dawgs would have spoken with some of the other bowls outside the BCS when this became obvious yesterday so that we could have rejected the sugar bowl in favor of another bowl.

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