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January 29, 2008

Chase Vasser Commits for 2009

The Dawgs landed their third commitment of the day for 2009 on Monday when Chase Vasser (6'3" 200 pounds) snatched up his offer. That gives the Dawgs two linebacker commitments for the 2009 class with Dexter Moody (who could also play safety) of ECI being the other. Rivals profile page lists Vasser as having 13 sacks a junior for Chestatee High School in Gainesville.

Jonathan Davis of Tucker High School looks to be the other linebacker on UGA's list. If memory serves, Scott Kennedy and Dean Legge of list Davis as one of the top two players in state for 2009 along side current UGA commit Washaun Ealey (RB).

Davis ran a blistering 4.37 at this weekend's Kennedy/CES Combine, and his shuttle scores were also off the map. Much like Rennie Curran, he's extremely unusually sized at 5'7" and just under 190 lbs. However, he is described as having the ability to tackle anything that moves. For those of you thinking, "Five foot seven is just too damn small," I'd like you to look at this photo:

Click on it to enlarge it. That's Rennie Curran standing next to Marcus Washington. Washington is listed by UGA at 6'0" even. Now, you tell me that 5'8" dudes can't ball. Rennie ain't 5'11" anymore than I am. Trust me. I'm not. (Photo: Iron Chef Turducken)

Anyway...the 2009 class looks to be really small in quantity. In fact, Georgia might sign a few as 17 kids. The program's momentum combined with the tight scholarship situation makes me believe that the class may be half full by G-Day.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

JasonC - Sorry, it looks like I deleted the wrong thing. Here's what you wrote.

JasonC has left a new comment on your post "Chase Vasser Commits for 2009":

One thing I noticed is that it seems like we have overloaded on LBs, that are listed as WLBs (weak-side/will). Do you know if it is the same for these 2 guys?
I am still happy to have them and it is great start to next recruiting season, but I was just curious.

Anonymous said...

We essentially play what looks like a 5-2 because we roll the SAM over the TE and he plays almost on the line of scrimmage. In our system the WILL and MIKE are very similar positions.

The difference (as I understand it) is the MIKE needs to be more physical because he ends up taking on the fullback at the point of attack.

Guys like Witherspoon, Gilbert, Jackson and Taylor flipped between WILL and MIKE quite a bit early in their careers.

I wouldn't pay any attention to where a guy is slated by a recruiting service between WILL, MIKE and SAM. UGA will figure all of that out later.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Washington is on his tippy toes in that pic. I heard J. Davis is shorter, but who cares, I want to have him. There are several other awesome LBer prospects in this class as well, wont take many so looks like we may be done there by Ground Hog Day, forget the Spring.

Anonymous said...

Anon - Neither of them is flat footed. But yes, Washington is more elevated.

There are several pics in the sequence that show that Rennie is closer to 5'8" than 5'11".

5'9" is about right.

Regardless, it's all heart and ass kicking. I love that kid.

Anonymous said...

With Jonathon Davis' speed, the idea of him possibly playing S, or maybe even TB, isn't far fetched. He may not, but he's certainly fast enough to make it possible. The question, at least with S, is can he cover? That could mean the difference between if he tries to be Sam Mills or Bob Sanders. There's a ton of talent beating down our door, so we'll likely be very picky with recruits right now.

Also, while these guys seem like locks, just a reminder, our #2 and #3 commits last year? Martin Ward and BJ Brand.

peacedog said...

Paul, I suspect Jarvis Jones is the #1 LB on our list. No offer yet, but that doesn't mean much. That was Coach Johnson's area in state.

Anonymous said...

PWD, you forgot to mention that NFL defensive player of the year Bob Sanders of the Colts is only 5'7.

He's the perfect size for safety.

Anonymous said...

I want to assure you all that Jonathan Davis is one baaaad sumb*tch! Trust me, the guy can flat out play football..... ANY position.

Anonymous said...

Focus on the girth of Curran's thighs...

Case closed.

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