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January 21, 2008

Dawgs Smoke Hawgs in Hoops

On Saturday Night in Athens, the Georgia Bulldogs put on arguably their most impressive and complete showing of the Felton Era. They played with a level of intensity and intelligence that we have rarely seen of late as they dismantled Arkansas 82-69 in front of a sparse, snow affected crowd.

Arkansas' top players are 6 seniors, and the team was predicted to win the SEC West this season. The program also had an RPI in the 30s at game time so it was a quality win. Regardless of how poorly the Razorbacks have played the past two games against UGA and South Carolina.

I would argue that Dave Bliss, Chris Barnes and Billy Humphrey all had their best games as Bulldogs while Terrence Woodbury had his best game of the season. We out rebounded, out hustled, out defended, and out shot Arkansas. The offense had movement inside and didn't rely exclusively on the three.

Basically, it was the team many of us have been hoping to see for years. Will it be a flash in the pan like the Gonzaga win last year in Gwinnett? Or is it an indicator of things to come?

The team gets Wednesday night off before heading up to Knoxville. Can their confidence survive a likely thrashing to a much more talented Vol team? Hopefully.

Regardless, If the Dawgs would consistently play with the intensity and intelligence that they showed Saturday night, they would fill Stegeman consistently. That's the type of watchable basketball on both ends of the court that we need to be seeing from this program in Year 5. It's the type of program that silences critics, wins basketball games, makes tourneys and gets coaches pay raises.

It's the type of basketball we also need to start seeing on the road.



Anonymous said...

I am just glad our BB players are not out drinking with the FB team. Coach Felton just doesn't have enough depth to play with several of our guys in jail, or hungover. Lucky we don't ever play anybody good for the first several FB games each year. Even with our well paid refs, we can't win if our team is all suspended.

CMR should be replaced if he cannot get the program under some kind of control.

Anonymous said...

What is this ass-clown talking about?

Anonymous said...

Name one player over the last ten years we've lost to suspension that we couldn't win without? Although it's not good publicity for the team or the university, it doesn't exactley devastate our program losing Munzenmaieeaeeaeair.

To blame this stuff on coaches is ridiculous. You think these guys drank that stuff unaware of what would happen if they got caught? Not a chance. They, like all college students, just don't think they'll get caught.

Anonymous said...

I do know one thing: Fred needs to understand the meaning of "you have the right to remain silent."

Unknown said...

Hank - Dawg4ever is a Tech fan. The old "our refs are paid for" line is a signature tech line.

Anonymous said...

I think our guys need some training on how to identify a taxi. Not all cars with lights on top are cabs.

Also the quotes in the paper show real lack of class, lack of respect for authority and inability to take responsibility for your own mistakes. The officer should have kept going and not stopped.

If we cannot blame the coaches for the drinking, can we at least expect them to recruit better character individuals?

Unknown said...

A lack of class and respect for authority in Muntz quotes?

Dude -- HE WAS DRUNK ENOUGH TO HAIL A POLICE CAR. I think class and common sense went out the window at that point.

If he's drunk enough for that, then what he said to the cop is the least of his issues.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see. That explains everything. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

PWD - Thanks, I figured as much.

BTW - since when is getting blind drunk once in a while a character flaw?

I agree it could be the result of some sort of character flaw if it happens too often. IMO, anyone who posts here anonymously and asserts that a person that gets drunk enough to hail a police car has a character flaw has obviously never been dumped, got fired, had a dog die or, really, lived at all.

These guys just need to realize there are consequences to their actions - but, alas, they are college kids. As we all know, college kids do not typically fully consider the ramifications of their actions as fully as grown men who post on blogs. Again, as I and others have said repeatedly herein, this is the kind of thing that would not have made news before Al Gore blessed us all with the internet.

Anonymous said...

The best basketball game we've played in several years, and we get 9 comments about off season football shenanigans. That's about right for Georgia basketball.

Paul, you've said before that people need hope for the hoops program. Step 2 is Saturday at Knoxville.

walter geiger said...

college kids drinking. imagine that!

i went to the basketball game saturday night and was very favorably impressed.

Anonymous said...

As a wise old woman once told me, "A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts."

Anonymous said...

No, no, no. You missed PWD's earlier explanation. The things that he said are not a problem -- he isn't responsible because he was drunk.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Go away Nerds, go dress up like fairy elves or whatever it is you do.

As far as the basketball team, that's easily the most intense and focused I've seen them since the LSU game last year. Humphrey overcame some early poor shooting and ended turning in a solid performance. We relied on our 2 seniors.. Bliss early and Yata late.

Small crowd but everyone there was into it from start to finish.

Unknown said...

I didn't say he wasn't responsible because he was drunk.

I just said that class was the least of his concerns once his dumbass hailed a Police Car.

Judging him on his classy comments at that point is silly. Judge him on being so stupid that he hailed a POLICE CAR. That makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Felton may have his problems, but beating Tech isnt one of them. You nerd lurkers should be worrying about your own smoove Wooden-in-waiting and how much HIS buyout is gonnna cost you after he crashes and burns again this year.

Long as we're on the topic of lurking nerds, would all you GTU lurkers posing as Bulldog fans please give it a rest? Besides the obvious lack of cojones involved in pretending not to be what you are (of course, who can blame you for being embarassed about that?), the righteous indignation is a little ironic.

As soon as you all can explain to me how a program like YOURS puts Reuben Houston back on the field while he's got a federal felony charge for trafficking in marijuana (oh wait, I know: the 100 pounds of the chronic was really just for personal use), then maybe you can lecture us about our coaches "failure to control our players."

at least no one at UGA is fudging academic records to keep several key players eligible for several years (wink, Joe Hamilton, wink), resulting in NCAA probation.

you nerds are pathetic. It's great to see you hired Paul Johnson, who apparently is as obsessed with UGA as the rest of you are, for all the good it'll do him. I saw a recent AJC article where he got asked about something to do with Tech football, and he went into a rambling discourse about UGA's route of Hawaii. Welcome to the big leagues, Paul. Did that trip to the woodshed for an overrated, one dimensional offense give you a little sphicter oscillation? No reason for it to, really. I'm sure your masterful theft of prospects from legendary football powers like East Tennessee State and Wofford will be just the thing to reverse 45 years of GTU misery this fall. All your flexbone are belong to us. We've seen the option before, and at least Pepper Rodgers had a little personality. Note that Pepper had to sue the cheap bastards at Tech to get them to honor his contract buyout when they fired him; you may want to start lining up your legal team now for the day 4 or 5 years from now when they send your doughy little ass packing. The streak should be well into double digits by then.

Anonymous said...

oops. I know the difference between "route" and "rout." I need a better editor.

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