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January 30, 2008

PS3 Questions?

I'm probably going to buy a PS3 over the next few days. I've had a PS2 forever so I haven't looked into buying a new system. Here are my questions:
  • What attachments / peripherals do I need?

  • It's only $100 extra for the 80 gb version vs. the 40 gb version. Should I go ahead and spring for the bigger unit?

  • The DVD player on my PS2 was a piece of crap (lousy sound). Is the Blu-Ray any good on PS3?

  • Does it have a wireless internet card? My TV is no where close to my Internet hookup. Anything I else should know?
And no. I'm probably not changing to Xbox. I've invested too many hours playing NCAA football to learn a new controller now. I just don't like the feel of the Xbox controller. Plus, I want the Blu-Ray player. The house is going to get a major electronics upgrade pretty soon.

Thanks for the info / help.


(Note: My old man is going to call me tonight after reading this and say...."You big dummy, this is why you're single." lol)


Unknown said...

I'm a Nintendo owner myself but I can tell you what I know from friends who just bought a PS3 for their apartment:

Blu-Ray players in general kind of stink right now. The PS3's built-in player is better than most of the other ones out. Also, if the 2.0 spec ever becomes popuular, only BluRay players with Internet connectivity will work with 2.0 discs so current standalone player buyers might get screwed.

The $100 basically buys you 40GB of hard disk space and PS2 compatibility. Wireless is standard on all of them now. My friends opted for the 40GB believing they could upgrade the hard drive later. (Not sure if you really can or not.)

The only peripherals they got were extra controllers. I think there's also a remote if don't like controlling the BluRay player from a game controller.

I just hope they decide to put NCAA back on Nintendo. Madden is awesome on the Wii but the main reason I think that is that I'm left-handed so the controls finally feel natural to me (that and I never have to remember what button they assigned stiff arm to this year). If I could get NCAA on there, that would be awesome. I miss it so much (but not hundreds of dollars much).

William Neilson Jr. said...

1) The Blu-Ray player is FANTASTIC. I use it 80% for Blu-Ray and 20% for games. I didn't even use the PS2 DVD drive but this drive was a big upgrade and a great piece of the PS3 pie.

2) Buy an extra controller but that is it...also buy Uncharted (best game for me), Call Of Duty 4, and Ass. Creed (some don't like it, I did)

3) Wireless is standard I believe in both. I also use wireless for mine and it is fine. I have no lags when I play online.

Jim Wood said...

Get a Wii. Motion sensing controllers. Plus, Cartman froze himself, ending up in the future for it...twice. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Either unit has built-in WiFi.

You can upgrade the hard drive with any standard SATA HDD (laptop hard drive). A random search on Amazon showed that you can get a 500 GB HDD for $120.00 and a 250 GB HDD for $79.99. It's easy. The PS3 gives instructions on how to do so in the owner's manual, so it doesn't void the warranty.

The 80 GB has emulated backwards compatibility, meaning you can play most of your ps2 games with some minor tweaking of in-game graphics or the like. Here is a list of what games are compatible and how they fare if you need to know.

Also, the 80 Gigger has 4 usb ports, which will come in handy if you want to play Rock Band. The 40 GB only has two. You can get around that by buying this super handy Rock Band usb hub for the low, low price of $24.99.

The 80 GB also comes with flash memory card readers that support SD Memory Cards, Memory Stick Duo, and CF Flash. You can transfer music, photos, other files using the memory cards, but I don't know of anyone that really uses them.

I wouldn't let the 40 GB of memory sway you one way or the other. It comes down to whether backwards compatibility and two extra usb ports is worth $100. If you can buy a hub for $25, it really is a question of whether bc is worth $75... of course, that's taking the benefits of Motorstorm versus Spiderman 3 out of the equation.

Preston Porter said...


Was looking to upgrade from my PS2 bout 8 months ago and was all set on a 360, but the PS3 was the better deal.

Mainly because it was already wireless. Once you added all the periphs to the 360 it was MORE than the PS3.

I got the 60 GB and have absolutely no memory issues and download almost every free demo.

BTW (You said "bigger unit")

You need another controller, and a Bluetooth if you are going to play online. I got a Motorola H350 for like $35 or less at WalMart.

You might wants to grab some HDMI cables as the difference (if you have an HDTV) is amazing.

COD 4 is great, NCAA 08 is fun, and Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band are good too.

Post your PlayStation Network ID when you get one, and I'd be happy kill you in COD4 like the dawgs did the rainbows! : )

You can find me at the PSN talldawg

Good Luck

BTW Shop around as I got a ton of rebates/bonuses (free BlueRay, cables etc) for grabbing mine at GameStop. Don't know if there are still as many incentives but there were far more there than anywhere else.

Brandon Deen said...

I have the 80GB version and I love it! I store music and movies on my ps3 HDD so i wanted a little extra space. I also stream music from my pc which is pretty cool. The blue-ray player works really great!

Anonymous said...

I'm with everyone else on this.

I am an Xbox 360 person myself, but the PS3 great and the Blu-Ray player seems to be just fine.

Also, Jeff, Rock Band comes with that USB adapter, or at least it did for the 360 version when my friend bought the game.

You need to get the nice cables to fully enjoy the PS3 as others are saying as well.

And COD4 is one of the best games ever, if you're into that sort of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats Pong, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Is your Dad Redd Fox?

Anonymous said...



Dont do it until you see next years game!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Ass Creed" ??? Sounds like someone is using their PS3 for "other" enjoyment... LOL

Hobnail_Boot said...

Isn't that Scott Stapp's online alias?

Unknown said...

Thanks. Keep the feedback coming.

To answer some questions:

1. Rock band is an enormous part of the equation here. I'm familiar with its awesomeness.

2. I don't play 1st person shooters. I'm one of those people who gets motion sick during those games. They test games for people like me to try and avoid that problem, but I'm at the far end of the spectrum on that. It's weird b/c I don't car sick very often...well...unless I try to read in the car. I also love roller coasters and never get sick.

3. No my dad isn't Redd Foxx. However, he did see me playing GHIII and say, "Boy, you will never see a woman nekkid again."


bz said...

I'm an Xbox 360 guy myself, but go with your gut. All of these "next-generation" consoles are great when you take advantage of online content, pics, music, and yes, the occasional game.

All I can say is Rock Band is one of the most glorious things to come along in some time.

Anonymous said...

As far as 40 gb vs 80 gb goes, you should definitely go for the 80. The PS3 game selection still seems severely limited compared to wii and xbox, and the 40 gb does not have backwards compatibility. I would get either the 60 or the 80 coz of backwards compatibility with PS2 games. Then you can still play (most not have to check their website to make sure) the PS2 games you already have rather than having to throw them out.

Anonymous said...

Geeks...get back to sports and no NCAA on the computer is not a sport.

Anonymous said...

I've had a 60GB PS3 since July, and just recently got an HDTV to fully enjoy it. Blu-Ray movies are incredible, and I have to agree that COD4 is one of the best games ever made. I'd go ahead and invest in an extra controller when you buy the system. I chose not to, and I still haven't gotten around to it, but I need to. I personally don't see any need for a remote; controlling everything with the SIXAXIS is pretty intuitive, but if that's your thing, then go for it. As for 40GB vs. 80GB (this wasn't as big an issue when I bought as all PS3s were backwards compatible), all I'd say is that if playing your PS2 library (or at least most of it) on your current system is important to you, or if you plan on storing loads of media, then go with the 80, if not, then the 40 should be fine. Wireless also works great for me.

I love reading your blog, and good luck with your purchase!

oh, and GO DAWGS!

Anonymous said...

The 80GB version is going to be obsolete soon. It will be the last version to have PS2 compatibility. You might be able to find one on sale.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Regarding Blu-Ray in general, most of the major studies have now switched to the Blu-Ray format, so it is likely going to end up winning the HD battle. HDDVD will likely end up as the next Betamax. I'm getting a PS3 myself in the future, but I'll probably wait a bit as the failure rate is still fairly high.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is Rock Band

Anonymous said...

1st post nailed it. My computer geek regrets going x-box and buying a blu-ray player (but he loves Halo). Get the HDMI cable for a HDTV and the Blu-ray movies end up insanely great, after seeing 300 on blu-ray I did like 1 pull-up, 3 push-ups and 7 crunches-- I look like an Adonis now. PS3 really won the blu-ray/HD-DVD war. I ended up playing NCAA '08 PS2 game on the PS3 because EA Sports really tank games for the PS3. Also, my contact @ EA won't put Moreno on the cover--it has to a graduating senior; and I blew up her e-mail for the boise st. hack on the cover this year. BTW, hawaii did better v the DAWGS than boise. X-boxers get better online service but they pay for it, while Sony really hasn't figured out what they will do yet. Best part about PS3--Dawgs play it and still get them some and techers play it and end up the "flag boy."

p.s. florida sucks

Robert said...

I've got an xbox 360 personally, but the way things are going right now, it's a wide open race for the title of "best new console." If you're set on buying a PS3, go for it. I've heard the online play isn't as "good" or the "presentation isn't as clean" (make of that what you will) as the xbox 360, but it is free for PS3 and it costs about $50 for a year for Xbox Live. And yes, for NCAA Football 08, the graphics are better and smoother on xbox 360, but I'm sure this will change for next year's game.

And honestly, the redesigned controllers for xbox 360 are basically a PS1/2/3 controller but with the right thumbstick and directional pad switched.

Robert said...

Err, that should be left thumbstick switched. Sorry.

I'll see yall in Columbia in September.

Anonymous said...

I bought a PS3 back in Sept. right after finally buying a HDTV plasma for the house, and couldn't stand not playing NCAA on next-gen. I would recommend it, and all I ever do with the system is play college fb and watch blu-ray movies. Even DVD's appear sharper and more cleaned up on the system. I got the 60gb system, by the way. NCAA was pretty good, but definitely needs some improvement...but the graphics are pretty f'ing sweet. I've gotten used to it now, but when I first started up the game I was legitimately blown away.

Only extras I bought were an extra controller (for playing against friends) and a cheap HDMI cable (cost maybe $30-40). Don't get roped in by the name brand cables, like Monster, from everything I've read and seen the $$$ does not make any difference. The system only came with an analog cable (ie, the same kind the PS2, white, yellow) which I believe only supports up to 480i in terms of graphics. With HDMI you can use your full 720 or 1080p.

Anonymous said...

PWD - Couple things to add

1. If you asked this on a Georgia Tech blog your server would have exploded. You would have to explain what Madden and NCAA 08 are though.

2. Rock Band can equal chicks. My buddy's wife complained when he invited a friend over one night to play Halo 3. She said ''Why don't you ask me to play?'' The obvious answers to this are more plentiful than the delusions of South Cack fans. He said nothing and bought Rock Band so they have something to play together.

He said he makes her dress up all sexy and slutty and sing Rush songs. I know - he's married - but she has turned a lot of her friends on to this game. Her friends come over, have a few bottles of wine, and then play a little Rock Band. I'm telling you man - what do girls who've had a few want to do more than 'making whoopie'? Number one is dance and number two is sing. Go out, find a girl who has heard of Rock Band, and tell her you haven't beaten the level with the Heart/Pat Benetar/Joan Jett songs, and then party like a rock star.

3. Blue Ray does seem to be the favorite right now over HDDVD. It seems like a smarter long term decision.

4. Remember to be realistic when it comes to addons. I think I'm like most guys where I start hearing all the options and possibilites and get excited. And when deciding on whether to get the feature I often experience the fear of not having it... no matter how unnecessary.

''This attachment allows you to play online with full wireless connection in nearly every parliamentary district of Mongolia.''

''Mongolia, eh?''

5. Remember those immortal words of Will Smith: Parents just don't understand.

Anonymous said...

I've always been a Nintendo owner, but I just bought the 60GB PS3 myself. I opted for that over the 80GB because of better backward compatibility with PS2. If that's not an issue for you, go with the 80GB.

1. I'm Impressed with the blueray player. It doesn't seem loud.

2. Wireless is built in.

3. Peripherals - Get a Blueray remote if you'll be watching a lot of movies. An Extra Controller if you need that. HDMI Cable if your TV Supports it.

Preston Porter said...


If ya get 1st person sick then you too can await one of the other reasons I stayed with the PS3

A new SOCOM game has been in the works for quite awhile and looks great.

It's 3rd person

Anonymous said...

As someone who uses PS3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360- I have to say I prefer the Xbox, mostly due to online content. The xbox live community is so far superior to the PSIII online options that it makes up for other shortcomings. Other than the price difference (if you get the 80g plus extra controllers and other accessories you are pushing $700), and the fact that you cant play Halo 3, I think that PS3 is probably a better system overall. The blueray player is pretty good, but have fun replacing all your DVD's. Wireless is standard. (and in my opinion, the xbox controller is much more streamlined and easy to use than PSIII) Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Call of Duty 4 is the best online game for the PS3 and one of the best of all times. Just get you some sea sick tablets and enjoy PWD:) Also my online ID is
MS2MMallday. I'll be glad to kill any of you on COD4.

Get the 80 GB though and buy at least 1 extra contoller. If you have HDTV then get HDMI cables so you can use it.

Anonymous said...

I heard the other day that the PS3 80GB was being discontinued and a new 160GB or so drive was being introduced to replace it. Not sure on the timing but I did hear that Best Buy no longer even has them stocked. I've haven't verified any of this myself - just what I've heard online...

ugagirl24 said...

This cracks me up! Why guys care so much about a Wii, or Nintendo, or PS3 or whatever, I'll never know!!

Anonymous said...

FYI: If you want inexpensive cables (HDMI for $5) go to

Anonymous said...

To answer what another dude said - you do NOT have to replace your DVDs if you have a can watch them on this system just fine.

Anonymous said...

More information on 80GB discontinue:

If I were you, I would try and get one of the 80GB or 60GB. 60GB has the best backwards compatibility. This allows you to only have one system hooked up. If you get the 40GB or future 120GB, you will need the PS2 hooked up to play those games.

Unknown said...

Plus, I hear Tebow and his kissy-kissy roommate have the 40GB version, so you damn well better go with the 60 or 80.

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