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January 2, 2008

UGA's punter vs. Hawaii's Linebacker

This sorta sums the whole thing up. You could argue that Mimbs kinda sucker punched him a bit. But really....he was clobbering the punter away from the play like that with the same intent as Mimbs took with his response. I think it speaks volumes that our punter so completely unimpressed with the Warriors (sic) that he went after their linebacker.

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Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

You could also look at it a different way and say that Hawaii's linebacker must've been reeeeal scared of the rest of our team if the only guy he felt confident taking on was our punter. Let's see him try that with Marcus Howard or Dannell Ellerbe in the vicinity.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what's all the bitching about?

The guy didn't stay with his block. He goes after the smallest guy on the field and then turns his back on him.

I'm glad to see our punter push back.

In the movie "Remember The Titans," the quarterback (the kid known as "Sunshine") takes out a big linebacker with what could be called a cheap shot. When the opposing coach starts complaining that the referee should have called a flagrant foul, the referee looks at him and says, "On the quarterback?!!?"

Same situation with Brian Mimbs.

Anonymous said...

haha thnks PWD for the respect if i find any other vids ill recommened them to ya
hope ya liked the vid tht wa smy fav thing Fox showed all night

Anonymous said...

hey guys, just wanted to congrat. you on beating the sh*t out of hawaii. (i'm from hawaii by the way). Even though we wanted Hawaii to win we knew they weren't going to win. We just wanted them NOT to lose like they did.

Anyway, we were all laughing that the hawaii guy got pushed to the floor. (us filipino's hate samoans)

Anonymous said...

My two cents on the Mimbs thing -- it's kind of like when pitchers intentionally hit someone in baseball. It's not legal, it might get you ejected, but sometimes, it's necessary to maintain your respect, like when somebody shows you up. And while you're allowed to plant a good fastball on somebody's hip, the only thing that's out of bounds is throwing at somebody's head. Mimbs did the equivalent of the former, not the latter. The Hawaii guy just got a face full of turf in return. Sure, Mimbs took a chance in doing it, but I'll bet it garnered him instant "street cred" with the rest of the team. It certainly ranks among my season highlights. I'm becoming a big Brian Mimbs fan.

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