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February 23, 2008

Dawgs Lose to Vandy in Hoops


Georgia played tough for the first half, and the Bulldogs held a 1 point lead at the break. But the open three pointers that the Dores missed in the first half found their intended destination in the second as Georgia was beaten by 12 in Nashville.

The Positives:
  • Gaines continues to play very well. He didn't have the second half that he wanted, but it was still a strong performance. 24 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists and three steals.

  • Billy Humphrey played like his old self. He had 15 points on better than 50% shooting.

  • Albert Jackson had arguably his best game as a Bulldog. He pulled 9 points, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks and zero credited turnovers against only one foul in 25 minutes.

  • I have often criticized Felton for his use of timeouts. He used them at the proper times in this game, and he made every attempt to slow Vandy's momentum. Obviously, it didn't work, but he didn't sit on this hands while Rome burned.
The Negatives:
  • Felton's overall, regular season SEC record is now 25-51 in almost five full seasons. His home SEC record is 20-18, and his road SEC record is 5-33. He has two true road wins against NCAA Tourney Teams in five years (UK in Year 1 and ARK last year).

  • Woodbury continues to play to the wrong side of "in control." When he focuses on taking a quality shot from the arc or working his way inside, he plays with above average results. But when he rushes shots and rattles recklessly towards his opponents, he's a train wreck. He is averaging one turnover per 11.9 minutes of game time. That's the worst margin of his three year career. If he could be brought under control, he could be a much more consistent weapon for Georgia.

  • The Technical Foul was pointless. He had only gotten a warning up to that point. Why was he still complaining about a warning? It's Vandy. Everyone knows the box and court are shaped funny. Plus, it's Ted Valentine. You know Valentine is a douche ref so why give him a reason to screw you? All you had to do was keep quiet about the "sideline warning" or whatever it was called. Not that it mattered in the end. It was just annoying. I agreed with the TV announcer. That one was probably just the stress of the season getting to Felton.
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Anonymous said...

I think Woodbury may be best suited inside. He would be giving up size and strength, but for what this team has, they should have been out and running around to begin with. When Woodbury has played the 4 in the past, he does a good job of using his quickness as an advantage, and it also forces him to play closer to the basket offensively. When he plays outside, it's like he's trying to force something he's just not capable of. Inside, he lets the game flow and seems both more comfortable and more effective.

Anonymous said...

Ugh...Seriously...How many more days until spring football practice starts? I've heard many people say that they still think Felton deserves one more year? Really? Can we REALLY do much worse...Sometimes change is good...Any retort will just be excuses for Felton's mediocrity...I want ONE SOLID reason why Felton should stay and is our best coaching option...

Anonymous said...

fire felton... im tired of reading stories about the dawgs losing another game

Anonymous said...

Now that I live in Knoxville south (AKA Chattanooga) I get to hear all about how UT is now the most powerful basketball program in the universe. Which makes me shake my head, as I can only think if UT can turn make their program relevant, why not Georgia. Maybe the administration knows something I don't, but I really see no reason to give Felton another season. I can only imagine how bad this team will be after he kicks off a few more of his top scorers this summer.

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