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February 13, 2008

The Honor That Wasn't, Or Why Mike Adams Sucks

Michael Adams' one man war against Vince Dooley continues. We established a long time ago he is a big fat liar. But, his fingerprints are all over this one. I am convinced that Adams cannot abide the idea of Vince Dooley's name being affixed to anything connected to Sanford Stadium, so he's trying to take the bull by the horns so the opportunity never comes to pass.

The Georgia Sports Blog distrusts men in bowties. Especially this one.

Cleverly couched by Adams as a decision by the "Athletic Board" and the "Regents," there is a motion to name the South Campus athletic facilities the Vince Dooley Athletic complex. In addition, there is proposal to erect a statue of Dooley near Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall--virtually off-campus. Wow! Thanks...for nothing.

I am convinced that Adams wants to pre-emptively name the decidedly unpresitigious Lumpkin Street athletic facilities in Dooley's "honor" so that if anyone ever suggests naming something on Sanford Drive for Dooley, Adams can say "we've already done enough to honor him." He tellingly revealed his true thoughts on this issue by telling the press "the stadium already has a name." Frank Ros responded by saying he’s doubtful Dooley’s name will ever be placed on the stadium as long as Adams is UGA’s president. “He’s made that clear on a number of occasions,” Ros said. “He’s made the statement before that ‘the stadium already has a name.’ But I think you have to be respectful of a person’s accomplishments regardless of your politics.”

"I am not a crook." [See, he's lying again.]

Several former players seem to have caught on that this honor is more like a slap in the face. Some honor. Dooley is a football coach. There is a Southeastern Conference tradition of naming football facilities for legendary football coaches. There is no football stadium on South Campus. The traditional honor for legendary college football coaches is to have something connected to the stadium named in their honor. (See, Bryant, Bear; Dodd, Bobby; Jordan, Shug; Neyland, General; Vaught, Johnny; et al).

We're not banging the drum for St. Vincent here. We're not even advocating our stadium should be Sanford-Dooley. We're personally hoping to name it Sanford-Richt in about thirty years and half a dozen national championships from now. But for crying out loud is it too much to ask to put the statue of Dooley near the stadium? What about on the renovated Gate 6 with all that bricked-in open space? I mean, to put the Dooley statue further away they'd have to put it next to the Iron Horse.

Make room for Dooley's statue.

It would be nice if the Board of Regents did something besides kiss Don Leebern's ancient ass for a change. They could start by voting down this "honor" and proposing something that is more fitting for a guy who dedicated his entire forty year professional career to the University of Georgia.

Update: Chip Towers chimes in on the controversy here.



Unknown said...

+ 1 for Dawgnoxious on the Iron Horse pic.

Anonymous said...

Man, I haven't seen that thing since I moved from Sandersville. I think a +10 is warranted just for the sheer brilliance in the analogy.

ugadawgfan said...

ah hahaha... seriously cracking up laughing here..

Now, I've had a few drinks tonight and not having absorbed in thought.

I'm going to need to try to engage or engross wholly brfore I wholeheartly agree with the Dawgnoxious rant and before I post anything that comes close to this.

Damn, I need anther drink.

ugadawgfan said...

oh btw...

can we please FIRE FELTON NOW!

Scott said...

Geez... I forgot about the Iron Horse! What a great reference!!

As for Adams... I have not donated money to UGA since he "fired" Vince Dooley. Dooley has more integrity in his little finger than Adams would be able to muster in a thousand years. Adams is a sleaze ball and scum bag and should be placed down there with the likes of Fred Davidson as moron presidents who have done more to hurt the university than anyone else in the school's history. My money will continue to go to my graduate alma mater as long as Adams is the president.

This is my official GO TO HELL MICHAEL ADAMS post!

Anonymous said...

I have a link from of a free larry munson tribute video which is awesome.
(Just scroll to the middle of the page)
If anyone knows how to put this on youtube it would be greatly appreciated.

February 13, 2008 12:26 AM

Anonymous said...

I always thought that UGA should name the hedges in Dooley's honor. That would honor his name in the stadium as well as pay homage to his botanical hobby.

Anonymous said...

Once again, no need for the bashing on bowties. I know allschool doesn't like them because of law school associate Dean Paul Kurtz's affinity for them, but we're not all untrustworthy wags.

Otherwise, a fine article. Loved the Iron Horse photo.

Watson said...

can someone explain for a current student what the iron horse is? I get the feeling this is something before my years at UGA

Andrew said...

I've always thought that Sanford would look classed up with the names and active years of Bulldog football greats from the past affixed to the now-empty tier above the 100 seats, just below the tier with the ribbon boards. Not sure if this has ever been an active proposition in the past, but it would be a good place to put Dooley, and Herschel, and Sinkwich, and Trippi, and hopefully Richt in the aforementioned thirty years or so.

Barring that, though, the Dooley statue would be a nice touch.

Dawgnoxious said...

Watson: the words "Iron Horse" in the blog post are linked to a Banner Herald article on the legendary sculpture.

Anonymous said...

Mike Adams is not a Liar!!! He wants a PLAYOFF!!! HE WANTS A PLAYOFF!!!

Anonymous said...

Dooley is damaged goods. He went to Auburn for God's sake.

Unknown said...

I thought you don't erect statues until someone dies? When Dooley dies, he'll have a statue at the stadium. If Jerry Jones was willing to put a Landry statue in front of Texas Stadium, Michael Adams (or whoever is UGA's president at that time) will be willing to move a Dooley statue to Sanford.

I personally don't ever want to see our stadium change names since the stadium is named after the person who made it a reality. It's the stadium that Sanford built. I don't think it would be right to remove his name or hyphenate someone else into the title.

Anonymous said...

The thing that initially struck me about this is the fact that this "tribute" is across the street from the Kangaroo.

I've never loved Dooley like a lot of people so I don't give a damn if he gets a statue or not, but if we're gonna do it, next to the Kangaroo ain't the place.

And, why prominently display his losing record in bowl games? You gotta look at the proposed design to see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

ok, i disdain adams personally as much as the next guy. but i have a real hard time seeing this as some kind of deliberate slap in the face orchestrated by adams and his gang-pressed minions in athens. all due respect to the screech-owls out there, but that's just rage-fueled crazy talk.

is adams petty and dictatorial? yes, he is. paranoid? yes, he is. grandiose? certainly. micro-managing. indeed. generally unpersonable, outrageous sob? no doubt about it.

folks, it goes with the territory of being a flagship university president. the days of the longtime, beloved faculty member rising through the ranks to lead the institution have been over for a long time now. university presidents are no different from most corporate ceos who see it as their duty drive the organization (and its employees) in the direction they think best.

adams has a severe pr problem, not a management problem. the reality is that (ok, maybe outside of georgia) the university's academic, external funding, and--yes--athletic profile has been raised pretty substantially in the landscape of american higher education under adams' tenure. now, of course, that's not all directly attributable to him--the entire state's increased profile (economic especially) over this same period has lot to do with it. but he didn't screw up that part of it, and that's half the balance of effective leadership. by most all dispassionate measures, adams has been an effective university president.

i can't believe i just spent this much time defending adams. . . . but i become a bit exercised when i read otherwise well-adjusted dawg folks hyperventilating about the latest press release from adams' office.

Anonymous said...

No one thinks that MA is a big fat liar more than me, but imo, this move is coincidentally not a snub. Dooley was not only a football coach, but also an athletics director, and honoring him with a plaza in the AA's hallowed Butts-Mehre building which also houses all of the various trophies and memorabilia of not only the football team but also other athletic programs that Dooley would have had a hand in during his tenure. He should be honored not just for football, but also other athletics programs. Lots of real Dawg fans visit the complex like this past Wednesday when recruits signed, and I think in an objective look at Dooley's tenure is about on a par with Butts and Mehre.

On the other hand, if you put a statue at the stadium, where do you put it? Under the bridge near the west end zone? In the quadrangle at Reed? Over by the Bookstore? I don't think there is a suitable place.

MA is an ass hat, but even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while.

82 said...

I agree with balt dawg, dante, and some of the anon in this thread. Dooley was a great coach, but there is a good chance that by the end of the CMR era he wont be the best. If we name the stadium after Dooley (which imo is a bad idea, we dont need one of those hyphenated names, its already appropriately named and if you dont think so go read up on Sanford) then CMR will likely not get as great a honor when he already looks to be a better coach.

Dooley arguably did more as an AD as he did a coach, so the current plan seems appropriate and in no way do I see it as vindictive from Adams. I think calling him out on something like that shows you simply have an ultimatum on Adams.

On a side note, naming the hedges after Dooley does sound like a great idea. It shows the depth history we have for them and still gives Dooley a naming right inside the stadium. Great idea dawg 05!

Anonymous said...

As far as richt goes, whenever we build the indoor practice facility, it needs to be named after him.

mdr1013 said...

Now, I love Dooley and all, but putting a statue of him next to the Iron Horse would be hilarious.

sweet blog.

Hobnail_Boot said...

For all you folks wanting to name the Hedges after Dooley, I have to ask one question: Reeeeeeeeeally?

How does this sound? "Time to tee it up Between the Dooleys!"

Why not finally facade the NW ramps as originally planned, and include in it a tribute to VD?

Anonymous said...

Hey - I sat on top of that horse one night and made out with an ugly girl.

But I digress.

I hate Adams. However, can't anything ever just be named what it is named? Sanford Stadium is named for the president who persevered and got it built - Sanford. I personally hate hyphenated stadium names and I really hate "so-and-so field at so-and-so stadium, etc., etc." Maybe they could name something better for Dooley, but please, we are better than Auburn, Tech, UF, Bama, and Old Mrs. Sanford Stadium. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

We should name the stadium after Jim Donnan. After all, he made Mark Richt possible. If Donnan had won just a few more times against UT and UF Mark Richt never comes to Athens.

Plus, he's the only ESPN college commentator worth a shit.

Smitty said...

Sanford-Richt is coming....

ugagirl24 said...

Now I'm all for Sanford-Richt Standium. Love.

Anonymous said...

Heck, I would drive out to Greene County to see statues of Coach Dooley, Erk, Munson, and Lewis Grizzard next to the Iron Horse.

That would be a hoot.

Heck, put one of Adams there too...just make sure you put it on the proper end of the horse.

Anonymous said...

Just name a section of the stadium after him. How about The Dooley Student Section. Or maybe a statue beside the granite dog in the east end

Anonymous said...

How about Sonny Seiler name the next UGA "Vince Dooley the second"?

I can't think of a better tribute.

Also, it would be most likely be around for the rest of Adam's tenure.

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