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February 8, 2008

Honoring Sundiata Gaines

Sundiata Gaines has been a warrior for Georgia in his four years on campus. He's made the best of his tenure despite experiencing one of the most frustrating four year runs over the program's past 30 years.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank him by listing some of his accomplishments.

Did You Know...
He recently became the only player in UGA history to amass 1,000 points, 500 rebounds and 400 assists in his career, and his list of accomplishments don't stop there. According to UGA's SID, some of his other career achievements include:
    #1 All-Time in Steals at Georgia

    #4 All-Time in Assists at Georgia. He has a shot at #2 behind only Rashad Wright.

    #24 All-Time in Scoring at Georgia. He has a shot to finish in the Top 15.

    #13 All-time in Career Rebounds at Georgia. He has averaged 5.4 rebounds per game over his career, and he has a realistic shot at finishing in the Top 10. Among existing leaders, Gaines is by far the shortest at 6'1". Amazing.

    Top 5 All-time in Minutes? They don't keep records of this, but Gaines' 3,399 minutes played would have him along side guys like Rashad Wright and Litterial Green for minutes played.
Georgia plays at Florida on Saturday at 3:00 pm on Raycom Sports TV (check local listings).

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Go Dawgs.



Anonymous said...


Thanks for discovering somewhat of a silver lining to what has been a thoroughly disappointing season thus far. Here's to hoping better days are ahead for the Georgia basketball program. Lord knows it cannot get a whole lot (save for a second coming of Harrick and Co.) worse than it is at present.

Go Dawgs!

Joel said...

You failed to list Gaines' most impressive stat:
0 arrests (to my knowledge)

And I don't say that in jest. In this day and age, keeping your nose clean while working hard on the court and in the classroom seems like it is an increasingly difficult thing to do.

Additionally, mainstream media fails to recognize a guy like Sundiata as much as they should. He has put together an impressive stat sheet on some pretty bad teams. He has been a good student-athlete and a decent guy.

(Disclaimer - I don't know if Gaines has ever been in trouble legally or academically, but I don't remember a time when he was)

Watson said...

As far as I can remember he has been clean. What an outstanding guy and from what I hear very nice as well.

If not for him, who knows where this program would be. One of the few Damn Good Dawgs from basketball of recent years.

Anonymous said...

Sundiata is the hardest working Hoop 'Dawg I can remember. It's a damn shame he isn't playing under better circumstances. But when his playin' days are over, I'm sure he'll excel in whatever he chooses to do in life.

Anonymous said...

A DGD, for sure. As frustrating as the last four years have been, just think how much worse they would have been without SG.

Anonymous said...

It just a d@mn shame he didn't a good coach to play for.

Anonymous said...

He had a very impressive game today. It's too bad that once again we stumbled down the stretch. We were down 51-49 with about 15 minutes left but Florida took advantage of our turnovers and put it away. Time to make some changes.

Anonymous said...

If Georgia Basketball were the LA Clippers of SEC Basketball, Sundiata Gaines would be Loy Vaught (I know Loy was a PF, but I'm just making a comparison in terms of stardom, Yata is probably a better rebounder too).

Anonymous said...

i knew yata for a long time and im glad that he's doing his thing .......... coming from where we do a lot of people can play ball but they aren't doing the thing to allow them to do it at a big school or a school for that matter ...... but yata always had his head on straight tho

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