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February 5, 2008

Yip Yap Recruiting Talk on DawgPost

Dean Legge of posted this a few days ago on Youtube.

Good Stuff.



Anonymous said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing. Good job by the dawgpost.

A.J. Green is a beast! He's going to be a very nice target for Stafford.

Looking forward to kicker Blair Walsh too.

JasonC said...

I check the scout site pretty regularly to see where UGA ranks nationally in recruiting. I know it is far from an exact science, but one of the things that has really impressed me is that UGA was #2 early on behind ND. Since then, Bama has made a big run and is now #1 with UGA at #3. However, Bama has 28 people committed, whereas UGA has 24. If UGA had 4 more slots like Bama, then I think we would have gotten Zebrie, Lipscomb and possibly Omar which I think would have pushed us way past Bama.
My point is that even though we filled up early, we didn't really drop as others tried to play catch up. Things could change tomorrow, but I am very pleased with how things have turned out for the Dogs.

Anonymous said...


huh...what...oh 5 class...

wake me back up at G-Day.

When is it again??

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