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March 11, 2008

DawgPost Roundtable


-- CSTV's Toughest Schedules for 2008
-- Caleb King readies for debut - AJC
-- Toughest Schedule Discussion - David Ching



Anonymous said...

Hey Paul-

I was listening to 680 the Fan this morning on my way in to work. One of the guys (I don't know or recognize those guys by name or voice...I usually listen to 790) basically ripped off your post a week ago about the Richt pay scale thing.

I don't know why he brought it up now of all times since the news came out a week ago, but basically he said while Richt may be only the 5th highest paid coach in the SEC, he is paid 11th most nationally.

He then went through the list of coaches paid higher than him and

a) pointed out that most all of them have National Championships

b) made the exact same joke about Tuberville getting paid more as part of a "having to live in Auburn" clause

c) mentioned that Weis does indeed have 2 super bowl rings despite not having won squat in college.

Not a big deal I guess, I just remember thinking that I read the exact same arguement on here a week ago. It was on around 9:01 or 9:02 if interested.

Unknown said...

I didn't hear it, but it was probably Perry. Rude is too lazy to read the cybertubes.

Jim Wood said...

I didn't hear the Richt thing, but Perry also ripped off one of your Felton posts. Included in his comments were the idea that a well coached team gets better as the season progresses. He was siding with Felton, but he basically read off your post as the counterargument.

Hobnail_Boot said...

2 things:

1) Felton comparing himself to Belichick is laughable at best. You think Dennis would ever be caught dead in a hoodie?

2) Loved that sideline footage of Knowshon's 2nd TD in the WLOCP. I never realized Stafford was the first one there to pick him up.. cool stuff.

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