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April 16, 2008

Felton to Pay Off on Bet with Students

On Friday, Dennis Felton will make good on his promise to the UGA students. He swore that he'd shave his mustache if UGA won the SEC Championship.

Mission Accomplished.

On Friday at noon, the mustache comes off. Check the Athens Paper for details.

"It's so hard
To say goodbye
To hairy days."



blackertai said...

I thought we were pro-beard/mustache around here? Is Felton trying to sabotage the Football squad's national title run before it starts?

Unknown said...

I'm not aware of the Georgia Sports Blog having a facial hair policy. I think you're referring to who is definitely pro facial hair.

Anonymous said...

I thought Felton was supposed to shave his 'stache and his head? Nothing like paying off a debt half-ass. If he was only going to do half of what he originally promised, he should've at least shaved the thing right after we won the SEC.

Anonymous said...

I was at the game..he said stache AND head... eye brows if we won the national title...oh course, he is doing it half-way.

Unknown said...

his version is he said "head" only if we won the title.

I heard what you heard. But others that I trust disagree. So, I'm trying to be a good guy and just rolling with this one.


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