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April 20, 2008

Georgia Football lands recruit #8

The football team picked up its 8th commitment of the year when Dallas Lee (6'3" 305 lb lineman) from Buford High School gave his verbal to the UGA coaching staff. Lee says that UGA wants him at offensive guard or center. Lee appears to have had offers from FSU and Georgia Tech among others.

Separately, 4 star quarterback recruit Aaron Murray looks set to name his school of choice on Thursday. The scuttle butt points to UGA over Florida and UCLA. If Murray commits, Georgia will be done recruiting QBs for the season. Pulling an elite QB out of Tampa would be a nice score for the coaching staff.

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Anonymous said...

Plant has a very good program and is one of the better public schools in Florida in terms of academics and athletics. It would send a message to the tons of Gator fans that UGA is coming after them in every way - in Jacksonville and after their own athletes. Would be nice to land a big-timer out of Gainesville.

Anonymous said...

Dallas Lee has an offer from GTU? But but but.....I thought it was a canon of faith over there that "GTU cant and doesnt recruit the same players as UGA."

Boy, am I confused. Imagine someone with a chance to jump on the Paul Johnson Bandwagon passing it up to play for UGA. It's all very shocking to me.

blackertai said...

Who wouldn't want to play for a team that fumbles every third snap (if they're lucky)? I know you could count me in if I had any eligibility left.

Anonymous said...

IF Georgia can land Murray, does this help land his TE as well? He looks like a beast!

Anonymous said...

The gators boards are saying he is coming here. They say he has been recruiting for us ever since he made his trip to athens. I think we get his TE too.

Hobnail_Boot said...

After his TE broke their crystal MNC trophy, I'd say he's already a Damn Good Dawg.

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