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April 5, 2008

The Knewshon? King Stands Out at G-Day

Coach Richt discussed G-Day in the above video from The sound quality is a little rough, but you'll get the gist of it.

For my money, the most impressive player was Caleb King. He looked very solid. The stats don't blow you away with 6 carries for 31 yards and 2 catches for 17 yards. However, he showed speed, moves and quickness that inspired a great deal of confidence. Per Rennie Curran:
"It was just like he did in high school, slashing, getting people to miss and getting in the open space," said linebacker Rennie Curran. "He really impressed me with his performance."
I'm going to try and watch it on DVR tomorrow, but my initial impression for the game overall was "yawn." There were too many kids banged up to learn much. I liked what I saw from the first team offense in the first half, the linebackers, King and Logan Gray. Beyond that, it was hard to learn much.

In other positive news, Arby Jones committed to play for the Georgia Bulldogs. Jones is one of the nation's elite defensive linemen in the 2009 recruiting class. The AJC, and all have articles up regarding the commitment.

Separately...Are you're curious as to how the other half lives? Well, Georgia Tech fumbled the ball 14 times during their scrimmage on Saturday. In Tech's defense, their starting QB (Nesbitt) didn't play in the scrimmage. But it wasn't just the QBs. According to Paul Johnson
"I'm going to guess there must have been 60 missed assignments, 70 missed assignments on offense. Clearly, we don't know what we're doing. That's a poor reflection on us as coaches. We haven't done a very good job coaching them if they don't know what they're doing. I'm embarrassed that they don't know what to do."
G-Day Articles (updated Sunday evening):I'll update with more headlines when they come online tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

i was not impressed with Caleb AT ALL. He didnt show very much quickness, he crumbled when he was hit and he was horrible in pass protection.

Richard Samuel and Kalvin Daniels look more capable of being the #2 back. Caleb ran scared, those 2 guys hit the hole hard.

As far as standouts, i thought Israel Troup showed that he can be a hines ward type slot receiver and Aron White looked like a great H-Back option. Kid looks like a young Kellen Winslow.

Defensively, Knox looked great. Not for the pick, but his body and closing speed was impressive.

Dissapointments, only 1. Bryan Evans, the coached to realize that sure he might be the fastest 40 on the team, but he is clueless when it comes to coverage.

I was also dissapointed with the short quarters, didnt really allow for all that much evaluation. And the game was BORING.

Oh, and Matt Stewart is an absolute idiot. And Buck Belue is a joke as well.

We are LOADED though...

ChiliDawg said...

What about those red endzones?

Anonymous said...

What?!? I was at the game and watched again on DVR last night.

I disagree with anonymous - Caleb has the goods and proved it. Used his speed, showed patience, and lowered his shoulder for the extra yards. Samuel and Daniels were solid too, but I didn't see the same acceleration from those guys.

Stars -
Michael Moore really stepped up big. We looked stacked at receiver without MoMass or Goodman.

I agree on Knox - don't know when he'll play, but he's a hitter.

Hitting -
I really only saw big hits from Asher out of the starting D. We need a few more of those guys to start laying hits; otherwise, no complaints about yesterday.

Any news on Vance?

Anonymous said...

I liked the endzones. They looked a lot better before all the rain came in too.

Watson said...

the red endzones didn't look bad but i prefer the natural grass look with the white letters.

most impressed with mike moore. he seemed most consistent and much improved.

caleb will be fine. i know they are supposed to go 110% but we should not have anything to worry about

Anonymous said...

I don't have any idea how anonymous above wasn't impressed with King. King looked VERY quick and shifty to me. I don't remember any huge holes he had to run through- he earned every yard, and juked three different guys on that one long run.

I agree that Mike Moore, John Knox, and Logan Grey looked good. I also thought Jarius Wynn looked VERY good. So did Akeem Hebron. Crawford looked pretty good too.

I disagree about the defense not hitting hard. Rennie had a good lick in there, and a lot of the starters didn't play much after the first half.

I actually don't think the game was boring. I EXPECTED it to be boring since there are less question marks this season than usual, and with all the injuries...HOWEVER, as good as I expected the team to be based on what I'd already seen, I now safely believe that Caleb will be a BIG-TIME weapon in addition to Knowshon (the more touches he gets the better), Knox at the very least could be a BEAST on special teams, Logan Grey could be a VERY exciting QB for us in the future, and Mike Moore and Jarius Wynn might sneak into the starting lineup and do some good things for us this year!

Anonymous said...

I think everyone had way to high of expectations for caleb. I think people were expecting him to be better than knowshon. Caleb looked pretty good. The only thing that he looked really bad on is pass blocking. He has a ways to go in that area. He has a solid lock on the #2 RB spot imo.

Unknown said...

Anon 1 - He put his head down and moved a pile of defenders 4-5 yards downfield on a run.

What game were you watching?

Anonymous said...

yeah, Paul, on *1 run*. His first 3 carries he was scared to death. Dont get me wrong, there is a lot of potential, but he has a ways to go.

He whiffed on EVERY SINGLE pass protection assignment and didnt hit the holes nearly as hard as Samuel or Kalvin. I hope the hesitation was due to his slightly injured knee....

Watson said...

for the record it's Logan Gray. not grey. Sorry, i'm really anal about spelling anon.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, King was channeling Warrick Dunn. He was patient with his blocks by letting them get set up before bursting through. He had clean cuts and made a couple of tacklers whiff. Caleb also showed some power when he hit the pile and moved it.

Anonymous said...

1 more thing, I want the following goal line jumbo set stack next year: Bruce Figgins - Brannon Southerland - w/ Richard Samuel toting the rock. That group of guys could bust the Hoover Dam.

Anonymous said...

I was very impressed with Caleb. I think what anon10:44 thinks is hesitation and fear is simply the patience that CMR was talking about a couple weeks ago during practice. There was no where to go on those first two runs and he was trying to let something develope. I completely disagree with anon10:44. However I do agree about his pass blocking. kinda suspect...

Anonymous said...

any injury news on Vance?

Anonymous said...

Sprained ankle. He'll be fine by fall camp.

Anonymous said...

First of all, anon 1, most would disagree with you on your view of calebs performance. Go back and look at the carries you say he didnt hit the hole hard on. There was nowhere to go and he had to adjust. He showed great strength and speed and averaged over 5 yards a carry. Good enough for me. Oh, and its Abry Jones, not Arby Jones. You did make me hungry though.

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