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April 14, 2008

Larry Munson Tribute from the Sporting News

Spencer Hall (aka Orson Swindle of EDSBS) writes a regular column for In today's edition, he wrote an incredible tribute to Larry Munson.

The article is even more impressive given that Spencer's undergraduate degree is from the University of Florida, and his masters degree is from Georgia Tech. In other words, he is in possession of every imaginable reason on earth to hate Larry Munson, but he can't help himself...he must appreciate the legend. For bonus points, he is a former member of the Pride of the Sunshine Fighting Gator Marching Band.

A highlight from the article:
My own football baptism, whether I knew it or not, came with Munson calling games in the background. I am not even a Georgia fan, but even as a screaming insomniac food monkey myself being raised in Atlanta, I knew something very, very important was happening when the creaky voice came on, a man whose voice seemed to have its own odd echo and static even when he spoke on television interviews.

Even now, with age obviously limiting him, Munson calling a game seems like a man torn between throwing himself over the rail with despair and hugging the nearest person 'till their ribs break. He is an announcer who admitted breaking a chair out of excitement on the Lindsay Scott call in 1980, who sounded unhinged with excitement when David Greene tossed an improbable TD to Michael Johnson against Auburn in 2002 and who coined the call of the millennium against Tennessee in 2001.
It's a great read. Get well soon, Larry!


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Anonymous said...

I guess I have outgrown or moved beyond my "hatred" of other sports teams. There are announcers I do not like, but not because of their affiliation with a team (most announcers do a variety of sports). I can remember listening to Al Serrata of Tech and liking the way he called a game. There are other announcers that I could get at night on the AM radio and would love to listen to them call a game.

Good read on Munson. I am glad that he is getting national attention. He is my favorite football announcer of all time and my brother (who is a Tech fan) loves Munson as well. Growing up in the 70s and then into the 80s and having Munson and Seratta was great.

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