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April 2, 2008

Tickets Available for Arizona State vs. Georgia Bulldogs

As previously reported here, there is a great deal of interest from our fans for tickets to the Georgia Bulldogs vs. Arizona State Sun Devils game in Tempe. So the question immediately becomes, how do I get tickets? Well...Kanu (Dodgy at Best blog), and I have done the research and gotten the 411.

On August 13, 2008 Arizona State announced that they had sold out of single game tickets for UGA vs. Arizona State. They might have some additional tickets go on sale on Sept. 9th. In the meantime, the info below which has strikethru text is out of date. If you want tickets for Georgia vs. ASU, you have 3 choices:
    1. You can scalp on gameday.

    2. You can order via Stubhub or some other after market service (prices are very reasonable)

    3. You can wait til Sept. 9th and hope that there are some single game tickets available.
Remember, the UGA Section is 231-236 (upper) and 24-25 lower level


Face value on the single game ticket is $55.00. However, UGA fans usually don't find out until June or July what the away game ticket cutoff score will be for Hartman Fund givers.

Why wait when you can get them now:
You need not wait in limbo while air fares rise and hotel rooms get booked up. You can get your ASU vs. UGA tickets today. The Arizona State ticket office is currently selling season tickets for as low as $99.00 per season ticket book (no contribution required). The season ticket package does include the Georgia game.
ASU Ticket Office:
(480) 727-0000
Hours: 12 pm - 8 pm EST
No online sales

Yes. That's right. Season tickets for $99.00. In other words, only $44.00 over face value for the UGA game stand alone. Best of all, these tickets are located directly beside the official visitor section (see Seating Chart below).

According to the ASU web site and ticket office, the UGA fans will be sitting in Sections 231-236. There will be a very limited number of seats available in the lower level, but those lower level seats are reserved for very high roller UGA contributors.

Think of the $99.00 ticket deal
as cheaper version of Georgia Tech's
three game "mini-packs."

Last year, ASU waited until August 13th to make single game tickets available. Why wait until air fare is through the roof in order to save $44.00 on the ticket price?

But gets better:
According to the ASU ticket sales rep that Kanu talked to, you can return your unused tickets to ASU (obviously in advance), and they will donate your unused tickets a local charity such as the Boys Club of Tempe. You will then get a charitable gift receipt for your tickets. Not too shabby.

Your best bet for tickets near the UGA sections are to start with Section 230 and work your way over from there.

Seating Chart for Sun Devil Stadium. Click to Enlarge

Some additional info on Tickets that I gathered from ASU. (Note: as you can see from the chart above, none of these seats appear to be located near the ASU student section).
    EndZone Upper Level Tickets (WITHOUT CHAIR BACKS)
    -- $99.00 per Season Ticket book
    -- Sections 212-221 and 227-230.
    -- Section 230 is the closest to the UGA section. Obviously, The more tickets we buy, the bigger the UGA section becomes.
    -- Most sections have roughly 38 rows.

    EndZone Upper Level Tickets (CHAIR BACKS)
    -- $99.00 per Season Ticket book
    -- Sections 222-226

    Sideline Upper Level Tickets (CHAIR BACK)
    -- $149.00 per Season Ticket book
    -- Sections 201-211
    -- Some of these seats / sections have Chair backs and Arm Rests.
There's no indication from UGA what the ticket cut off score will be. Yet. However, it looks to me -- based on a conversation with the ASU ticket office sales rep -- that the Sun Devils have given UGA about 6,000 tickets. I think we normally get around 8,000-9,000 tickets for a big road game, and the ticket cut-off score is usually around 20,000-25,000 Hartman Fund points for big SEC road games.

Assuming constant demand and a more limited supply, you would expect the cut off to balloon upwards. If the demand is 25% less than a normal big game, the cut off might be the same as normal. But to expect the cut off to get down to UF levels (7k or so) seems very far fetched.

Bottom Line
If you want to attend this game, tickets should NOT be the reason you say "no. " They are in cheap and ready supply. Separately, Kanu and I are both putting together some hotel and food recommendations. The only tricky thing logistically about the trip will be getting out of Phoenix on Sunday.

To buy the tickets, call (480) 727-0000 Mon-Friday 12-8:00 pm EST. Go Dawgs and see you in Tempe.

See Also:
-- Official ASU Ticket Information
-- Official seating chart

-- Travel and Tailgate Info - Dodgy at Best (some profanity)
-- Hotel List in Tempe - Tempe Convention & Visitors Bureau
-- Things to Do in Tempe - Tempe CVB



Kanu said...

Thanks again for all your work/help on this.

See you there, dude!

ChiliDawg said...

No joke on the tricky logistics on Sunday. The earliest I am finding to arrive at Hartsfield-Jackson via Orbitz is a little after 1 am.

ChiliDawg said...


Wasn't your guess that this game would be the primetime on ABC? The game time would obviously impact time of arrival if I flew in Saturday. A college student has to do what he can...

Unknown said...


re: Return flights on Sunday

Check USAir and Delta direct.

Check United, Continental, USAir, Frontier and American on 1 stop flights. Lots of availability there.

Also check SouthWest. They fly out of B'Ham, Nashville and Jax. They fly direct from Bham and Nashville. They also won't make Sept flights available for another month or so.

Kanu said...


ASU-UGA is by far the best game of Sept 20 ON PAPER. If both teams are undefeated then I will almost guarantee that we are the ABC national game at 8 p.m. EST / 5 p.m. PST, and even with 1 loss we still might be {say if we lost to Carolina and it's close}. If it's not then it will likely be in the 3.30 p.m. EST time slot.

Kanu said...

Chilidawg- for flights. Select the option for "show nearby airports"

Also, as PWD said, right now only allows you to book through August, so in another couple weeks they will have Sept available- look on there for PHX to BHM flights.

oreo said...

We got ours. Section 230, row 12....

Unknown said...

LMAO! Everyone I talk to has gotten better tickets than me. And I ordered mine last week. lol.

Anonymous said...

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Enjoy the state. A lot to see and
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oreo said...

yeah, but how charming to the ticket lady were you, pwd?

Unknown said...

oreo - dude I even called back and still got the heisman stiff arm.

I have no game. lol.

I also want 4 together. Which is part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hosting you guys in the "House of Heat"! You all will have a great time if you've never been to Arizona. Get ready to tailgate in 90 degrees! It's a great state, and Tempe has a lot to offer. See you in September. Go Devils!

Anonymous said...

90 Degress? Try tailgating in 95 degrees with 80% humidity. The dry heat of Arizona will feel cool by comparison.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Kristen, you need not warn us about celebrating football in "hot" 90 degree weather. "At least it's a dry heat!"

I am confused... does your ticket order form (the one that was due March 31) only provide the away game tickets that you are eligible for? Because it had listed that we were eligible for two ASU tickets but did not even list the more popular SEC away games (presumably because our score is too low). Gah. Confusing. What I'm trying to say is... are you guaranteed the tickets you put in for on your order form or will they be filled on a basis of what your score is?

Anonymous said...

Anon - no. You are not guaranteed the tix you put in for.

Big road games other than UF have cutoffs around 20k-28k Hartman Fund points.

UF rises every year, but last year it was around 6k-7k.

UF is obviously a lower cut-off because we get 40k tickets. We only get 8,000 or 9,000 for UT, GT, SC or AU.

The LSU cut-off this year will be ridiculously high.

Unknown said...


if you put in for tix from UGA and don't get them, you get a refund.

Mike said...

Just booked my 2 seats in row 24...guess a lot of Dawgs have called in today. Anyone know when they said they would ship out so I know to be on the lookout? I forgot to ask.

Anonymous said...

when will we know our ticket allotment they are giving us?

Kanu said...


They told me that they would be mailed out in early to mid August.

Anonymous said...

My seats are 232, row 3 (UGA Section in front of UGA's allotment). I was all over this one a couple of weeks ago. I have been hounding those guys for months.

Anonymous said...

I doubt you guys care, but Kristen must wear an ice suit to the games if she thinks it's only 90 degrees during the afternoon tailgating. Expect temps in the 100-110 degree range.

Anonymous said...

Got 4 in 230, row 19.

Cna't wait to try and sell all the other tix with all the other UGA people. Most likely be donating 'em for the tax write off.

Can't believe their home demand is that low considering their recent good years.

Unknown said...

I guarantee a night game in Tempe, Arizona in September. I work with a guy who went to ASU and he said temps still get in the 100's at that time of year, and they are forced to have night games. Pitty we will have that much more time to wrap up early morning T-times with the perfect amount of tailgate time to spare.

What a great game/trip to schedule out of conference. I am pumped.

Chris said...

Thanks soooo much for the tip! Got my tickets today. Been too long since I have seen the Dawgs play.


Anonymous said...

I got two in section 224. Airline prices are around $400 right now. Tickets on Southwest in August are also around $400. I just spent an hour and a half trying to find 2 Skysaver award tickets on Delta out of Chattanooga, Atlanta, Birmingham or Nashville to no avail. I did find 2 to Tucson, which is about 100 miles from Phoenix. I go to Arizona once a year. If I had to live anywhere other than the South, I would be there. It's a great state with lots to do.

Anonymous said...

I just bought 3 season tickets in section 229. I am thinking UGA fans have most of 230 purchased.

My group of 3 are flying into Vegas on Friday, driving to Tempe on Saturday morning then driving back to Vegas after the game. We are then spending 3 more nights in Vegas to make a fun, long weekend out of things.

Go Dawgs and see you in Tempe!

Anonymous said...

Will buy whats left of your season ticket package. Will pay $45 for the balance of your season ticket package. If you bought 4 season packages I will buy all games (except Georgia ofcourse) for $180.

email me

Anonymous said...

I am dying to fly out to Sanford Stadium for the first time. I have been a huge UGA fan for many years and finally have made plans to go out there. But I do not have any tickets yet. If anyone is selling UGA-Bama tickets, please e-mail me at I am a true fan also.

Anonymous said...

I got 2 in 232 about 3 weeks ago. Called ASU and they already opened up all of 217-218 for UGA fans.
I have plane tickets too, but does anyone have any suggestions on a good place to stay, very nice and near a lot of good after game bars?

Veronica said...

I am so excited that so many of yall are planning on coming out! I moved here last August from SEC country (I'm an LSU grad) and went to my first Non-SEC game last football season. Trust me..they do NOT know how to tailgate out here. I can't wait to witness some TRUE tailgating in the desert---and although I am a tiger fan til I die...i am also a HUGE SEC fan so I will be cheerin on the dawgs that night!

To the person that asked for a good place to stay close to some after game bars---try to find a place close to Mill Ave. Mill Ave is kind of like the Bourbon St. of Arizona but bigger and cleaner :) It's walking distance from the stadium and usually a lot of fun.

krev008 said...

I have tickets for the Georgia at ASU game (upper and lower) and airline round trip tickets. let me know if interested email me at


Anonymous said...

Hey Dawgs. Hope the weather is good for you. I see the game has been moved to a late afternoon start, which should be more tolerable (We almost killed a bunch of Oregon Ducks by playing a 1PM game in 108 degree weather).

Does anyone know if the band will be making the trip to Tempe? I'm an ASU season ticket holder, but I sit in row 1 of the visitors section in the upper deck, overlooking the visiting team band.

Unknown said...

Mike - re: The Band

UGA brings its full 300+ person band to games that involve a day trip bus ride, the Georgia/Florida game, the SEC title game and bowls.

That includes UF, UT, SC, GT, Clemson, AU, and UA.

We bring a 20 person (or so) pep band to games involving an overnight van ride. The longest regular season trip that any of us can remember was Fayetteville, Arkansas.

So basically, the SEC West (other than AU/UA), Vandy and UK get pep bands.

Who the hell knows what kind of band we're taking to this one. We've got nothing to compare it to.

Anonymous said...

Go point Paul. Based on this article in today's Arizona Republic it does sound like it's been a while since UGA has had a western regular season road trip.

Since the concentration of schools is not as great out west ASU gets to travel longer distances I suppose. Northwestern, Wisconsin, North Carolina and the Iowa schools are some of our longest regular season trips. I doubt ASU's band made it to those.

Band or not, it sound like UGA will have a great showing at Sun Devil Stadium.

Looking forward to the game!

Anonymous said...

I live here in tempe and strongly suggest staying as far away from the ASU student section as possible, other than that I hope everyone has a good time and enjoys the game. THE TRUE BAR scene is up in scottsdale about 5 minutes away from the stadium for some of the UGA fans who like to dress up and see the most beautiful women in the world there is over 24 in about a 3 mile radius. And whoever wrote that its going to be 90' degrees is insane i have been to every asu game in the last 4 years and there is not way is under 120 in the actual stands, you guys will love the metal bleachers in direct sunlight were the UGA section is. once again try to steer clear of student section its defitley one of the most hostile in the nation.

Unknown said...

Really looking forward to this game, but the last posting by the anonymous ASU fan made me come back to post again. You obviously have been spending too much time in the Arizona sun. Most hostile in the nation? You must have never really spent any time in the southeast. Your season tickets are being sold off to a team that is traveling three time zones for $99, and you really wanna talk hostile fans!?

You make reference to the ASU women being the most beautiful in the nation as well, have you ever seen women from Athens, GA? Keep your eyes ahead when the women dressed in red and black walk by. I bet we have UGA cheerleaders on the field. Where is ASU's? Oh, I forgot about that little camera insident a few years ago, really positive role models.

Dry heat in the 95-100 range at game time (5pm PST) is nothing compared to 95-100 at 100% humidity. Nothing to worry about there.

One thing I am glad to hear out of this posting is that Scottsdale comes remotely close to the nightlife in Athens. Good to know we have a few places to get a good bite to eat and cold beverage after the game.

Anonymous said...

This is the sun devil fan again, im not really trying to compare the two schools in tailgating, or passion for football because its not close. GEORGIA FANS ARE NUTS!!! WE are pumped to have you guys out here and I cant wait for the game. but i think you took hostile wrong, its not that the stadium sells out every game but our students are just nasty, ITs more dirty aregentina soccer game than the passion of the south or something like pen state. WE also have the largest student body in pure numbers so we make up for a lot in size. The problem is that its not about the football for our students. Last time an SEC team came through we hosted LSU with our lame duck coach Dirk and they escaped on a Jamarcuss Russell bomb with no time on the clock so dont expect a cake walk. My roomates father graduated from LSU made it out to the game and passed out in the stands, dont forget the sun screen haha,. A few good hotels are south mountain point in chandler about 10 min drive.
HAs a great water park with bars throughtout. Also check at the mandrian in oldtown scottsdale great late night bar. Once again im pumped for the game and cant wait to visit athens next year because it sounds awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Just another Sun Devil Parent and UGA Fan (Heart is with GA, but money goes to ASU) the student section is in the lower bowl from the endzone to the 40 yard line SE side. This is much bigger than any student section in the SEC by far and I have been to many SEC games. This is one of the student perks of not selling out the games like the SEC. It will be hot and there is no shade. Tailgating is very big but we bring the shades. If you find one flying GA and ASU flags stop by. I have always found extra tickes at the games and even the big games they have never exceeded face value. (USC, U of A, and Iowa) But $99 going 2000 miles is cheap knowing you have a seat. And our local boys and girls clubs do take donated tickets. Just drop them at the box office. Yall enjoy yourselves

treybt420 said...

I just received my season tickets from ASU. Talked to them on Friday and sending back my unused tickets. They are still selling the season ticket package as of Fridaty

treybt420 said...

They are still selling the season ticket package in the end zone

Anonymous said...

Ready for tempe, are we wearing red or white?

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, Hope all Georgia fans make the trip out here to Arizona for the game. Just wanted to let everyone know that while watching the game yesterday with the Georgia Alumni here in Phoenix that Gordon Biersch will be the game day headquarters for all Dawgs fans. It's going to be decked out in Black and Red and the Arizona Chapter of UGA Alumni will be there. Please spread the word and remember that Gordon Biersch only holds 500 so get there early and join us in watching the early games and celebrating The University of Georgia.

Anonymous said...

Where did you here this at bc I just called and they didnt here anything about that.

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