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May 17, 2008

Honduran Living

The Mark Richt Honduran Improvement Tour is currently ongoing. The Athletic Association has a daily diary written by the players joining Richt on the trip. Rod Battle and Chris Davis have written the first couple of entries. The group sounds like they're having fun, doing good, and getting some perspective on their lives. No reports of circumcision yet, but they have a few more days before returning to Athens.

I know this trip is at its core a religious one and therefore not for everyone, but it would be great to have more guys join Coach Richt. They really sound like they are learning some good stuff: service, humility, a sense of how good they have things. Plus, it's a great way to build the bonds that make a team. You take a group of kids, plop them in a completely foreign place, and get them to work together for a common goal.

The Dawgs have been playing futbol against local Hondurans and they are losing. Chris Davis reports that soccer is a "skinny man's game" and that he scored an inadvertent goal for the Hondurans.



JasonC said...

Never prouder of Richt and the team.

Anonymous said...

Re: "circumcision": Erin Andrews looks like a bow-legged albino auditioning for Alice in Wonderland. Nothing special there. Give me the hot chick from UGA.

Anonymous said...

Love the Chris Davis comments on soccer. Classic stuff. Great to see our school extending its' abilities out of the country and helping out those in need.

Anonymous said...

i second the never been prouder notion

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