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June 19, 2008


LSU vs. UNC postponed due to rain. They'll play tomorrow at 7 pm EDT. Georgia vs. Stanford pushed back to Saturday at 2:00 pm. Per the NCAA:

Game 10 (North Carolina vs LSU) has been postponed due to weather and will be played Friday night at 6pm. It will restart where it left off. There will now only be ONE game on Friday.

Games 11 and 12 have been moved to Saturday at 2pm and 7pm. (EDT)

If games 13 or 14 are necessary, they will be played on Sunday.
The main event Mon-Wed won't be moved...barring more weather problems.

The entire thing is a giant, hot turd on my plans in Omaha. Damn you Jim Cantore!

Update: On the bright side...the last time mother nature intervened in a major tournament in a game directly before the Dawgs next turned out ok. If only this meant that we got to play the CWS Title game at Tech.



Anonymous said...

Ugh. Can't control the weather. It's just frustrating because Stanford gets the extra day off. Thus, our reward for going 2-0 and playing one less game is limited. Oh well. At least I can actually watch the games now!

Anonymous said...

This really, really blows. It just rained and rained and hailed and rained some more. The UNC/LSU should never have been started. Severe Weather was on the way at gametime.

Stanford's bullpen gets more rest. Stanford is gonna be trouble. I wouldn't be surprised to see this go to Sunday, but the finals have not moved at all. Finals still start Monday. If Georgia can take care of business Saturday, the bullpen should be fine Monday. A two-game set could cause problems.

At this point, the waiting around is killing fans, family, and the team. Beyond the Old Market, (steak, beer and Georgia baseball) Omaha is pretty boring.

Hunker Down said...

The Stanford starter was already going to have a ton of rest. So it only aids their bullpen some. I don't expect much net benefit to Stanford for the next game. The benefit will be if we have to play them twice more.

Best case scenario for us...
LSU and UNC play an epic extra-inning game Friday and use a ton of pitchers.
Then Sat. we beat Stanford with two pitchers. Then Sat night, the LSU/UNC winner beats Fresno. On Sunday, the LSU/UNC winner beats Fresno again. By Monday, the LSU/UNC winner has played or almost played 5 consecutive days with death on the line. Because this would be such a lucky deal, don't count on it coming to fruition.

No matter what, I like our chances.

Hunker Down said...

Upon further consideration, there is no reason to hope for extra innings out of LSU/UNC tonight. That wish will be for the Sunday game if it happens.

Anonymous said...

Hey, why don't LSU and UNC play at 2 today and we can play at 7?

I guess that makes too much sense?

Anonymous said...

Well crap. Wore my gameday shirt and everything to work. That's what I get for not checking in on the UNC-LSU game last night.

-- RF

Anonymous said...

Is all about ESPN and television. They're calling all the shots.

Besides, UGA was supposed to play at 1 and then the Fresno State vs NC/LSU was supposed to be at 6. No matter what you do, the schedule is all messed up.

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