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June 1, 2008

SEC Week 1 TV Schedule Almost Finalized

Several kickoff times have been confirmed by the SEC. At the SEC meetings in Destin, they announced that Raycom Sports would be televising (all times are 12:30 pm EST):
    Week 1: Hawaii at Florida
    Week 2: Southern Miss at Auburn
    Week 3: UAB at Tennessee
That Hawaii game will kickoff at 6:30 am Hawaii time. Ouch. I'm a little surprised that the Hawaii/UF game didn't find its way to ESPN2. However, ESPN picked up seven Big 12 games this season, and I guess the Illinois at Missouri (in St. Louis) match-up is one of those games.

The appeal of the Big 12 North Champs vs. the Rose Bowl Runner-Up outweighed the Heisman Show in Gainesville. Either that or the Disney Family of Networks was uncomfortable televising a match-up of Tebow vs. Pacific Islanders. The last one ended up with blood everywhere.

Week 1 SEC kickoff times EST (ht - *)
    Aug 28th (Thurs):
    Vanderbilt at Miami-Ohio -- 7:30 pm (ESPNU)
    NC State at South Carolina -- 8:00 pm (ESPN)

    Aug. 30th (Sat.)
    Hawaii at Florida -- 12:30 pm (Raycom)
    Mississippi State at Louisiana Tech -- 7:00 pm (ESPN or ESPN2)**
    Alabama vs. Clemson (ABC or ESPN) -- 8:00 pm (ABC or ESPN)

    Appy State at LSU -- 8:00 pm (Tentative. FSS still possible)
    GSU at UGA -- 1:00 pm (Tentative. FSS still possible)
    Memphis at Ole Miss - TBD***
    W. Illinois at Arkansas - TBD
    UL-La. at Auburn - 7:00 pm

    Aug. 31st (Sunday)
    Kentucky at Louisville -- 3:30 pm (ESPN2)

    Sept. 1st (Monday)
    Tennessee at UCLA -- 8:00 pm (ESPN)
That's what we know for now.


*All times are listed CST.

** MSU at LaTech is on the WAC TV contract

***Jim Cornett lost interest in televising the Memphis/Ole Miss game after Orgeron got fired. Cornett's Mid-South Network was looking to hire Tony Schiavone to do play by play for it, but that all fell apart after Jerry Lawler made a big stink about who owned the Memphis circuit. Or not.


Anonymous said...

are you from MEMPHIS tennessee ???

Anonymous said...

PWD, I love the new banner header of the Redcoat Trumpet player. Keep it up a while please!

Unknown said...

No. I'm not from Memphis.

The only people from Memphis are men who have shot their wives and/or girlfriend, been shot by their wives and/or girlfriend.

Or been served gasoline when they really wanted wine by their wife and/or girlfriend.

Unknown said...

Thanks. I like the banner, too.

I try and rotate them about every week or two. You'll see that one a lot I'm sure.

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