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July 24, 2008

Cheering Your Guts Out: Six Rules Leading to Laryngitis

(Image: Red & Black
I know I have some odd ideas.  My wife reminds me often that I am not like normal people.  There are all sorts of things that all of us believe that run counter to the normal population.  These ideas are not strange enough to require medication or even social ostracism, but they do put a distance between you and your friends when they are finally exposed.  So why do we continue to do these things despite the mild problems they cause us?  Because we are right, damn it, and everyone else just doesn't get it.  Cheering at a Georgia game is one of those things for me.  Here are my general rules.

#1 When the opponent has the ball, yell at them loudly.  It doesn't matter what you yell at them as long as you are directing sound waves in their direction. On this, I will likely get no debate in theory.  In practice, however, Georgia home crowds don't always heed this rule.  If we want Sanford to enjoy the type of reputation for noise possessed by Neyland, the Swamp, or Tiger Stadium, our fans need to yell loudly on every down.  Georgia crowds are often sluggish on first and second downs.  On third downs, we sometimes need prodding from the PA announcer who dramatically calls the down and distance when the opponents break huddle.  This is all wrong.  There should be noise, at a minimum, from the time the opponent huddles until the snap on every down.  The object of stadium noise is to make it difficult for the opponent to communicate.  If you yell after the huddle breaks, you're not maximizing communication disruptions.

#2 When the opposing team is checking a play at the line, the noise should increase.  Again, if you want to disrupt communication, the best time to do this is when the opposing QB is changing the play at the line.  His players are spread out and should never be able to talk over the noise.  If you see an opposing quarterback checking a play at the line, your volume should go up.

#3 Watch the red hat.  Cheering when the opposing offense is standing around waiting for a TV break to end shouldn't really bother them.  When the TV timeout guy is on the field (usually in a white shirt and a red hat) the refs aren't going to start play.  But, I've seen us cheer and cheer when the guy is out on the field.  There have been times that the loudest moment before a play happens was while the game was in commercial break.  This is wasted noise.  Start cheering when Mr. Red Hat leaves the field.

#4 Silence for the offense.  If the goal of noise is to hinder communication, then the home crowd should be silent when we have the ball.  Allow Stafford to check plays at will and ensure that the team has no excuse for not picking up the check.  I remember watching a Duke basketball game once and the crowd was going nuts when the other team had the ball.  When Duke brought the ball up the court, it was like the arena was empty.  It sounded like a practice.  That is what I want when we are on offense, practice level noise.  This isn't to say you shouldn't cheer for a big play, just that the period from huddle to snap when the Dawgs have the ball should be calm and quiet.

#5 Don't participate in or encourage stupid cheering.  Crowds can sometimes descend to the level of its stupidest member, even if only briefly.  I consider this principle most often when I hear the "Overrated" cheer.  There is no more stupid cheer in all of sport.  It both diminishes your accomplishment and faults the opposition for something they didn't do.  If you think your team is good, why would you say that the team you are beating isn't that great?  If anything, you should be talking that team up.  Don't you want to say that you beat a good team rather than one that didn't deserve pregame hype?  Plus, the opposition doesn't control where they are ranked.  It's a stupid, stupid cheer and should never be uttered.  The same goes for "The Wave."  Folks, it is no longer 1988.  Stop doing the wave.  It accomplishes only one thing, annoying the hell out of people who want to watch the game.  If my children do the wave, it will be an immediate and unappealable reason for corporal punishment.

#6 Booing.  I know this is a controversial subject, but I have a couple of general principals here.  First, never boo a Bulldog.  I don't care how bad the screw up was, how many passes are dropped, or how many tackles are missed.  These guys aren't getting any take home pay for their sacrifice to the university.  They are out there for the glory of your university.  Cheer them on and don't humiliate them.  Not only does it make us look terrible as fans, but it also makes an impression on recruits (see 1999 Auburn game).

Second, boo the other guys as much as you like.  My momma told me never to boo anyone, but momma was usually surrounded by 80,000 drunk LSU fans doing the dirty work for her.  As I've gotten older, I've found the boo is one of the milder forms of opponent or official derision, so boo away.  More aggressive forms of belittlement should be used only when absolutely necessary.  Cursing by sober people should always be avoided, but I understand if Penn Wagers upsets you.  Just be careful.  Parents don't want to have to explain to their kids what you want to do to the referee's wife and why.

My final piece of advice on booing is to try the hiss every now and then.  I find its noise is far more unnerving than the simple boo to which every player no doubt has built in resistance.  The hiss is rarely used and is likely to provoke more of a reaction.  I know what 95,000 people booing sounds like, but 95,000 people hissing could be far more scary.  Think about it.

So there are my general principals for cheering at Georgia games.  If executed properly, you should feel exhausted after the final play.  You should feel like you played in the game and be hoarse until Tuesday.

Should I add anything to this philosophy or maybe scrap a rule entirely?



Anonymous said...

I think that the only thing you should add concerns those around you who are not making noise.

It is sad to see so many people wearing the red and black who sit during the entire game or talk more to their friends than watch the game.

I never sit down during the game except for halftime. That is the time to take a break and prepare my mind and body for the next half.

I think that those who are cheering should berate and chastise those who are not making noise. The issue is those quiet people are taking seats from those who are going to make noise.

The time to talk and chat to one another is pre-game and post-game. The tailgate was established to take care of this. However, more and more I see people using their cell phones more than they are watching the game.

The greatest commandment for those attending a UGA should be. Thou shall make noise with all my body, mind and soul. The second greatest is like unto it: Thou shall make thy neighbor do it also.

dean said...

I agree with you PWD. Although I don't necessarily agree with Anon 12:22 on "I think that those cheering should berate and chastise those who are not making noise." Sounds like a good way to start a fight. What they do with their seat is their business. I do agree that it's disappointing to see people not cheering but as long as they don't say anything to me for cheering then I'm not going to say anything to them for not cheering.

Anonymous said...

At Duke you have the Crazies, at UNC you have the wine and cheese crowd. Two winning programs with two very different crowd environments. Of course I also go to Carolina Panther games where you can hear a pin drop practically the entire game. I agree with PWD. Bring the noise!

ChiliDawg said...

I believe credit is due to Quinton here, not PWD

Uncle Front Runner said...


Amen brother Quinton!!!

dean said...

OOOPS! Sorry. That's what I get for assuming. Nice post Quinton.

Anonymous said...

Agree on all counts, particularly the part about the overrated cheer. Few things make me want to smack an entire student section upside the head than when I hear that. Nice column Q.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, especially commandment #3. That ref isn't too hard to miss, even from the 600level.

ChiliDawg said...

I will admit that is the one thing that isn't quite up to par with the gameday experience at Sanford, and that is the sometimes lack of noise. We aren't super quiet, but for a building with over 92,000 people, we aren't loud enough. I'm sure the open end allows some of the noise to escape (Lane Stadium at VT became a whole new place to play after they enclosed their open endzone), but I see too many people just content to watch the game. Everyone should get involved! The Dawgs need us when they are on defense!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Quinton. I agree with every word.

My problem is with those like Anon 12:22 who "never sit down during the game". If you are in the student section, that's one thing. But if you are in front of older people or little kids, that is another thing altogether.

I'm not saying you should never stand up. There are certainly times when it is appropriate and expected. But to stand up for an hour or two in front of older people or little kids is inexcusable.

Flame me if you must, but please don't throw out the old worn out arguments at me. Do try to come up with something new.

Anonymous said...

Great column and I agree with you 100% about the booing rule. I want to smack the fan silly that boos our own players.

However, anon 12:22, we sit in a section of the stadium with a lot of older fans and I am impressed they can take the heat that long... I would be afraid for their health if they were expected to stand the entire game. We still yell our lungs out but sit down periodically out of respect and hope that we are in still good enough health to enjoy the game well into our 70s and 80s like these fans have.

Anonymous said...

Well, then for the billions of times that I have said, "I f**king hate Penn Wagers" while stone-cold sober in front of anyone's children, I sincerely apologize.

But I'm going to keep saying it, because it's true and I hate children.

Anonymous said...

Every stadium has an older alumni side that is pretty quiet. The reason why our stadium isnt as loud as auburns or lsu or florida is because of our first level of seats. Our first level never gets any steeper it just stays the same grade all the way up. It should of started getting stepper at about row 30 or 35 and that would be a loud stadium.

NCT said...

I have a similar built-in aversion to booing, even for opponents (refs, not so much). But I don't mind when others do it, as long as it's not directed at our own players. One thing I picked up from my folks from their time at the University 50 years ago is that when the opposing team takes the field at the beginning of each half, we yell "Dog Food!" It sounds like a boo, but it's not.

I'll also add my two cents about standing the entire game. I'm directly in front of a great fan who's got some years on him and some truly bum knees. Both he and I were up the entire game last year for Auburn, but I'm sure his knees paid for it for days.

All that having been said, I've gotta say I, too, want more, more, more. The Blackout was one of the best game day experiences of my 40 years of attending games. There's no reason we can't at least approach that level of crowd intensity on a regular basis (at least where conference foes are concerned). And yes, I'm always hoarse until at least Tuesday after every home game.

Anonymous said...

I think you have nailed it on the head, if you are there you should be cheering or jeering which ever is necessary. If you want to talk to your bff do so at the tailgate but don't look at me like I need to quiet down.

Booing = you boo a Bulldog you should be removed from the stadium and never allowed to return. You never boo a Dawg!!!

Only 37 days and I can't wait.

oreo said...

We should try to pull a Fenerbahce...maybe w/ out the flares or fire or riots. But can you imagine getting even half that rowdy???

My only problem w/ UGA games is that its become more of a social event, for at least half the people it seems. I know even those people can get loud at 'key' points, but I'm like you Q, I'd like to see them loud the majority of the game.
What I would not like to see is people complaining when fans are loud. That to me is ridiculous. Watch it at home or go watch golf or tennis. I believe it was an NFL team, maybe the Chiefs or Bills, that recently has said they are thinking about or already have in place rules that kicks out fans that are too loud.

At least we're not like Clemson fans. Went to the Peach Bowl this year and was amazed by how their fans had no clue how to cheer: yelling when their kicker was about to kick or when Harper was on the line trying to change plays or quiet when Auburn had the ball, etc etc. They were really proud about being loud during breaks when their little cheer/song would blast out though.

Ludakit said...


Quite possibly your best post to date and I agree with every word, especially the "booing" part. I hate that and proceed to chew the pompous @ss of anyone who does that. I hate it with a passion. Not as much as I hate Tech, but with a passion, nonetheless.

As for people that sit at UGA games, it's been going on for decades and will continue to happen for decades to come. Hell, I wish everyone would stand up and give a yell, but it usually takes something huge for that to happen. Maybe since expectations are raised this year, there will be some variation, but I doubt it.

When I was in Redcoats it used to drive me crazy when people would sit on their hands the whole game and then complain that the Redcoats don't play enough. It still gets on my nerves today and, to be honest, is the reason why I still stand in the student section when I'm four years removed from classes.

Anonymous said...

Step 1. - Cup hands against mouth

Step 2. - Begin a loud "aaaaaaaaaarrrrghhh"

Step 3. - Wait 'til you run out of breath


I find this to be the most effective noisemaking technique.

The 31st Floor said...

If anyone would like lessons on how to fully enjoy the gameday experience, come sit behind the band with us in Section 112.

You will never be the same again. Despite being a season ticket holder now for 4 years I still can't bring myself to abandon my roots in the student section.

Anonymous said...

oreo...OH MY GAWD!!! That was incredible! I love it! THey kept cheering, weren't going anywhere and the game continued for several minutes. AWESOME! It pi22e2 me off when Samford is so quiet. This is why I love the atmosphere at the game in Jax, only we have 1/2 the stadium. Still, it is intense. Why can't we keep up the blackout hype of last year?! I hope Knowshon has another dance partner and doesn't somber up/mature his sideline manners as he ages. Keep it exciting, keep it pumped, keep it intense.

Anonymous said...

Music has a power, like the fan song in oreo's link. Last year was special and soljaboy (excuse spelling...i'm older) contributed to that. Something, some method of expression, like soljaboy, is necessary to illicit the intensity like we had against the plainsmen last year (as well as kicking their azz). I hope we can continue the level of play on the field as well as the means of expressing that on the sideline and for the crowd. HOWEVER DISCAIMERS...the fans should LEAD and instill intensity into the players with our noise, not be dependant on them to get us going like they and MR did much last year. Much of the momentum surrounding Georgia, in the national media, among fans and what has continued in recruiting, is because of the quality of play AND the HYPE with which we play that kinda ball. I am not talkin' thug hype like Miami in the 80's. I talking focused itensity with passion. Lead on MR.

Anonymous said...

Great post!! Should have been brought up a long time ago..

Another thing I would add: Get your butt in the stadium before kickoff! Don't ramble in halfway through the 1st quarter. The stadium was half-full during warmups in 2004 when we destroyed LSU. What an electric environment that was!

As for the sitting/standing thing: the day I am no longer physically able to stand up during live play at the game (considering the ridiculous amount of TV timeouts we now have) is the day I turn to my grandchildren and say 'here are my tickets, enjoy the game.' If I am not going to give my all to help them win, how can I expect the team to do the same?

And another thing: if you must use such language that only a sailor would own up to, stay at home and let someone have your ticket who might actually remember the game the next day. If you think it is your right to spout any profanity you can think of, ask the nearest usher.

Anonymous said...

This is the greatest post I've read all year! Quinton, you are all DAWG! Thank you for speaking up! UGA has the softest fans in the SEC. I was yelling at Dawg fans during the Sugar Bowl for sitting there like they were in their living rooms. CMR is jumping up and down on the sidelines for DAWG fans to Hunker and these people still sit! As I'm screming at some old Dawgs, some other joker tells me stop yelling at his grandparents. My response, "I'm yelling at you. THIS IS A BSC GAME, GET UP!" We will never scare people until every game has the noise of Clemson '91 and the Blackout. I was shaking with fear in Knoxville. Five year old kids screm Tiger Bait in my face at LSU. Stop trying to be so politically correct Dawg fans and HUNKER DOWN!!! Drink up if that is what it takes to get loud.

QUINTON for UGA President.

hoodawg said...

Brilliant. Can we add these simple lessons to freshman orientation? Send them out with season tickets? Please?

Anonymous said...

martnez dawg:

When you do turn your kids over to your grandchildren, I hope they are adults by then. That way, they will be tall enough to see over the people who are constantly standing up in front of them...

hoodawg said...

and can we also add:

#7 Be present and ready for kickoff. No need to be there to watch the guys run onto the field (although that would be preferable). Not necessary that you see the pregame band routine. Not sure why you'd want to miss the trumpet solo and the Munson video, but you have your reasons. But can you please, PLEASE be in position to cheer your team when the ball is kicked?

Anonymous said...

Uhhh... oops. I meant "turn you TICKETS over to your grandchildren" - not "kids". Sorry...

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to a game in years, but I have tickets to a game this year. There's been talk of being in your seat at least by kickoff - and preferably before.

So here's the question from the newbie: How long before the stated kickoff time do I have to be in my seat if I want to catch all of the pregame stuff - such as the trumpet solo, the Munson video, etcetera?

Ludakit said...

Anon @ 11:53

I can tell you the Redcoats usually go "off the line" (aka start pregame) at about 15 minutes before kickoff.

My suggestion is to be in your seat ready to go at least 30 minutes before the game. You'll be able to catch everything you want to see. That should even give you enough time before the first game as well, where I believe pregame will last about 25 minutes due to the induction of UGA VII.

Me personally, I try to get in at least an hour before because I like to see the team warm up to see who looks good, who's suited up and how fired up they are before the game.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to come off as rude here, but I think one overlooked point is that, if you really want to show your support for the team and their effort during the game, then please don't leave before the game clock reaches 00:00.

I agree with all other points, and I really don't like going to away games and watching UGA fans sitting silently throughout the game while I, like an idiot, am standing and screaming and looking around desperately for people to join me. I don't think people realize just how much it helps for there to be a loud, annoying sound to mess with the opponent's offense.

But to return to my first point: I know that sometimes it's very hot, and we are beating some I-AA team by 27 points, but for those of you that stay to the end of those games, you know what I mean. It's pretty sad to see a 1/5th filled stadium with spattered Red and Black clapping meekly for their triumphant team when they trot off the field.

NOTE: I know that for some there may be very good reasons for leaving early, whatever they may be, but I also suspect that the vast majority of those that attend the games could hold out for a few more minutes.

If anyone remembers the Sugar Bowl last year (wasn't very long ago), you may remember how UGA fans were clearing out of that place at the beginning of the 4th quarter, while it seemed that almost every Hawaii fan was still in there to the end to cheer on their team. It would be nice to have that full stadium of Red and Black still there to give a standing ovation to their Dawgs after such a victory.

Anonymous said...

This hissing idea is very intriguing. Is that supposed to trigger some long suppressed "Oh holy hell a snake!" reflex? Because that sort of thing could really throw off a guy's route running. . .

And I agree with the others, awesome post.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% about the overrated chant. I have been preaching that for years. dumbest chant in history.

BUT, the wave is awesome...only when performed during a timeout.

Mel J said...

Amen! Why can't people get the quiet on offense, yell your lungs out on defense concept? :-)

When the lady next to you has to go get toilet paper to put in her ears because you are so loud, you will know you are doing your job to support the Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Oreo, you nailed it right on the head with Clemson. I was at the Clemson-Georgia basketball game at Littlejohn and the crowd noise was strange. I have never seen a crowd that made more noise when their team was on offense than on defense. They make tons of noise during the commercial breaks. They also like to get into their little songs a bit much... they seem to need the band to get into it more than other schools.

Anonymous said...

Piped in pop music - even the Soulja Boy - is just about obnoxious as the wave. I'd much rather hear our band play.

Anonymous said...

What is the GSB community's stance on booing UGA players for committing bone head personal foul penalties (fighting)?


Anonymous said...

Would love to see you post something about stomping on the bleachers, once the season starts. One of my favorite crowd noises is that rare occasion when the students and others stomp on the bleachers to the point it sounds like thunder.

S.A.W.B. said...

Regarding points 3, 5, and 6 that QmD made, I was present, and one of the instigators, of the 4th quarter boo-fest that occured during the 2002 51-7 thrashing of Yech.

It started in the student section when the Nerds were handed their pity touchdown by the refs on 45+ yards of questionable penalties.

It morphed into the entire student section booing the refs, the nerds, and most importantly, the god-forsaken TV guy, any time a whistle blew.

Yes, we were up 44-7 or 51-7 for the majority of the time, but we were irate that Yech had been handed points to break up the shutout, hence why Yech and the refs got it. TV Guy should be booed regardless, since he's the one stringing out games into the near 4-hour range.

But, never, NEVER, will I boo the Dawgs...

Anonymous said...

here is an idea... if you are too old or too young to stand up and cheer at a game... maybe you should enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. there are plenty of people out their who would love to have your tickets

Anonymous said...

Here's a better idea. If you are rude enough to constantly stand up in front of an older person or a young kid who is too short to see over you even if he stands on the bleachers, then maybe YOU should stay home. And hopefully someone will provide you with some home-training while you are there. It is painfully obvious that you haven't received any yet.

In my post at 8:58, I asked you to come up with something new if you were going to flame me. And you failed. But I suspect this isn't your first failure in life...or your last.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100%. We could be like Europeans and try the whistle instead of the Boo as well!

Anonymous said...

to anon at 6:17
please dont think for a second that my comment was an attempt to "flame you." i was not refering to your post at all, so maybe you should chill out, and find something better to do than closely monitor a stupid blog all day looking for someone to respond to your comments. the fact of the matter is, if you dont like having people all around you, and you dont think you can take the audacity of someone actually cheering at a game (the reason people should actually attend games), then you should enjoy it in the safety and comfort of your own home, where you dont have to worry about others interfering in your fun. this isnt baseball, its football.

Unknown said...

"stupid blog"

hell man...what did I do wrong? lol.

BTW -- I stand the entire game. But the people behind me stand regardless.

You don't make more noise standing.

My Rule of Thumb
If I sit in front of old people I only stand when the guy in front of me stands or its a huge play.

And I NEVER ask the guy in front of me to sit down. If you are behind me and want me to sit down...and I point to the guy standing in front of me....then you have to make him stand down too. I'm not going to do it.


Unknown said...

I suggest all in attendance this November in Jacksonville, after we score and hear "Glory Glory," change the chant from "and the hell with Georgia Tech" to "and the hell with Tim Tebow."

georgiagirl said...

I love this post!! Bottom line, if you leave a game with a voice, you've failed.

The only thing I would add to the rules is to follow the Redcoats lead. They know when it's appropriate to be loud and when it's not (although they aren't allowed to play during plays). Think about how cool it is when a whole stadium sings/cheers/dances together! Ain't nothin' finer in the land!

I can't wait for kickoff!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:13

Let me see. Where do I start?

1. I’m the one who started the whole thing about not constantly standing up in front people who aren’t capable of seeing over you. So if you weren’t talking to me, then I don’t know whom you were addressing.

2. I’m not sure how I’ve “closely monitor(ed)” this blog any more than you have today. You obviously saw my 6:17 post and responded. So were you only semi-closely monitoring the blog? Keep in mind that a response to this post at this point would only further incriminate you. Note to PWD: I love the blog. I check it often, and it is definitely not stupid.

3. I never said I “don’t like having people all around” me. Nor did I suggest you shouldn’t cheer at the game. This isn’t about me. I’m quite willing to stand up at games, and I often do. I just don’t do it in front of older people or little kids because I have respect for them. And I don’t like it when someone constantly stands in front of my six year old kid. He can’t see over an adult in front of him even if he is standing on the bleachers. Are you telling me that he is less worthy of a ticket than you are? Surely you aren’t that boorish.

4. Who the hell are you to prescribe “the reason people should actually attend games”? I don’t give a crap if the dude beside me is practicing origami. As long as he isn’t interfering with my ability to see and enjoy the game, he can do whatever he wants to do. You should try that attitude. It will get you farther in life.

5. If you wish to respond to this post, I have a few simple requests. Please afford me the courtesy that I’ve afforded to you. Actually read it and respond point by point. Otherwise don’t waste my time. And it would be nice if you would invest in a spell checker, a few random punctuation marks, and a several capital letters.

Anonymous said...

lets see, hows this for a response:
you are a douche. a suckup. i dont give a damn about spelling and grammar for a blog. you and your kid should sit your asses down in the family friendly zone all game, thats where you belong. georgia's game atmosphere is actually pretty sad unless we are playing tennessee or auburn at home and at night, and its mostly because of people like you. please try to refrain from personal attacks, it makes you appear pretty childish, aside from the sucking up and the references to spelling and grammar. finally, you dont know a damn thing about me or my life.

Anonymous said...

It would also be great if everybody sang our fight songs! And learned the words to Hail (for those of you who aren't sure what this is, its the song played after PAT).

And to Andy @ 8:43...we only sing "To Hell With GT" when we play them. When we play the Gayturds, its "To Hell with Flor-i-da". And changes for all the teams we play. We don't have the inferiority complex like the nerds where we have to sing about them every game.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:17

Well, let’s see. I know these things about you:

1. I accused you of having no home-training, and I was right.

2. I never called you a name, yet you saw fit to call me names.

3. I asked you to address my post point by point, and you failed to do that along with assorted other failures that aren’t worth enumerating again.

4. You asserted that my son and I (ticket holders with home-training) shouldn’t enter Sanford Stadium during a game. I don’t think I need to comment on that one. I’ll just let your wisdom speak for itself.

5. You accused me of looking childish when I’m the one who doesn’t intentionally block the view of older fans and kids at a game. And that doesn’t even address the high probability that I’m over twice your age, even though I’m only 38. If I’ve misjudged you, and you are older than 15, you’ll understand why.

6. Oops. I almost forgot the best one. You accused me of “closely monitor(ing)” this blog, and hinted that you had better things to do. Well, I guess you didn’t. You’re not faring very well in our little exchange are you?

Look. I started all of this to make a point about inconsiderate people who block the view of respectful fans who can’t see over you. I was right then, and I’m right now. I made my point. If you got stung by the truth, then you needed stinging.

Go ahead and flame away in response. It will be a free shot, because I assure you that I don’t need to prove anything else against you on this subject – and probably not on any others, either.

You stay classy, now…

To the other blog denizens who’ve had to wade through this uninteresting non-contest, I apologize. I shouldn’t have taken the bait. I’m done.

Anonymous said...

Hypothetical situation: You bring your kid/grandkid to the game and the guy in front of you stands up all game long cheering his butt off for the Red and Black are you really going to teach your child that he shouldn't do that because you can't see. That is pretty self-centered. I think that in that case I tell my 4 kids, "Man that is how you cheer for your team."

Hypothetical situation: Suppose you have had season tickets for 50 years. The seats in front of you are loaded with people standing all game, cheering loudly, and making so much noise the stadium is rocking. Do you really think that you are so important that you can tell the guy in front of you sit down and stop making noise so you can see? I mean why not get on the PA system and tell everyone to "shut up" because you can't hear the cadence. Obviously, your ability to "enjoy" the game outweighs everyone else's "enjoyment" of the game right?

You can't have it both ways. "Yes, I want to have the stadium rocking, filled with noise from 92,000 crazed fans. But they better not be in front of me. I will tell them to sit down because I have a huge ego and I paid a lot for these tickets and my kids can't see. So I will make the seats in front of me sit down."

My question is what happens if half of the stadium is like you. The answer is the ENTIRE stadium is silent.

Thanks pal, I appreciate your hypocritical love for the Dawgs. I know it is a personal attack but so what you are just going to want me to sit down and shut up. Right?

Anonymous said...

sorry for the run-ons. But one final word. I am not suggesting you don't come to the games. I am simply suggesting that you don't get upset and try to impede my opportunity to enjoy the game. How you enjoy the game does not matter. When you believe that you have the authority or the right to tell me to stop enjoying the game then you have crossed the line from fellow dawg fan to Capt. "Your In My Way, A**hat."

If you cannot rise to the situation or work something out to where your kid can see and everybody can stand then there is a problem with personal pride and social skills.

Enjoyment of the game should be defined as activity within the realm of law and social etiquette. These arguments do not work when it comes to drinking in the stadium, booing Bulldog players, shouting overrated, etc.


Unknown said...

I agree with whoever said that these rules should be included in Freshman orientation or season ticket packages.

As for the question about when to get in the stadium, I can't remember a time when I didn't get to the stadium with at least an hour to spend watching the team warm up or taking pictures with friends by the hedges. The pregame show is one of the best parts of the game. I rank it higher than halftime. Hearing In The Air Tonight and watching the drummers (who I just happen to sit next to at every game) play along with a section of the song warms my heart. I've been playing that song in my car every other day since last season ended as a kind of holdover till this season. Also, hearing Teenage Wasteland's all just so magical. There's nothing like it in the world. And of course, the Battle Hymn brings chills and sometimes a tear to my eye.

Ok, ya'll got me all riled up for this season now. Now I have to sit through an hour of class thinking about football.

Anonymous said...

Great post I agree 100%. Here are 2 more that need to be added.
1)Never, never under any circumstance leave the game before the clock runs out. Following the Dawgs is a honor & priviledge, don't cut it short.
2) Don't waste time & energy booing the opposing team when they enter the stadium. Remain silent and show the opponent their complete insignficance.

Unknown said...

watcher 16,

As a band-nerd myself, I agree, 99 and a half justa won't do.

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