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July 14, 2008

Chip Towers for Journalist of the Year

Towers weighs in on the arrest situation at Georgia with some *badly* needed statistics and context for the increase in arrests on campus. He mathematically proves that UGA football players are just as likely as any student in Athens to get busted doing something wrong.

As if it weren't shocking enough to see the AJC defend the discipline situation at Georgia, we see UGA Police Chief Wiggum Williamson say:
"From my perspective, Mark Richt does a very good job with discipline and so does [men's basketball coach] Dennis Felton," UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson said. "They have very structured programs and they talk to their players regularly about the consequences of their actions. They've been great whenever I've had to call to them about a situation.

"The bottom line is 18-, 19-, 20-year-olds don't always make the best decisions. The only difference in an athlete and a regular student is a regular student doesn't get his name in the paper when he messes up."
But wait...there's more. More shocking news. The Athens-Clarke County Cops agree:
"I don't think it's a problem with the athletic program or the football team," said Athens-Clarke County Chief of Police Joseph Lumpkin. "A few individuals made poor decisions and ended up in arrest situations. They're essentially 18- to 22-year olds that live in a fish bowl as athletes. ... We don't like our young people to make poor decisions whether they're athletes, students or non-students. But that period of life is an adventuresome one and sometimes it just gets out of hand. Hopefully they'll learn from it."
The good news: The AJC finally came around with a piece that used the words "arrest" "Georgia" and "don't think it's a problem" in the same article. The bad news, the apocalypse is upon us, and we'll never live to see the football season.

Give Towers the old Strickland beat, and let's get on with the Football Season.

All joking aside, I like Chip's articles.



Anonymous said...

Great post, thanks PWD. I lived in Orange County CA for five years...the home of the dick-duster mustache cops...and I never met any that were as pissed off and agenda-driven as these Clarke County Police. They act like they hate anyone who isn't another pig. After they fill their big bellies at Weaver D's - they fill their ego's on busting UGA athletes. Oink, Oink...

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Carter Strickland? I haven't seen his byline on the AJC in a while, so I assume he has another gig elsewhere. In any case, it is good riddance as far as I'm concerned.

Cash Mag-Direct Mail Ads in Savannah., GA said...

I would not be surprised if we did a little coercing with Chip, i.e., pr maneuvering with that article.

Still, good job by CT.

Unknown said...

Carter left to pursue other opportunities. I get the impression it was very voluntary. It's not like he was canned in other words.

Anonymous said...

I believe Carter has left the Paper.

And Off Topic.

SC is so gay ->

Anonymous said...

carter got tired of carrying chip's little ass. small as he may be, a man gets tired eventually.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what happened to Carter, too. Sometimes he came across a bit too cute, but a lot of times his articles were a breath of fresh air, peppered w/ a few off-beat metaphors. Maybe he was too bored w/ the day in day out sportswriting thing. Anybody know where he ended up or where he's heading?

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