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July 15, 2008

NCAA 2009 Alternate Covers (Kelin Johnson)

The new NCAA 2009 video game from EA Sports debuts today. Here are some alternate covers featuring Georgia's Kelin Johnson. Click to enlarge for a printable version. Check back throughout the next two days for more versions with other players. Both xbox 360 and PS3 versions are included. Click to buy the game now.


Anonymous said...


Where are you getting these covers? Are you making them or finding on a website... I'm having trouble finding them out on the web this year. If you're making them, I'd like to see a couple covers:

1. Knowshon with his hands on his hips in the end zone doing that ice skater pose of his after scoring a td
2. Reshad Jones uppercutting the Ok State player... or just Reshad with a yellow flag being thrown in the background.
3. MoMass with the ball outstretched going into the end zone in Jacksonville on touched.

Unknown said...

I'm making them. I do what i can with the art work that I have. Mostly I'm using Hipple's stuff.

And the sizes are tough to find good matches for without stretching the pics or using copyrighted stuff.

I'll do what I can. I have a couple of Knowshon covers going up around lunch.

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