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July 16, 2008

NCAA 2009 Video Game Alternate Cover Mo Mass

The new NCAA 2009 Video Game game from EA Sports debuts today. Here are some alternate covers featuring Georgia's Mohamed Massaquoi. Click to enlarge for a printable version. Check back throughout the next two days for more versions. Both xbox 360 and PS3 versions are included. Click to buy the game now.


Anonymous said...

No Rennie Curran on the game is making me sick. I will hopefully have an updated Georgia roster (ps3) sometime this week with all the necessary changes plus all the names for every player on every team. I'll let yall know when it's done so you can download it

Anonymous said...

I added Rennie Curran, replaced NaDerris Ward with Bruce Figgins, and replaced Ben Hardin (3rd string RG) with Ben Jones (2nd string C). I'm probably not done tweaking yet, but my X360 gamertag is foofightin47 for anyone who wants my roster (includes the rest of D1 named that I got from someone else).

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