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July 21, 2008

SEC Coaches Name All-SEC Team

Ellerbe vs. Ok State (Image: Hipple)

The SEC Coaches have voted, and they have provided us with their pre-season All-SEC teams. The Georgia Bulldogs placed nine players on the three team roster. Two of them (Dannell Ellerbe and Knowshon Moreno) were named first teamers.

Among the first, second and third team All-SEC squads, you'll find 11 players who attended high school in the State of Georgia. Only 3 of the 11 players enrolled at the University of Georgia. Some were players that UGA missed on, some had academic issues and others just didn't want to enroll in Athens.

Regardless, half an All-Star team could be filled from in-state. That doesn't mean we shouldn't recruit out of state. Six of the Dawgs' nine all-stars were out of state kids.

Georgia's Pre-season All-Stars are:

First Team:
-- Knowshon Moreno (RB) - NJ
-- Dannell Ellerbe (LB) - NC

Second Team:
-- Matthew Stafford (QB) - TX
-- Mohamed Massaquoi (WR) - NC
-- Geno Atkins (DL) - FLA
-- Asher Allen (DB) - GA

Third Team:
-- Jeff Owens (DL) - FLA
-- Rennie Curran (LB) - GA
-- Brian Mimbs (P) - GA

Bulldogs I like for Post-Season All-SEC Awards (1st-3rd team):
-- Trinton Sturdivant (OL)
-- Reshad Jones (DB)

Biggest Miscarriage of Justice:
-- 3 UF defensive backs made 3rd team All-SEC. I'll give you Major Wright, but the other two? Get serious.

What were your thoughts on the list?



Anonymous said...

Not a strong year for running backs in the SEC. Moreno is by far the #1. Arian Foster is just as far ahead of #3. I know Keiland Williams has a lot of hype and Grant at Alabama had some hype last year, but this is a weak year for running backs.

Anonymous said...

Throw in guys like Andrew Gardner and Jonathan Dwyer and you can make an unbelievably good "All-State" team of kids from Georgia.

It's ridiculous that GT and UGa have a total of 2 MNC's in the past 50 years given the talent produced in this state. It's unbelievable to think how much opportunity has been wasted between the two programs (especially when Florida has a big state school, and old all-girls school and a smallish private school in the inner city of the worst major city in the US and all 3 have won multiple MNC's in that timeframe).

Dubbayoo said...

I don't get how UF gets 3 DBs on the 3rd team when they were last in the SEC in pass defense last year. They've already lost one starter for the year with an ACL.

Anonymous said...

I find the idea of picking all stars before a play has been run to be pretty silly.

Anonymous said...

"a smallish private school in the inner city of the worst major city in the US"

Actually its in Coral Gables, which is a lot better than North Avenue.

Anonymous said...

I wont even give you major wright... he was a great recruit, but hasn't showed much on the field thus far other than his ability to grossly misjudge the deep ball and occasionally lay the wood. I'd say there are about 4 other SEC DB's more deserving of a selection than anyone hailing from the SEC's worst secondary in '07...

Anonymous said...

The more preseason awards and hype for Florida the better. People really are convinced that last year was just a fluke or caused by "the celebration" or Tebow's sore non-throwing shoulder or whatever.

But go back and watch that game and you'll see that Georgia was quite simply a better football team. And Florida has done nothing to close the gap since January... but it has lost the #8 pick in the NFL draft and 5 safeties from an already lousy secondary.

People are hung up on "15 of 18", but Georgia is very easily the better football team right now. And once Georgia gets up in the game this year, that fact is going to come rushing back to these overhyped Florida players really fast.

blackertai said...

I hope you're right Texas_Dawg. I mean, I'm not happy with the constant on-going discussion of how great they are either, but let's not sell them short. If we are better, It's overall and not in many obvious areas. I'm a huge Dawg fan, but even I can see that they're stacked just as we are. However, I think you're definitely right about the fact they're getting the hype being better. Let us be the no-name team. I'm sure our guys would rather be on the post-season All-American teams than the pre-season ones.

Anonymous said...

The Gators will always have more pub than any other team in the conference because it's a demographic fact that there are more "Gators" per capita than flies at a BBQ. And no matter what failures UF will face in '08, remember the immortal words of Phil Steele: (Tebow not 100%)

Hunker Down said...

I think we will look back at these preseason picks and ask, "How did they have Rennie Curran only on the third team?" He is a tackling machine and will be bigger and better than he was at the end of last season. And at that time he was playing sideline to sideline and was in the backfield most of the game.

He is our next David Pollack/Tony Taylor/Thomas Davis defensive playmaker. I can't wait to see him play this year.

JasonC said...


I'm right with you. I think Curran is a heat-seeking missile on the field ready to blow up some opponents this year.

Anonymous said...

Coral Gables is as nice a place as you'll ever visit. Greater Miami is indeed a dump, but Detroit is by far the worst city in the US. Thanks to Kwame Brown and all those nice Muslims in Dearbornistan, Detroit ranks as one of the world's best examples of municipal failure.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand the lamecocks, but even I have to admit Jasper Brinkley should've been a first team D pick.

Anonymous said...

Re: Detroit. Shouldn't that be Kwame Kilpatrick? Kwame Brown can criticized, but I don't think he has much to do with the condition of Detroit.

Anonymous said...

I would not be surprised if Tenn beats Fla. If UGA can get to the off week undefeated and Tenn can pull it out against UF, then we've got a beauty.

And I agree with Texas Dawg...We are clearly the better TEAM.

There's an I in TIM but...

there's no I in TEAM.

Go Dawgs!


Anonymous said...

agreed. curran should be 1st team

Anonymous said...

Just have to echo others. Curran should be first team. As a true freshman he was a standout, should be twice as effective this year.

UF will have to bring a defense this year, but I don't know how they will do that unless they can convert some of the bazillion wide receivers they have recruited over the last couple of years.

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