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July 3, 2008

See what happened was....

It ain't a party until someone loses their pants. In this case, Pat Dye's Caddy Shack Pants.

As Orson said, it's layers of comedy. I the hell do you lose your dressy golf pants, wallet and keys in the river? And then not remember? Then again, it is Dye. Insert audio of jingling ice cubes now.

This is one of those stories that starts with
"So I was minding my own business when..."
I guess the pants weren't man enough.



Mackie said...

I'm just glad he was "man enough" to wanna claim them.

I remember a while back you guys asked people to send their sports blog links in. I recently started one with you guys, Get the Picture, and Hey Jenny Slater as my primary inspiration.

I'd love to get an add in ya'lls Blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Come on, the story of the day is Lemon's battery charge. So Lemon punches some guy for talking to Lemon's girlfriend?

I really hope there was more to it than that.

Ally said...

"Tell you what let's do, you can be my guest and come to the Blue Jean Ball and auction them off," Dye said. "Everything that was in my pants."

"McDuffie's face lit up and she quickly agreed."

Best line of the whole story.

HiAltDawg said...

they cleared Lomax on the trumped-up weapons charge.

Unknown said...


I depend on you for news. What is the verdict on Clint Boling and now Lemon?

Unknown said...

I've been intentionally radio silent of some of the legal issues because I have a problem with the way that some of it has been covered. I didn't want to pile on some of it.

And some of it isn't funny. I don't mind covering stuff that we do that is "dipshit" like driving without a license. But some of the other stuff makes me uncomfortable when it isn't cut and dried what happened.

This he said she said stuff makes me nervous.

And I think some of the charges are going to go away when folks realize that there's no pot of gold for calling themselves hurt by players on the #1 team in the country.

And I think Lemon is in deep crap.

Mostly - I've been swamped all week.

Anonymous said...

Boling is out the first 2. It's unfortunate for Lemon. He blew his lid and probably expected to give the guy a shiner, not a trip to the ER. Gotta be smarter than that. That being said, he's in trouble, but is this really as bad as it gets?

It makes me mad that we get so much attention for stupid stuff, but still don't have guys doing things that other teams do. Someone definitely needs to call a team meeting, though, and get the guys straightened out from here on out, and it needs to be an upperclassman and not a coach.

Unknown said...

I don't think Lemon's stuff is "stupid" little stuff.

I'm eager for the investigation to run its course, but right now Lemon's side of the story is weak.

Anonymous said...

I think Eric Ramsey was supposed to find the pants and wallet. Well, just the wallet. The pants were used to help him spot them.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that the key's belonged to a hot secretary that Pat was banging that weekend.

A Toyota in 1983 for the leader of the most out of control program this side of Highland Park? Seriously?

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