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August 29, 2008

SEC and ACC Bowl Predictions

Bowl Predictions from Quinton and Westerdawg. Comments below. (sorry. meant to post this yesterday)

Bowls Westerdawg's Picks Quinton's Picks
National Title Ohio State vs. Oklahoma Southern Cal vs. Oklahoma
Rose Southern Cal vs. Wisconsin Arizona State vs. Ohio State
Fiesta Missouri vs. BYU Missouri vs. BYU
Sugar Georgia vs. West Virginia Georgia vs. Wisconsin
Orange Clemson vs. Florida Clemson vs. West Virginia

Capital One Auburn vs. Illinois Florida vs. Illinois
Outback Alabama vs. Penn State LSU vs. Penn State
Cotton LSU vs. Texas Auburn vs. Texas Tech
Chick-Fil-A Tennessee vs. Virginia Tech Tennessee vs. Virginia Tech
Music City South Carolina vs. Miami South Carolina vs. Virginia
Liberty Ole Miss vs. Southern Miss Ole Miss vs. Tulsa
Independence Miss St. vs. Oklahoma St. Miss St. vs. Texas A&M At-Large vs. Rutgers Alabama vs. Cinncinnati

Other ACC Bowls

Gator UNC vs. Nebraska Wake Forest vs. Notre Dame
Champs FSU vs. Michigan UNC vs. Michigan
Meineke Wake Forest vs. USF Boston College vs. Pitt
Humanitarian Maryland vs. Fresno State Florida State vs. Boise State
Emerald Boston College vs. Arizona Maryland vs. California
Congressional Georgia Tech vs. Navy At-Large vs. Navy

Westerdawg Comments:
    -- I have Ohio State in the national title game because the Big 10 is ridiculously weak. Plus, Southern Cal only returns 11 starters, their QB has been banged up, and he didn't exactly set the world on fire last year. That is a winnable game for the Buckeyes. When you have a one game schedule, anything is possible.

    -- Oklahoma also has a comparatively easy path to the title game. Georgia will need a lot of breaks to get there.

    -- Outback Bowl - That pick bowls down to thinking that Bama will beat Clemson, and beat one team from the Georgia, Auburn, LSU and Tennessee group. Given that Tennessee has been there the past two years, I think Bama could slide up the pecking order. Plus, Bama vs. PSU would sell every ticket they've got.

    -- Liberty Bowl - I have no idea if Southern Miss is any good or not. That's just a wishful thinking pick to be honest.

    -- Congressional Bowl - I'd be the biggest Navy fan alive. Believe that.

Quinton Comments:
    1. The Dawgs miss the national title game because of a loss during the LSU to Auburn gauntlet. USC wins all of their games this year based on the strength of their defense. The Trojan offense will be adequate, but the D will carry them. Oklahoma runs away with the Big 12. They'll be mildly challenged by Texas Tech and Mizzou in the championship game, but all their schedule is too favorable. Those two go to Miami.

    2. Georgia survives the schedule with a single loss, wins the East, and heads to New Orleans for another anticlimactic bowl game against a disappointing opponent. Florida loses one they shouldn't this year because of their defense and it will keep them from Atlanta.

    3. The SEC West will produce LSU as its champion, a solid Auburn team, and a slew of 6-6, 7-5 teams. Arkansas isn't among them and Petrino misses a bowl in his first year in Fayetteville.

    4. I'll provisionally buy the Clemson hype, but this pick is mainly a default one. No ACC team, other than the Tigers, really jumps off the page. It's another season of mediocre teams in the ACC, but the title race should be fun to follow because of it.

PWD and Quinton


ChiliDawg said...

I find it interesting that Quinton didn't pick Texas to go to a bowl.

Unknown said...

Chili - that means he has them in the Holiday. We didn't list that one.

Anonymous said...

Wake only beat a bad Baylor team, but they looked like a national power beating up on a cupcake...

Anonymous said...

Funny, I never thought of you liking seamen.

Anonymous said...

Weak sauce boys. Believe in CMR.

Natty title game: UGA over USC

Dawgs are back.

- FF

Anonymous said...

If UGA is a one loss team, they will make it the championship. I haven't seen a single sport caster, analyst, news writer or anyone else suggest differently, except for you. Strength of schedule can also help us this season, if it falls our way.

Anonymous said...

My concern is that if we lose a game we might not have a chance to get back in the title if both Oklahoma and the USC/Ohio St. winner go undefeated. I think OU has a great shot of going unbeaten, and I think the same about the team that wins the USC/Ohio St. game. If that happens, we'd get shut out if we lost even one game.

- FF

Hobnail_Boot said...

I'm with y'all on your picks except for BYU. No way they're going undefeated, which is what it'll take for them to be in the BCS.

Unknown said...

If UGA has 1 loss, they aren't jumping 2 undefeated BCS teams. That's a fact.

Anyone that's saying otherwise on TV is out of their minds.

If there are multiple 1 loss teams, we're more than likely in...depending on when we lose that game.

C. Paul said...

Very fair and I agree about OU being primed to be there. If this UGA team survives this schedule with one loss - it would be unbelievable.

Can't wait for it all.....

Anonymous said...

I don't know PW, I can see UGA getting in if OSU and USC go undefeated. OK may be a bit tough to jump b/c of their schedule. I can't see them putting OSU vs USC in title with UGA there with one loss after that brutal schedule. I think that is what all the "experts" are saying.

Anonymous said...

.....I just saw that you said 2 teams. You can add WVU, Oregon, TT, and Illinois to the list of going undefeated and not making past UGA.

ChiliDawg said...

My bad, PWD. Thanks.

Hunker Down said...

We have to hope Oklahoma tanks it at least once. We cannot have them out there with no losses.

On the other hand, let's just win them all!


Unknown said...

Uhhh.... Anon 6:39, Ohio State and USC can't both be undefeated at the end of the season. They play each other during the regular season. If Ohio State, USC, and Georgia are the only 0-1 loss teams, either Ohio State or USC must be 1-loss. If one is undefeated, Georgia would play the other. If both are 1-loss, there won't be a rematch for all the marbles. Likely, the winner of the Ohio State vs. USC game would be the one to play Georgia. I even think that if Georgia went undefeated regular season and dropped the conference championship as their one loss, they would still play for the national title as long as 0-to-1-loss teams are strictly limited to USC, Ohio State, and Georgia.

The fly in the ointment of a 1 or 2 loss Georgia national title shot is Oklahoma. They play nobody this year unless you're drinking the Mizzou or TT Kool-Aid. Georgia's saving grace there is the probability of Oklahoma choking goes up exponentially as the season progresses. Personally, I think an undefeated Oklahoma is unlikely but I think a 1-loss Oklahoma is more likely than a 1-loss Georgia.

It'll really really suck if once again we do the same thing LSU does in back-to-back seasons but they get a shot at the title and we don't.

Anonymous said...

Guys as bad as i hate Notre Dame, look at who they play. with 2 losses all that's even possible, thats puts them in a BCS game. I can still hope they go 0-12.BTW we will have to beat the west winner twice. that really sux.

dean said...

If our only loss is the SECC game we don't play for the MNC because we didn't win our conference. Don't you watch ESPN?

Chris Myers said...

I hate to say it, but if OU and USC go undefeated, I see Georgia as 2004 Auburn. Schedule or not, if all three are undefeated, the media will find a way to keep us out.

Anonymous said...

Chris Meyers...

Ummm...have you watched college football the last couple of years? An undefeated Ohio State will NEVER get in ahead of an undefeated SEC team again after the last two MNC games. We have LSU and Florida to thank for that. And Oklahoma is now known as "Choke-lahoma" because of their inability to win a BCS game since the last few years.

With UGA's schedule, what could Ohio State's and Oklahoma's case be for getting in ahead of them?


Yeah, right. The SEC is 4-0 in BCS national championship games.

The SEC rules...just ask ESPN...

Anonymous said...

PWD - I think the Dawgs will make to the MNC, but I have to say that if we didn't, beating the pants off of West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl would be a pretty good consolation prize.

Anonymous said...

You 2 are blithering idiots. I have never seen such poor choices for bowl predications by anyone anywhere anytime. Thank you for the laughs. You 2 call yourselves fans ? B.S.

Knowshon4Heisman said...

First off it is offensive and absurd that you guys, running a UGA blog, do not have us in the title game. If you feel that the national media is somehow against us, do something about it dangit! Hmm, #1 in the coaches and the AP, we are set up to make it there. Yes we have a tough schedule, but we do every year! We play in the SEC every year! I'm in orlando and if this is the attitude of most dawg fans i'm gonna be seriously pissed! If ya'll don't believe we belong there this year, then when? You have to help push your team over the top. UF didn't belong there 2 yrs ago but they won, LSU had 2 losses last year and won, and this year isn't any different than those. I don't think the gators have a chance this year, but every gator fan and columnist is claiming they do, and trust me, they think that every year. Ya'll gotta change your attitude, seriously, we have the ability and the opportunity to go undefeated, and that should be our goal every week!

Unknown said...

Knowshon for Heisman,

First all of I don't believe the national media is against us. So your entire core assumption doesn't fit me.

There's no reason for the national media to be biased against us. I do not accept that premise because it's complete non-sense.

I'll give you that Mark May hates UGA, but that's one guy with a stated bone to pick for life against UGA.

Second, if we just peddle sunshine, this blog would be complete sh*t. It's not going to win a Pulitzer as it is. But it's not going to pump sunshine to the masses either. If you want that, start your own blog called "UGAisTehOMGAwesomes!1!11!" and see what kind of traffic you pull.

It won't last long. I can assure you of that.
Third, no pundit on ESPN or Blogger is going to change the outcome of the season or our bowl destination. If we win them all, we're playing for the title. If we don't win them all, then we're at the complete and total mercy of luck and timing.


Knowshon4Heisman said...

Paul, I read that comment by chris myers and was thinking of that, I don't assume that, that's why i said 'if.' However, I do believe that alot of the national media, based on our recent history, thinks we are a little soft and hesitant of the national spotlight. Of course that can't be proven, how do u prove something that isn't a blatant fact, it's my hunch. I do believe the media's 2 favorite SEC teams are florida and LSU. My point is one of momentum and excitement, much like the celebration vs. UF last year and the blackout. We as fans have to follow the lead of the team, step up our game and create excitement for UGA. Yea, if we go undefeated and are left out, it's the retarded system. But don't underestimate your power, the precedents of how teams are perceived are a large result of how the media talks about them. And, if losses are equal, where voters vote us is not a matter of luck. If losses were the same and they left the SEC out of the title game, after the last 2 yrs, I would call that a bias. Anyway, I'm not interested in making my own blog, I am a fan of yours to make it clear, I just think we have to demand on setting our sights higher if we're gonna get there. Thanks for the dialogue

Unknown said...


Sorry to snap. But it gets on my nerves when people say I'm not "homer" enough or "pro UGA" enough. It's the one thing that really sets me off.

Nothing could be further from reality.

But to your point...UGA has Claude Felton as SID. There's not another SID in America better than him. This is evident by him being recently named a de facto member of the College Football Hall of Fame.

It's his job to promote the program.

I'm just a d-bag with a fan site.

Sorry to snap. I appreciate your comments.


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