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August 11, 2008

I hate Clemson....but

I lived in South Carolina for a couple of years growing up, and I hate Clemson. I don't hate them the way Kyle King hates Auburn, but I do loathe the air that they breath.

That gotta love this article about Mark Richt dealing with his son going off to college at Clemson. Mark and Katharyn Richt are so damn likable that they can class up even the Tigers. A little.

It'll be interesting to see how Coach Richt handles being a "Clemson fan" (shudder) if Jon becomes a starting QB down the line. Hopefully, we won't lose our water girl.



Anonymous said...

Just when I thought I couldn't have anymore respect for Coach Richt, he goes and does something like this!

dean said...

As a South Carolinian I curious as to where in SC you did your time?
FWIW, Clem[p]son is the reason I don't like any team with a tiger mascot.

When I was in high school me and some buddies got free tickets to a CU-UV game. Obviously we were pulling for UV but we weren't being obnoxious about it. No really. Well UV was making a game out of it and had kicked a field goal to tie the game or maybe go ahead. I can't remember exactly. Anyway we cheered a little bit when this elderly lady behind us starts cussing us for everything we're worth. I kid you not she had to be late 60's to early 70's and she's cussing us like we just stole her poly-grip or something. Since then I've never pulled for CU in anything for any reason.

Anonymous said...

As someone who grew up in SC being a Georgia Bulldog fan was always tough. But I would always choose Clemson over SC anyday, especially now with Spurrier at the helm.

Mark Richt has to has more class and integrity in his little finger than most have period.

Shellbell said...

Agreed. I hated Clemson more than anybody - anybody - growing up, and then I moved to South Carolina. Having to be around Cock fans everyday made Clemson seem like the good guy in the state.

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