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August 9, 2008

Knowshon Headlines

If you've been surfing the Dawgosphere at all today, you know he was wearing a Green Jersey in practice yesterday. Richt says it's not a big deal. I like David Hale's take on the story.

Speaking of Knowshon, yesterday's USA Today did a large profile on the star from New Jersey. Two writers have told me in the past that getting useful quotes from Moreno is like getting blood from a turnip. He's incredibly guarded and careful with his words to the media. I say good for him. It makes being a beat writer tougher without good quotes, but it keeps him out of trouble.



BulldogBry said...

I'm not sure the following is correct,
On the field is a different story. Moreno pops up off the ground after he has been tackled and will occasionally glare at defenders, as if he is ready to fight. More than once in 2007, Moreno had to be jerked back into the huddle by an offensive lineman after a play.

He gets back up and goes to the huddle. I've never noticed that he glares at defenders or had to be restrained by an OL. When has he done that?

Anonymous said...

I hope Moreno doesn't start wearing his helmet with a visor shade on when talking to reporters like the last "quiet" running back I remember.

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