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August 14, 2008

Knowshon Moreno: Sporting News Cover and ESPN Covers

Hat tip to Rob D. for the Sporting News cover. also has the image and more info about the stories in the magazine. Hat Tip to Dawg Gone Good for the ESPN the Magazine image. I think the these two combined with the Sports Illustrated College Football Preview issue would look pretty sweet in a frame together. Just saying.



Anonymous said...

It's official, I'm naming my second child Rockwell Walker.

I know Rockwell is only Knowshon's middle name, but I just don't see a pasty white kid with an offensive lineman's build making it through life named Knowshon. I'm going with Walker because the wife said absolutely not to Herschel.

I'd somehow forgotten what a badass Knowshon is, but the look in his eyes on the ESPN cover just sent shivers down my spine.

Anonymous said...

Anybody else think the Sporting News cover pic looks very similar to Hershel. Maybe the eyes or the little mini afro he has going? Anybody else see that?

Anonymous said...

Scratch the mini afro part, his head angle is such that the hairdo looks different at a glance. My bad, but you got to admit he looks kinda like Herschel in some weird way.

Anonymous said...

That framed display will look pretty stupid if we lose 3 games this year.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing about the Knowshon/Herschel comparison. It's the smile that does it.

Anonymous said...

yay i got a shout out :-)

no problems PWD

thanks for keeping this site so great!

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