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August 1, 2008

Larry Munson Update


From UGA's SID:
The Munson family wishes to update the Bulldog nation on the health of Larry Munson. On April 4th of 2008, Larry had surgery to repair a subdural hematoma. The surgery was performed at St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens. The surgery went very well. A couple of weeks later Larry was moved to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA to continue his rehabilitation process.

Currently, Larry is in his final weeks of rehabilitation and expects to make a full recovery. Larry has every intention of calling the Georgia home games this season and is ready for the football season to begin.

In order for Larry to uphold the great Georgia tradition of calling the play by play for your Bulldogs, he will have to limit speaking engagements, autograph sessions, and interviews so all his energy can be focused on calling the games.

The Munson family wishes to personally thank all the doctors, nurses, and therapists at St. Mary’s Hospital, the Shepherd Center, and Athens Regional who have worked very hard to help Larry make a full recovery.

The family would also like to thank his employer Cox Radio and the University of Georgia for being so understanding at such a crucial time in Larry’s life. Thanks again to all the fans that sent cards and letters wishing Larry well.

Go Dawgs!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Larry... Looking forward to hearing you call the home games--that's 6 less games we would have to endure listening to Scott Howard do play-by-play!

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous,

If you don't like Scott Howard, why don't you turn off the radio instead of dogging out Howard - who is a huge Georgia guy?

No doubt Larry's the best, but damn, Scott can't help that he ain't Larry.

Will said...

*Sigh* I can't shake the feeling that we probably won't have Munson after this season. :(

Unknown said...

Agreed, Howard's no Munson, but what's with all the hate on Howard these days? And Zeier for that matter? And Buck? I love Buck and always will.

S.A.W.B. said...

Hunker Down, Larry! It's just not the same without you.

Hey, Anon.

Stuff it.

Anonymous said...

Larry, I love you immensely but it's time to hang up the cleats bro'.

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