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August 25, 2008

Matthew Stafford Headlines

Image: Hipple

Last night, we linked to a bunch of Moreno headlines. For lunch, we've got Stafford headlines from around the country. Most of the articles are form this weekend.PWD


Anonymous said...

The Knoxville News article was ok,but I loved the ignorant comment section.I can't wait for Stafford and company to light up the vols like human torches lighting the coliseum.Those billies have less than two months to crow about their admittedly big win last year.They ain't comin' out alive from this one.

KRIS Chamberlain said...

i live in tennessee and im so sick and tired of these tennessee volunteer fans ranting about how "eric berry is going to do blAH blah blah to matt stafford"

god i cant wait for the tenn georgia game

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