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August 26, 2008

Reminder: College Football Pick'em For Our Readers

As mentioned over the weekend.....we are running a college football pick 'em contest. Let's find out who is really the best prognosticator of the pigskin.

Currently, we have over 225 members in the pool with classic usernames like Urban Meyer Says These Picks Are A Bad Deal, ChrisMarsDawg (a play on my username which is genius), Evil Richt's Picks, Pick'em Like a Booger, TheMoreshinos, Eat the Meek, etc.

Each week we'll have about 10-15 games for you to pick - we'll be picking the winners only - no spreads - but you'll also have to assign confidence points to your picks. If you're right, you'll get the amount of confidence points you assigned to a game. We'll be picking games that include UGA, the other SEC teams, GT and some of the best other games of the week as well.

To participate, just join our pool. It's completely free to play, and is spam-free as well. The pool is open now to join, and first picks are due by August 28th - so sign up now. The pool will run the whole regular season, concluding on December 6th with, among other games, the conference championship games. Let's get as many of you signed up as we can, and find out who really is the best at picking winners in football.

I will also be awarding a prize to the overall winner, and a few prizes throughout the season. The overall winner will receive a UGA T-Shirt from They will also be providing the in season prizes. I haven't yet figured out how I want to handle tie-breakers. So we'll figure that out later.

If you've already signed up, click here to go to the FunOfficePools main page and log in.


Paul Westerdawg
Georgia Sports Blog


Ginger said...

I will win.

I am the boss of you.


Seriously though, does anyone think that GA Tech who's spread is quite high can still lay an egg running that new helter skelter offense? My confidence isn't as high for their 28pts spread as it should be.

Anonymous said...


This should be fun. Thanks very much for setting it up for us all.

Knowshon the Greek

Unknown said...

Damn't - why didn't I set my user name as "auburnallensucks." Effin-A.

Anonymous said...


Seriously? Payback for "that blackout we pulled?" It shouldn't matter to you what color shirts we were wearing. The shirts didn't have a whole lot to do with the fact that we kicked your ass up and down the field for three quarters. That's what your players should be wanting payback for.

Actually, if we get down to it, they should look to Brandon Cox for payback because he had a hell of a lot to do with the last two ass-kickings Auburn has recieved at the hands of UGA.

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